Shipping Policy

University Press Books cuurently offers two shipping options, media mail and USPS Priority Mail, both handled by the U.S, Postal Service. Sorry, we"re unable to ship outside the United States at this time.

What's the difference?

Media Mail delivery is more economical but also less predictable. Your books can arrive anywhere between 3 days and 3 weeks after shipment, depending on how busy the Postal Service gets. Use this option whenever it's not all that crucial when you get the book.

Use USPS Priority Mail when you need assurance that the book will arrive within several days.

RatesFirst book/itemEach additional book/item
Media Mail$3.00+$2.00
USPS Priority Mail$10.98+$1.98

Keep in mind that some orders are drop shipped on our behalf from the east coast and the rest come from the west coast. Any shipment that crosses the continent either way takes longer, regardless the shipping method. Severe weather can also delay shipments.

Except for pre-orders, major holidays, and when we or our supplier runs out of stock on a particular book, we almost always ship orders within 3 days.

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