Scholarly Books at Adjunct Prices!

Display of books on juvenile delinquency and other instances of crime and punishment.

Crime and Punishment!

Dally with the delinquents of days past. Browse our collection of books in criminology and sociology that span the last 80 years. Priced to hit the streets and rumble! From !4 to $10.

A Berkeley Lifetime of Good Reading

Going fast!

One of our customers recentely moved to Rhode Island and left behind a good chunk of her fiction collection with us.

Here's your chance to get around to reading The House of Mirth, Suite Francaise, Howard's End, and Death in Venice, all for only $5 each. Browse authors including Barbara Kingsolver, P.D. James, A.S Byatt, Jhumpa Lahiri, Elizabeth Bowen, and Michael Ondatje.

For $10, we offer fairly recent hardbacks of Geraldine Brooks, Amos Oz, Elizbeth Hardwick, and John Galsworthy. While they last, you can find a copy of The Forsythe Saga in pretty good condition, a paperback of Woolf's The Years, volume I of Robert Musil's The Man without Qualities, and a Norton Critical Edition of Moby Dick, all standing on the opera case.

Here and there you may encounter a text lightly marked or highlighted, but these are few. All are in good reading shape.

A portion of each sale also benefits the 2430 Arts Alliance.

Front facade of University Press Books

From 1974, University Press Books has stoked the blaze of well over ten thousand minds on fire, carrying new scholarship published by the great university presses in the English-speaking world.

Since our founding, we've added quality fiction and creative non-fiction to our selection, without drfiting from our mission to showcase top new texts introduced by university presses.

Order from us. Visit us. Let well-wrought words churn and burn within.