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Find Bibliography  in the store under Bibliography.

Rare & Interesting Books on Science Mainly Related to Transport, Technology, Commerc. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Ephemera News (20 issues, 1992-97). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Library of the Late Sir Brian Mackenna (Christie's). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Exploration and Travel (Christie's). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Exploration and Travel (Christie's). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
English Literature and History, Including The Dickens Archive. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Cortlandt F. Bishop Library (3 vols.) AAA/Anderson Galleries. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
English Literature and History (Sotheby's). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Splendid Library of the Late Mr. & Mrs. William A. Read (AAA/Anderson). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Auktion Sammlung Prof. Herbert Albrecht (Stargardt, 2 vols.). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Cat. of Valuable Printed Books from the Broxbourne Library (Sotheby), 2 vols..  $60.00. USED.
Leona Rostenberg Catalogues of Rare Books--30 various issues.  $150.00. USED.
Parke-Bernet Galleries Catalogues--32 various issues, 1939-1959.  $150.00. USED.
P.J. Radford Catalogues--21 various issues, 69-76. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
C. Boesen Catalogues: English Literature XVIth-XXth Century (4 parts). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Wm. Reese Co. Catalogues--10 various issues, 21-161. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Drouot Catalogue: A. Rimbaud & P. Verlaine (March 20, 1998). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Catalogue of Ge. H. Richmond & Co., 1899 (six parts).  $150.00. USED.
Phillip J. Pirages Catalogues--10 various issues, 13-43.  $75.00. USED.
William Salloch Catalogues--13 various issues, 191-223. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Parke-Bernet Galleries Catalogues--9 various issues, 1943-1950. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Ars Libri Catalogues--8 various issues, 37-82. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Halle Antiquariat Catalogue 59: Books Printed in the 15th C. (ex lib.). Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Kenneth Nebenzahl Catalogues, 23-28 (six issues). Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, Vol. 62 (4 issues). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, Vol. 63 (4 issues). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, Vol. 61 (4 issues). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, Vol. 49 (4 issues). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, Vol. 64: 1st, 3rd, & 4th Quarters. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Miniature Book Society Newsletter, no.1, no. 6-10. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Phillip M. Neufeld Collection, Manuscripts & Printed Books, Parts I & II (Christie's.  $5.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, mixed lot 1948 & 1949, Vol.42:4, Vol.43:1&2. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, mixed lot 1960s, Vol.54:1, Vol.55:1, Vol.56:1. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Papers of the Biblio. Soc. of America, mixed lot 1950s, Vol.45:3&4, Vol.46:1&3, Vol.. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Voyages and Travels (Maggs Bros. catalogues), 18 various issues, 638-875.  $120.00. USED.
Catalogue des Livres Imprime sur Velin de la Bibliotheque du Roi, 1822 (Complete Set.  $150.00. USED.
Christie's catalogue.  Continental & English Literature...Gottschalk Collection of H. Heine. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Collie, Michael.  George Gissing: A Bibliography. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Golder, Frank A..  Guide to Materials for American History in Russian Archives (2 vols.).  $65.00. USED.
Pyritz, Hans.  Goethe-Bibliographie 1955-1964. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Quaritch, Bernard.  A general catalogue of books arranged in classes, offered for sale by Bernard Quarit. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Shuey, Herbert Stanley.  Bibliography of Foreign Trade Publications. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sotheby catalogue.  Books & Manuscripts from the Fermor-Hesketh Library at Easton Neston. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Wyer, William J..  Ursus Rare Books 174. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Wyer, William J..  The Twentieth Century Ursus Books 155. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Wyer, William J..  Urus Rare Books Catalogue 158. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Wyer, William J..  Ursus Rare Book Catalogue 156. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Wyer, William J..  Ursus Rare Books Catalogue Humanism 150. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wyer, William J..  Ursus Rare Books Catalogue 140. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wyer, William J..  Ursus Rare Books Catalogue 166. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.

Find Books about Books  in the store under Bibliography; Communications; Art; Miscellaneous Reference.

Valuable Library of William D. Breaker, Brooklyn, N.Y. Sold by His Order. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
List of Catalogues of English Book Sales, 1676-1900, Now in the British Museum. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Catalogue de beaux livres anciens et modernes provenant de la biblioth�que de M. le. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Children's Literature: Books and Manuscripts: An Exhibition.  $5.00. USED.
Booklovers Magazine, Vols. I & II, 1903. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Catalogue of Charles I. Bushnell (Bangs & Co., 1883). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fifty Distinguished Books and Manuscripts (Scribner's Catalogue 137). Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Catalogue of the Library of the Mercantile Library Association, 1874. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Duffield & Green Catalogs / Sears & Co., 1912 & ff. (may be full set). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
The Library: Tran. of the Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XXI (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. of the Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XX (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XXIV (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XXII (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XXV (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XIX (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XI (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XIV (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XVI (4 issues). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
The Library: Trans. of the Bib. Soc., Fifth Series, Vol. XV (4 issues). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bibliotheque Henri Beraldi, 5 vols..  $100.00. USED.
Style Manual of the United States Government Printing Office, Revised Edition, March.  $5.00. USED.
Neale M. Albert Collection of Miniature Designer Bindings.  $75.00. USED.
Fine Printing & the Graphic Arts: The Library of Helen Lee (with additions).  $5.00. USED.
After Nearly Five Centuries:Issued on the Occasion of the Formal Opening of the New.  $5.00. USED.
Bibliotheque Leon Abrami: Livres du XVIIIe Siecle. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Science Fiction & Fantasy: The Library of Pete Dillon with Oziana & Children's Books. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bailey, Jr., Herbert S..  The Art and Science of Book Publishing. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Abbott, T.K..  Catalogue of Fifteenth-century Books in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Andes, George M.  A Descriptive Bibliography of the Modern Library: 1917-1970.  0924097019.  $70.00. USED.
Bancroft, Kim.  The Heyday of Malcolm Margolin: The Damn Good Times of a Fiercely Independent Publis.  1597142875. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Barclay, Michael Richard.  Catalogue of the Works of Charles Ricketts R.A. from the Collection of Gordon Bottom.  $5.00. USED.
Bland, David.  A History of Book Illustration.  04687.  $149.95. NEW.
Bland, David.  A History of Book Illustration. Was $49.95, now $34.97. USED.
Blumenthal, Joseph.  Art of the Printed Book: 1455-1955. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Bobbitt, Mary Reed, comp..  Bibliography of Etiquette Books Published in America Before 1900. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Bodoni, Giambattista.  CD-ROM edition: Manuale Tipografico. Was $50.00, now $35.00. CDR.
Bonser, Wilfrid.  An Anglo-Saxon and Celtic Bibliography Indices. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Boutell, H.S..  First Editions of Today and How to Tell Them: American, British, and Irish, 3rd ed.,.  $5.00. USED.
Briggs, Grace M., ed..  William W. Clary Oxford Collection: A Descriptive Catalogue. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Brock, W H.  The Lamp of Learning.  0748402659. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Capek, Thomas & Clark,.  Bohemian (Cech) Bibliography: A Finding List of Writings in English. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Clark, James H..  Publishing The Plan of St Gall. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Cock-Starkey, Claire.  The Library Lovers' Miscellany.  1851244727. Was $17.50, now $12.25. NEW.
Compton.  How Books Are Made.  $5.00. USED.
Dair, Carl.  Design with Type.  0802065198. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Darrow/Bailey.  Princeton University Press, 1905-1980.  $5.00. USED.
Delaisse, L.M.J..  A Century of Dutch Manuscript Illumination. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Diringer, David.  The Illuminated Book: It's History and Production (Revised Edition). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Donaldson, Scott.  The Impossible Craft: Literary Biography.  0271065281. Was $39.95, now $27.97. NEW.
Dorbon-Aine.  Catalogue-Repertoire des Livres Anciens et Moderne (2 volumes). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Ferguson, John.  Some Aspects of Bibliography. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fruge, August.  The Metamorphoses of the University of California Press.  $3.00. USED.
Gannon, Jack.  Jack Gannon/Canon Addenda.  $5.00. USED.
Garvey, Eleanor M.  The Artist and the Book 1860-1960 in Western Europe and the United States. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Goudy, Frederic W.  Typologia: Studies in Type Design and Type Making with Comments on the Invention of. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Goudy, Frederic W.  Typologia: Studies in Type Design (1940 first edition). Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Grafton, Carol Belanger.  Bookplate Designs CD-ROM and Book.  0486998789.  $5.00. NEW.
Hemens, Rollin D..  Some Notes on University Press Publishing.  $3.00. USED.
Hofer, Philip.  Edward Lear.  $5.00. USED.
Holley, Edward G..  Charles Evans: American Bibliographer. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Houghton, Patti.  Facing the West Wind: The Morton E. Wise Collection of Maurice Sendak. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Hoyem, Andrew.  Season's Greetings from the Arion Press, Card Signed by Andrew Hoyem. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Irwin, Wallace.  Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Joseph Baer, & Co..  Bookbindings Historical and Decorative, Catalog 690. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Kane, Mary.  Bibliography of the Works of Fiske Kimball. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kerr, Chester.  The American University as Publisher: A digest of a Report on American University Pr.  $2.00. USED.
Kraus Catalogue 157.  Documents & Autographs Relating to England, Scotland & Ireland. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kurutz, Gary F..  An Essay by Gary F. Kurutz on A Bibliography of California and the Pacific West, 151. Was $49.95, now $34.97. USED.
Larsen, Poul Steen.  Contemporary Danish Book Art, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkel.  $5.00. USED.
Linden, J & Larson, J,ed.  Printers to the Club: A Portfolio.  $185.00. USED.
Matthews, William.  BRITISH AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: Annot. Bibliography Brit. Autobiog. bef. 1951. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McLean, Ruari.  Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing. Was $44.95, now $31.47. NEW.
McLean, Ruari.  Victorian Publishers' Book-Bindings in Cloth and Leather. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
McLean, Ruari.  Victorian Publishers' Book-bindings in Cloth and Leather. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
McLean, Ruari.  Victorian Publishers' Book-Bindings in Paper. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
McLean, Ruari.  Victorian Publishers' Book-Bindings in Paper. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Miura, Kerstin T.  My World of Bibliophile Binding.  $124.95. USED.
Muto, Albert.  The University of California Press: The Early Years, 1893-1953.  0520077326. Was $27.00, now $18.90. USED.
Philip, I.G..  William Blackstone and the Oxford University Press.  $5.00. USED.
Phillips, E. & Zwicker, T.  The American Livre de Peintre. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Rather, Lois.  Life with Sammi.  $75.00. USED.
Reynolds, Flora Elizabeth.  Guide to the Book Artifacts Collection, The Bancroft Library. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Ringel, Paul B.  Commercializing Childhood: Children's Magazines, Urban Gentility, and the Ideal of t.  1625341911. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Smith, Steven Carl.  An Empire of Print: The New York Publishing Trade in the Early American Republic.  0271078510.  $96.00. NEW.
Snyder, Susan.  Beyond Words: 200 Years of Illustrated Diaries. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Spencer, Loraine &.  Northern Ontario: A Bibliography. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Stauffacher, J., ed..  Inscriptions at the Old Public Library of San Francisco. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Tenschert, Heribert.  INCUNABULA: Katalog XXIV.  $100.00. USED.
Various.  Matrix 14 (Winter 1994).  $124.95. USED.
Various.  Matrix 11 (Winter 1991).  $99.95. USED.
Various.  Matrix 12 (Winter 1992).  $99.95. USED.
Various.  Matrix 21 (Winter 2001).  $99.95. USED.
Various.  Matrix 19 (Winter 1999).  $200.00. USED.
Welch, d'Alte A..  Bibliography of American Children's Books Printed Prior to 1821. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Whalley, Joyce Irene.  Cobwebs to Catch Flies: Illustrated Books for the Nursery and Schoolroom 1700-1900. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.

Find Dealer's Book Catalogs  in the store under Bibliography.

Works of Alexander Pope, Dean Swift, et al. (Birrell & Garnett). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Catalogue of Books Relating to Ireland (Hodges Figgis). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Reference Books, Cat. #144, 1895 (Hiersemann). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Collection of Books Illustrating the Literary History of Great Britain. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Catalogue of Books on Genealogy & Heraldry...Marshall (Quaritch). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
German Literature and Thought (Lame Duck Item #432). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Catalogue of a Collection of Autograph Letters 1858 (Puttick & S.). Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Catalogue of a Collection of Autograph Letters 1859 (Puttick & S.). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Catalogue of a Distinguished Collection... Voltaire & His Circle (2 volumes). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
English Literaturein the Early Nineteenth Century (Mathews Cat. No. 32. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Catalogue of XVIIIth Century Verse, 4 parts (Dobell Cat. No. 99). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Books & Manuscripts: Printing--Illustration, Learning (Lathrop 26). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Printed Books, Fine Bindings... J. Saks Collection, Kelmscott Press. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Earliest Presses in Germany, Italy...1467-1500 (Quaritch No. 221). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Rare & Int. Books on Science...Transport & Technology (Blackwell 915). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bibliotheca Medii aevi: 320 Early Printed Books 1465-1500 (G & R 220). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Civil War: 19th & 20th Century Photographs (Swann Galleries exhibition, 1991). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chiaroscuro Woodcuts Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century (Colnaghi). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Blackwell's Cat. 865: Books on Science, Mainly Transport & Technology. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

Find Reference  in the store under Dictionaries & Language Learning; Communications; Lifestyle; Miscellaneous Reference.

Book Club Journal.  0998449938. Was $16.99, now $11.89. NEW.
The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Volume 1, Eleventh Edition. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
A Textbook for Bookkeeping and Stenography: Arithmetic, Spelling, Penmanship, Vertic. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chase's 1997 Calendar of Events.  0809231743. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Encyclopaedia Britannica: A New Survey of Universal Knowledge (24-volume set).  $175.00. USED.
Who's Who in America 2000, Volume 3(Millennium Edition).  0837902029. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Allen, David.  Getting Things Done for Teens: Take Control of Your Life in a Distracting World.  0143131931. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Allen, Mitchell.  Essentials of Publishing Qualitative Research.  1629583596. Was $28.95, now $20.27. NEW.
Anderson, Rick.  Scholarly Communication: What Everyone Needs to Know?.  0190639458. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Andrews, Robert.  The Concise Columbia Dictionary of Quotations.  0231069901. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Antognazza, Maria Rosa.  Leibniz: A Very Short Introduction.  0198718640. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Axelrod, Terry.  Raising More Money - the Ask Event Handbook. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Barrington, Judith.  Writing the Memoir 2e.  0933377509. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Bergen, Teresa.  Transcribing Oral History.  0815350937. Was $39.95, now $27.97. NEW.
Bierce, Ambrose.  Write It Right: A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Boddice, Rob.  Pain: A Very Short Introduction.  0198738560. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Bodleian Library, The.  How to Be a Good Lover.  1851242805. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Booth, Wayne.  The Craft of Research 3e. Was $12.75, now $8.93. USED.
Booth, Wayne C.  The Craft of Research (Fourth Edition). Was $18.00, now $12.60. ESL.
Brewer, E. Cobham.  The Reader's Handbook of Famous Names in Fiction, Allusions, References.... Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Brewer, E. Cobham.  Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Brody, Michal.  The Little Seagull Handbook.  0393602648. Was $28.00, now $19.60. NEW.
Bunton, Martin.  Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Very Short Introduction.  0199603936. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Buxton, Charlotte.  Oxford English Mini Dictionary.  0199640963. Was $8.95, now $6.27. NEW.
Carlin, Richard.  Country Music: A Very Short Introduction.  0190902841. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Carpenter, George, ed..  Modern English Prose. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Clark, Irene L.  Writing the Successful Thesis and Dissertation: Entering the Conversation.  0131735330.  $5.00. NEW.
Close, Frank.  Nothing: A Very Short Introduction.  0199225869. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Columbia University Press.  Columbia Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Cook, Michael L..  Koran: A Very Short Introduction.  0192853449. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Culler, Jonathan.  Literary Theory (2nd ED): A Very Short Introduction.  0199691347. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Darley, John M..  The Compleat Academic: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Social Scientist. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Darnton, Robert.  The Case for Books: Past, Present, and Future. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Dasgupta, Partha.  Economics: A Very Short Introduction.  0192853457. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Davis, Mark H A.  Mathematical Finance: a Very Short Introduction.  0198787944. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Decherney, Peter.  Hollywood: Very Short Introduction.  978019943548. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Diagram Group Staff.  The Macmillan Visual Dictionary: 3,500 Color Illustrations, 25,000 Terms, 600 Subjec.  0025281607. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Earnest, Don.  The Ultimate Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fowler, H.W..  A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Fowler, H.W..  A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Freeden, Michael.  Liberalism: A Very Short Introduction.  0199670439. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Garland, David.  Welfare State: A Very Short Introduction.  0199672660. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Graves, Roberg.  The Reader Over Your Shoulder: A Handbook for Writers of English Prose. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Guertin, Mike.  Roofing with Asphalt Shingles.  1561585319. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
J. P. Donleavy.  The Unexpurgated Code.  0440592291.  $60.00. USED.
Jones, Chris Mackenzie.  Behind the Book: Eleven Authors on Their Path to Publication. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Kay, Ernest, ed. dir..  Dictionary of International Biography 1976, Vols. 1 & 2. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Kay, Ernest, gen. ed..  Dictionary of International Biography, Vol. 9: Parts I & II (2 vols.). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Kemp, T S.  Reptiles: a Very Short Introduction.  0198806418. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Law School Admission Council.  The Official LSAT PrepTest 81: (June 2017 LSAT).  0998339725. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Lindstrom, Simeon.  Creative Writing - from Think to Ink: Learn How to Unleash Your Creative Self and D. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
MacKay, Nancy.  Curating Oral Histories, Second Edition: From Interview to Archive. Was $32.95, now $23.07. NEW.
McCabe, Linda L.  How to Succeed in Academics.  0520262689. Was $23.95, now $16.77. USED.
Mencken, H.L..  A New Dictionary of Quotations on Historical Principles from Ancient and Modern Sour.  $75.00. USED.
Mitchell, Jacqueline.  London in Quotations.  1851244018. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Mudde, Cas.  Populism: A Very Short Introduction.  0190234873. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Neiberg, Michael S.  Treaty of Versailles: A Very Short Introduction.  0190644982. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Neilson, William Allan.  Webster's Biographical Dictionary.  $3.00. USED.
New, Anne L.  Raise More Money for Your Nonprofit Organization: A Guide to Evaluating and Improvin.  0879543884.  $79.95. USED.
Nind, Melanie.  What Is Inclusive Research?.  1849668116. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Olson, Karin.  Essentials of Qualitative Interviewing.  1598745956. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Patel, Meera Lee.  Made Out of Stars: A Journal for Self-Realization.  0143131583. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Post, Jonathan F S.  Shakespeare's Sonnets and Poems: a Very Short Introduction.  0198717571. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Potter, Shawna.  Making Spaces Safer: A Pocket Guide.  1939202299. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Priest, Graham.  Logic: A Very Short Introduction.  0198811705. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Princeton Review.  Cracking the AP Economics Macro and Micro Exams, 2018 Edition.  1524710059. Was $18.99, now $13.29. NEW.
Richardson, Robert D.  First We Read, Then We Write: Emerson on the Creative Process.  1609383478. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Rodale, J. I..  The Word Finder. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Rosa, Alfred.  Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition.  1319056652.  $66.95. ESL.
Ruthven, Malise.  Islam: (2nd ed) A Very Short Introduction.  0199642877. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Scruton, Roger.  Kant: A Very Short Introduction.  0192801996. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Scruton, Roger.  Beauty: A Very Short Introduction.  0199229759. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Smith, F. Seymour.  Know-How Books: An Annotated Bibliography of Do it Yourself Books. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Steger, Manfred.  Globalization: (3rd Ed.) a Very Short Introduction.  0199662665. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Stern, Phyllis Noerager.  Essentials of Accessible Grounded Theory.  1598746073. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Stevens, Dannelle D..  Write More, Publish More, Stress Less!: Five Key Principles for a Creative & Sustain.  1620365170. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Taber, Sara Mansfield.  Chance Particulars: A Writer's Field Notebook for Travelers, Bloggers, Essayists, Me.  1421425084. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Wadsworth, Yoland.  Do It Yourself Social Research, Third Edition.  1611321077. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Wilbur, Colburn S.  Giving with Confidence: A Guide to Savvy Philanthropy.  1597142042.  $5.00. NEW.
Wiles, Rose.  What Are Qualitative Research Ethics?.  1849666520. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.

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