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Find Literatures of Asia  in the store under Literature.

Bloom, Alfred.  Strategies for Modern Living: A Commentary with the Text of the Tannisho. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Buck, William.  O Ramayana: (In Portuguese) O Classico Poema Epico Indiano Recontado em Prosa por Wi.  8531603331. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Ch'en, Li-li.  Master Tung's Western Chamber Romance (Tun Hsi-hsiang chu-kung-tiao): A Chinese Chan. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Dodane, Claire.  Yosano Akiko: Poete de la passion et figure de proue du feminisme japonais.  7169032171. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fujii, James A.  Complicit Fictions: The Subject in the Modern Japanese Prose Narrative.  0520077571. Was $26.00, now $18.20. USED.
Heifetz, Hank.  The Origin of the Young God Kalidasa's Kumarasambhava"".  0520053044.  $250.00. USED.
Hightower, James Robert.  Topics in Chinese Literature. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Higuchi, Ichiyo.  Takekurabe (Teenagers Vying for Tops), Nigorie (In the Gutter). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Kim, Manjung.  Kuunmong: The Cloud Dream of the Nine.  4902075032. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Link, Perry (ed.).  Stubborn Weeds: Popular and Controversial Chinese Literature after the Cultural Revo. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
McPharlin, Paul, illus..  Chinese Love Poems from Most Ancient to Modern Times. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Nathan, John.  Soseki: Modern Japan's Greatest Novelist.  0231171420. Was $22.00, now $15.40. NEW.
Natsuki, Shizuko.  Murder at Mount Fuji.  0312552874. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Ramanujan, A K.  When God Is a Customer: Telugu Courtesan Songs by Ksetrayya and Others.  0520080688. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Rouzer, Paul.  On Cold Mountain: A Buddhist Reading of the Hanshan Poems.  0295742682. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Saigyo.  Mirror for the Moon: A Selection of Poems by Saigyo (1118-1190). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Schafer, Edward H.  The Divine Woman: Dragon Ladies and Rain Maidens in T'ang Literature.  0520024656. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Seidensticker, Edward.  Kafu the Scribbler: The LIfe and Writings of Nagai Kafu, 1879-1959. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Senapati, Fakir Mohan.  Six Acres and a Third: The Classic Nineteenth-Century Novel About Colonial India.  0520228839. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Soseki, Natsume.  I Am a Cat.  0804810346. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sun, Tzu.  The Art of War: A New Translation by Michael Nylan.  1324004894. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Takamura, Kotaro.  Chieko's Sky.  0870113135. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Treat, John Whittier.  The Rise and Fall of Modern Japanese Literature. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Waddell, Helen.  Lyrics from the Chinese.  $5.00. USED.
Waley, Arthur, trans..  One Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Watson, Burton.  Early Chinese Literature. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wilhelm, Richard.  The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Chinese Book of LIfe. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Yang, Zhouhan.  Literatures Histories and Literary Histories. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Yue, Daiyun.  Intellectuals in Chinese Fiction.  0912966971. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.

Find Children's Literature  in the store under Children's Literature.

Great Libraries of the World: The Cotsen Children's Library. Was $24.95, now $17.47. DVD.
POSTER - Horn Book Magazine, Numbered, and Signed by Maurice Sendak 1985.  $300.00. SIDE.
Ackerman, Peter.  The Lonely Typewriter.  1567925189. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Alter, Anna.  Sprout Street Neighbors: Five Stories.  0385755600.  $2.00. USED.
Azarian, Mary.  The Tale Of John Barleycorn Or From Barley To Beer.  1567926045. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Bogue, Gary.  Is That a Skunk?.  1597143995. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Brennan-Nelson, Denise.  Willow and the Snow Day Dance.  $5.00. NEW.
Bridgman, Betty.  Lullaby for Eggs. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Burg, Ann.  Rebekkah's Journey: A World War II Refugee Story.  1585362751. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Castella, Krystina.  Discovering Nature's Hidden Alphabet.  1597143588. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Chronicle Books Staff.  Little Moose: Finger Puppet Book.  1452142319. Was $6.99, now $4.89. NEW.
Chukovvsky, Korney.  Mishmash.  0984586741. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Cosneau, Olivia.  What's Up?.  0500650926. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Cousins, Lucy.  Maisy Goes to the Local Bookstore.  1536200859. Was $6.99, now $4.89. NEW.
de la Bedoyere, Camilla.  3-D Explorer: Human Body.  1626864330. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Feder, Sandra.  The Moon Inside.  1554988233. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Fiedler, Jean.  My Special Day: A Whitman BIG Tell-a-Tale. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Flett, Julie.  Birdsong.  1771644737. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Gamble, Adam.  Count to Sleep California.  1602192006. Was $7.95, now $5.57. NEW.
Gatti, Mauro.  A Is for Apricat: Learn Your ABCs with These Deliciously Adorable Food and Critter M.  1633227227. Was $9.99, now $6.99. NEW.
Hague, Kathleen.  Alphabears: An ABC Book.  0030625432. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Hale, Shannon.  The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation.  0763665126. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Huston, Sonia.  Fudge: I Love Myself Just as I Am.  1624077382. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
ImageBooks Staff.  Little Shark: Finger Puppet Book.  1452112517. Was $6.99, now $4.89. NEW.
Johnson, Joshua.  How to Tie Your Shoes.  1942001029. Was $9.50, now $6.65. NEW.
Johnson, Margaret.  Derry the Wolfhound. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Kalman, Maira.  Hey Willy, See the Pyramids.  0140508406.  $3.00. USED.
Kinney, Jeff.  Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal. Was $13.99, now $9.79. NEW.
Kleven, Elisa.  The Horribly Hungry Gingerbread Boy: A San Francisco Story.  1597143529. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Kunhardt, Dorothy.  Pat the Bunny.  0307120007. Was $9.99, now $6.99. NEW.
Lavater, Warja Honegger.  Lucky Jack - Hans im Gluck - Jeannot la chance.  $200.00. USED.
Lawrence Yabroff.  How Dori the Duck Saved Her Friends. Was $22.00, now $15.40. NEW.
Litwin, Eric.  I Love My White Shoes.  0061906220. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McClung, Nicola.  Scientists.  1942001002. Was $9.50, now $6.65. NEW.
Miller, Olive Beaupre.  A Picturesque Tale of Progress, 9 vols..  $80.00. USED.
Morton, Miriam, ed..  A Harvest of Russian Children's Literature. Was $16.00, now $11.20. USED.
Mulford, Zoe.  The President Sang Amazing Grace.  1944903844. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Newberry, Clare Turlay.  Marshmallow.  0060724862. Was $16.99, now $11.89. NEW.
Rachmanski, Jakob.  Kierkegaard and the Mermaid. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Reyes, Melissa.  I Am Sausal Creek.  0996617205. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Ross, Sylvia.  Lion Singer.  1597140090.  $5.00. NEW.
Schmidt, Hans-Christian.  Are You Sleeping Little One.  0789211203. Was $6.95, now $4.87. NEW.
Shaffer, Christy.  Glow-in-the-Dark Tattoos Dragons.  0486468011.  $1.99. NEW.
Sharmat, Mitchell.  Gregory, the Terrible Eater.  0545129311. Was $6.99, now $4.89. NEW.
Steig, William.  Rotten Island.  0879239603. Was $10.95, now $7.67. NEW.
Stillerman, Robbie.  Valentine Tattoos.  0486407764.  $1.50. NEW.
Twinn, Michael.  Pocket Kitten.  0859539059.  $1.99. NEW.
Twinn, Michael.  Pocket Fox.  0859539121.  $1.99. NEW.
Twinn, Michael.  Pocket Polar Bear.  0859539822.  $1.99. NEW.
Veres, Paul.  POSTER - Old Aunt Elspa's ABC.  $5.00. SIDE.
Weightman, Magnus.  Welcome Home, Beaver.  1605373575. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Wells, Rosemary.  Bunny Cakes.  0140566678. Was $7.99, now $5.59. NEW.
Willems, Mo.  The Pigeon Needs a Bath!.  1423190874. Was $16.99, now $11.89. NEW.
Wilson, Joyce Lancaster.  The Four Kings of the Forest. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Winter, Jeanette.  The World Is Not a Rectangle: A Portrait of Architect Zaha Hadid. Was $17.99, now $12.59. NEW.
Woodward, Molly.  It's Nice to Be an Otter.  1597143359. Was $8.99, now $6.29. NEW.
Yabroff, Lawrence.  The Other Tooth Fairy.  1365204820. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.

Find Classical Studies  in the store under Classical & Medieval Europe; Literature.

Roman Britain. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Tyranny & Political Culture in Ancient Greece.  0801427878. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Contact & Discontinuity: Some Conventions of Speech and Action on the Greek Tragic S. Was $49.95, now $34.97. USED.
Aristotle on Comedy: Towards a Reconstruction of Poetics II. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Album of Dated Latin Inscriptions Part 1, 2 volumes, Text and Plates..  $144.95. USED.
Adams, Robert M.  The Roman Stamp: Frame and Facade in Some Forms of Neo-Classicism. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Amyx, D. A..  Corinthian Vase-Painting of the Archaic Period, Vol. 1: Catalogue, Vol. 2: Commentar.  0520031660.  $400.00. NEW.
Anhalt, Emily Katz.  Enraged - Why Violent Times Need Ancient Greek Myths.  0300217374. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Aristotle.  Complete Works of Aristotle: The Revised Oxford Translation, Vol. 1.  $62.50. NEW.
Aristotle; Halliwell, trans..  Aristotle's Poetics. Was $24.00, now $16.80. FALLU.
Barchiesi, Alessandro.  The Poet and the Prince: Ovid and Augustan Discourse.  0520202236.  $60.00. NEW.
Beazley, J. D..  The Development of Attic Black-Figure. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Blondell, Ruby.  Ancient Sex: New Essays.  0814212832.  $97.95. NEW.
Brown, Truesdell S. ed..  California Studies in Classical Antiquity: Vol. 3, 1970.  $5.00. USED.
Brown, Truesdell S. ed..  California Studies in Classical Antiquity: Vol. 2, 1969.  $5.00. USED.
Brown, Truesdell S. ed..  California Studies in Classical Antiquity: Vol. 1, 1968.  $5.00. USED.
Burton, Joan B..  Theocritus's Urban Mimes: Mobility, Gender and Patronage.  0520088581. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Carlon, Jacqueline M.  Pliny's Women: Constructing Virtue and Creating Identity in the Roman World.  0521761328. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Cartledge, Paul.  Democracy: A Life.  0190866276. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Catullus.  The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition, trans by Peter Whigham.  0520050827. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Cherniss, Harold.  The Riddle of the Early Academy ( In Korean).  8993800014. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chevallier, Raymond.  Roman Roads.  $65.00. NEW.
Clarke, John R..  Looking at Laughter: Humor, Power, and Transgression in Roman Visual Culture, 100 B.. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Davies, Malcolm.  The Cypria.  0674237919. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Davis, Michael.  The Soul of the Greeks: An Inquiry. Was $22.50, now $15.75. NEW.
Dionysius of Halicarnas.  On Thucydudes.  0520029224. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Dover, Kenneth J.  Greek Popular Morality in the Time of Plato and Aristotle. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Duff, J. Wight.  Roman Satire: Its Outlook on Social Life. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Eckstein, Arthur M..  Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome.  0520259920. Was $23.50, now $16.45. NEW.
Engels, Donald W..  Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army. Was $15.95, now $11.17. USED.
Farrington, Benjamin.  Science and Politics in the Ancient World. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Feeney, Denis.  Caesar's Calendar: Ancient Time and the Beginnings of History.  0520251199. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Floyd Moreland.  Latin: An Intensive Course: Preliminary Edition.  0520027477. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Forsythe, Gary.  Critical History of Early Rome: From Prehistory to the First Punic War.  0520249917. Was $23.95, now $16.77. NEW.
Frampton, Stephanie Ann.  Empire of Letters: Writing in Roman Literature and Thought from Lucretius to Ovid.  0190915404.  $74.00. NEW.
Franco, Cristiana.  Shameless: The Canine and the Feminine in the Ancient Imagination.  0520273400. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Gagarin, Michael.  Early Greek Law. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Galen.  Hygiene, Volume I: Books 1-4.  0674997123. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Galen.  Hygiene, Volume II: Books 5-6. Thrasybulus. on Exercise with a Small Ball.  0674997131. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Gallant, Thomas.  Risk and Survival in Ancient Greece.  0804718571. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Garnsey, Peter.  Trade in the Ancient Economy. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Gordon, Arthur E..  Album of Dated Latin Inscriptions, II, Rome and the Neighborhood, A.D. 100-199.  $160.00. USED.
Gordon, Arthur E..  Album of Dated Latin Inscriptions, II, Rome and the Neighborhood, A.D. 100-199.  $99.95. USED.
Grant, Michael.  A Social History of Greece and Rome. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Green, Peter, ed..  Hellenistic History and Culture. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Greene, Edith.  Reading Sappho: Contemporary Approaches.  0520206010. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Greene, Kevin.  Archaeology of the Roman Economy.  0520059158. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Greene, Kevin.  Archaeology of the Roman Economy.  $175.00. USED.
Gruen, Erich S..  Studies in Greek Culture and Roman Policy.  0520204832. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Gruen, Erich S..  Hellenistic World & the.  0520045696. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Haeussler, Ralph.  Becoming Roman?: Diverging Identities and Experiences in Ancient Northwest Italy.  1611321867.  $70.00. NEW.
Heather, Peter.  Rome Resurgent: War and Empire in the Age of Justinian. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Hemingway, Sean.  Horse and Jockey from Artemision: A Bronze Equestrian Monument of the Hellenistic Pe.  0520233085.  $60.00. USED.
Hesiod.  Theogony. Works and Days. Testimonia.  0674997204. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Himerius (Penella, ed.).  Man and the Word: The Orations of Himerius. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Holscher, Tonio.  Visual Power in Ancient Greece and Rome: Between Art and Social Reality.  0520294939. Was $49.95, now $34.97. NEW.
Holt, Frank L.  The Treasures of Alexander the Great: How One Man's Wealth Shaped the World. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Homer.  The Odyssey of Homer in English Verse Translation by Alexander Pope. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Homer.  The Iliad of Homer in English Verse Translation by Alexander Pope. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Homer; Wilson, transl..  The Odyssey.  0393356256. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Horace.  Odes of Horace, Book One + Supplement (38 Poems translated by Michael Taylor).  $250.00. USED.
Horace.  The Continuity of Horace: Supplement to The Odes of Horace, Book One, translated by. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Hudson, Martyn.  Critical Theory and the Classical World.  1138586978.  $140.00. NEW.
J.K. Anderson.  Ancint Greek Horsemanship. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
John M. Risk.  The Stoics.  0520036751. Was $21.00, now $14.70. USED.
Johnson, Walter Ralph.  Luxuriance and Economy: Cicero and the Alien Style. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Kagan, Donald.  Men of Bronze: Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece.  0691168458. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Katz, Marylin A..  Penelope's Renown: Meaning and Indeterminacy in the Odyssey. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Knapp, Robert C..  Roman Cordoba.  $299.95. USED.
Knox, Bernard M. W..  The Heroic Temper. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Kourakou-Dragona, S..  Nemea: Beloved Land of Zeus and Dionysos.  9606849244. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Lanciani, Rodolfo.  Ancient Rome in the Light of Recent Discoveries. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Larsen, J. A. O..  Representative Government in Greek and Roman History. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Larson, J.A.O..  Representative Government in Greek and Roman History. Was $23.95, now $16.77. USED.
Lenski, Noel.  Failure of Empire: Valens and the Roman State in the Fourth Century A.D.. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Lenski, Noel.  Failure of Empire: Valens and the Roman State in the Fourth Century A.D.. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Lenski, Noel.  Failure of Empire: Valens and the Roman State in the Fourth Century A.D.. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Lord, Albert B.  The Singer of Tales.  0674975731. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Loucopoulos, D..  I Laiki Latreia ton Pharason / La Vie Religieuse a Farassa (IN GREEK). Was $11.00, now $7.70. USED.
Mackil, Emily.  Creating a Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics in the Making of the Greek. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Mackil, Emily.  Creating a Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics in the Making of the Greek.  0520272501. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Malerba, Luigi.  Ithaca Forever: Penelope Speaks, A Novel.  0520303687. Was $26.95, now $18.87. NEW.
Martin, Ronald.  Tacitus. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Mastronarde, Donald J.  The Textural Tradition of Euripides' Phoinissai"". Was $34.95, now $24.47. NEW.
McGlew, James E..  Tyranny and Political Culture in Ancient Greece. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
McManus, Barbara.  The Drunken Duchess of Vassar: Grace Harriet Macurdy, Pioneering Feminist Classical.  0814213278.  $99.95. NEW.
Meyers, Carol L.  Sepphoris III: The Architecture, Stratigraphy, and Artifacts of the Western Summit o.  1575069628.  $125.00. NEW.
Mierse, William E.  Temples and Towns in Roman Iberia - the Social and Architectural Dynamics of Sanctua.  0520203771.  $69.95. USED.
Miller, Stephen G.  Nemea II: The Early Hellenistic Stadium.  0520216776. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Miller, Stephen G.  Indiana Miller and the Temple of Nemean Zeus.  9606849171. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Miller, Stephen G..  The Berkeley Plato: From Neglected Relic to Ancient Treasure, an Archaeological Dete.  0520258339. Was $52.00, now $36.40. USED.
Miller, Stephen G..  Arete: Greek Sports from Ancient Sources.  0520075080. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Moore, Steve.  Selene - the Moon Goddess and the Cave Oracle.  1907222502. Was $33.95, now $23.77. NEW.
Osborne, Robin.  The Transformation of Athens: Painted Pottery and the Creation of Classical Greece.  0691177678. Was $49.95, now $34.97. NEW.
Page, Denys.  History & the Homeric Iliad. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Plato.  The Republic.  0140455116. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Plato.  Euthyphro. Apology. Crito. Phaedo.  0674996879. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Post, L.A..  From Homer to Menander: Forces in Greek Poetic Fiction. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Pritchett, W. Kendrick.  Studies in Ancient Greek Topography Part IV: Passes.  $99.95. USED.
Pritchett, W. Kendrick.  Studies in Ancient Greek Topography Part III: Roads.  $99.95. USED.
Pritchett, W. Kendrick.  The Greek State at War: Part II. Was $27.95, now $19.57. USED.
Pritchett, W. Kendrick.  Studies in Ancient Greek Topography Part VI.  $69.95. USED.
Propertius, Sextus.  Propertius in Love: The Elegies (Slavittt, trans.).  0520228790. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin.  From Abortion to Pederasty: Addressing Difficult Topics in the Classics Classroom.  0814212611.  $69.95. NEW.
Raphael, Frederic.  Antiquity Matters.  0300215371. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Rayor, Diane, trans..  Sappho's Lyre: Archaic Lyric and Women Poets of Ancient Greece.  0520073355. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Ready, Jonathan.  Homer in Performance: Rhapsodies, Narrators, and Characters. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Reardon, B. P..  Collected Ancient Greek Novels. Was $27.95, now $19.57. USED.
Ridgway, Brunilde Sismond.  Prayers in Stone - Greek Architectural Sculpture (C. 600-100 B. C. E).  0520215567. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Roller, Duane W..  Building Program of Herold the Great.  0520209346.  $60.00. USED.
Roller, Lynn E..  Ana Tanrica'nin Izinde: Anadolu Kybele Kultu (In Turkish).  6051066810.  $5.00. USED.
Roncaglia, Carolynn E..  Northern Italy in the Roman World: From the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. Was $44.95, now $31.47. NEW.
Rose, Peter W..  Sons of the Gods, Child.  $5.00. USED.
Rosenmeyer, T.G. ed..  California Studies in Classical Antiquity: Vol. 11, 1978.  $5.00. USED.
Rosenmeyer, Thomas.  The Art of Aeschylus.  0520044401. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Sabine G. MacCormack.  Art and Ceremony in Late Antiquity.  0520037790. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Sansone, David.  Greek Athletics and the Genesis of Sport.  0520060997. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Scheidel, Walter.  The Science of Roman History: Biology, Climate, and the Future of the Past.  0691162565. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Seager, Robin.  Tiberius. Was $44.95, now $31.47. USED.
Sedley, David.  Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity.  0520260066. Was $28.00, now $19.60. NEW.
Sedley, David.  Creazionismo: Il dibattito antico da Anasssagora a Galeno (in Italian).  8843054163. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Seneca.  On the Shortness of Life.  0143036327. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus.  Dialogues and Letters.  0140446796.  $3.00. USED.
Shanzer, Danuta.  A Philosophical and Literary Commentary on Martianus Capella's de Nuptiis Philologia.  0520097165.  $89.95. NEW.
Slatkin, Laura M..  The Power of Thetis: Allusion and Interpretation in the Iliad. Was $11.95, now $8.37. USED.
Snodgrass, Anthony M..  An Arch�ology of Greece: The Present State and Future Scope of a Discipline (Sather.  0520058550.  $75.00. NEW.
Snodgrass, Anthony M..  Archaeology of Greece: the Present State and Future Scope. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Stroud, R.S. ed..  California Studies in Classical Antiquity: Vol. 10, 1977.  $5.00. USED.
Thorsrud, Harald.  Ancient Scepticism. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Tomlinson, R.A..  Epidauros.  0292720440.  $5.00. USED.
Tracy, Stephen V..  Pericles: A Sourcebook and Reader.  0520256042. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Vernant, Jean-Pierre.  The Universe, the Gods, and Men: Ancient Greek Myths. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Vigderman, Patricia.  The Real Life of the Parthenon.  0814254586. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Virgil (Ferry, trans.).  The Aeneid. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Virgil (Fitzgerald, tran).  The Aeneid. Was $10.50, now $7.35. SPRIU.
Virgil, trans Dryden.  The Georgics. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Vout, Caroline.  Sex on Show: Seeing the Erotic in Greece and Rome.  0520280202. Was $28.95, now $20.27. NEW.
Wacher, John.  Towns of Roman Britain.  0520026691. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Whitmarsh, Tim.  Beyond the Second Sophistic: Adventures in Greek Postclassicism. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Whitmarsh, Timothy.  Beyond the Second Sophistic: Adventures in Greek Postclassicism.  0520276817. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Wightman, Edith Mary.  Gallia Belgica.  0520052978.  $80.00. USED.
Winkler, John J..  Auctor and Actor: A Narratological Reading of Apuleius' The Golden Ass"". Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.

Find Theater & Drama  in the store under Performing Arts; find playscripts in Literature.

Atkinson & Hirschfeld.  The Lively Years 1920-1973. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Auden, W.H.; Isherwood, Christ.  On The Frontier. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Baird, Bil.  The Art of the Puppet. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Baker, Blanch, comp..  Dramatic Bibliography: An Annotated List of Books on the History and.  $5.00. USED.
Beaumont & Fletcher.  The Maid's Tragedy. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Beissbarth, Ev, ed..  Women's Circus: Leaping off the Edge.  1875559558. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bentley, Gerald Eades.  The Jacobean and Caroline Stage, Volume III.  $5.00. USED.
Bentley, Gerald Eades.  The Jacobean and Caroline Stage, Volume II.  $5.00. USED.
Bentley, Gerald Eades.  The Jacobean and Caroline Stage, Volume I. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Bowers, Fredson (Ed).  The Dramatic Works in the Beaumont and Fletcher Canon: Volume 2. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Brown, Laura.  English Dramatic Form, Sixteen Sixty to Seventeen Sixty: An Essay in Generic History.  $5.00. USED.
Cary, Elizabeth.  The Tragedy of Mariam.  $5.00. USED.
Cohen,Robert.  Twelve Plays For Theatre.  1559341440. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Cohn, Ruby.  From Desire to Godot: Pocket Theater of Postwar Paris.  0520058259. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Cuder-Dominguez, Pilar.  Stuart Women Playwrights, 1613-1713. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Davidson, Edward H.  Primo.  0998709646. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Dekker, Thomas.  THE DRAMATIC WORKS OF THOMAS DEKKER. (FOUR VOLUME SET) edited by Fredson Bowers.  $250.00. USED.
Dickens, Charles.  Nicholas Nickleby: A Full-length Adaptation of the Charles Dickens Novel by Tim Kell.  0871294168. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
DiGangi, Mario.  Sexual Types: Embodiment, Agency, and Dramatic Character from Shakespeare to Shirley. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Dryden, John.  The Works of John Dryden, Volume XIII: Plays.  0520051246. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Dryden, John.  The Works of John Dryden, Volume XVI: Plays.  05200087666. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Eliot, T.S..  The Coctail Party. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Ellis, Havelock, ed..  John Ford (The Mermaid Series). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Foley, Helene P.  Reimagining Greek Tragedy on the American Stage.  0520283872. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Ford, John.  The Chronicle History of Perkin Warbeck: A Strange Truth. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Frazier, Adrian.  Behind the Scenes: Yeats, Horniman, and the Struggle for the Abbey Theater.  0520065492.  $5.00. NEW.
Hermassi, Karen.  Polity and Theatre in Historical Perspective. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Horn, Barbara L.  Lillian Hellman, A Research and Production Sourcebook.  0313302642. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Horton, Andrew.  Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay.  0520084551.  $189.00. USED.
Kneehigh Theater.  Kneehigh: the Book. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Krzhizhanovsky, Sigizmund.  That Third Guy: A Comedy from the Stalinist 1930s with Essays on Theater.  0299317102.  $75.00. NEW.
Kushner, Tony.  Homebody / Kabul. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Lahr, John.  Coward the Playwright.  0520234146. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Lahr, John.  Dame Edna Everage and the Rise of Western Civilization.  0739411357. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Lesser, Wendy.  A Director Calls: Stephen Daldry and the Theater.  0520212622. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Lonergan, Kenneth.  This Is Our Youth.  0822217031. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Maley, Patrick.  After August: Blues, August Wilson, and American Drama.  0813943000.  $0.00. NEW.
Melnitz, William W., comp.  Theatre Arts Publications in the United States, 1947-1952: A Five. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Menglin, Zhao and Yan....  Peking Opera Painted Faces: with notes on 200 Operas. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Middleton, Thomas.  A Chaste Maid in Cheapside (The Fountainwell Drama Texts). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Middleton, Thomas.  A Trick to Catch the Old One (The Fountainwell Drama Texts). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Nazareth, John.  The Tease Spoons: A Drama in One or Three Acts.  1534739432. Was $9.95, now $6.97. NEW.
Nussbaum, Felicity.  Rival Queens: Actresses, Performance, and the Eighteenth-Century British Theater. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Oddey, Alison.  Performing Women: Stand-Ups, Strumpets and Itinerants.  0312229097. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Ogden, Dunbar H., trans. & ed..  The Italian Baroque Stage: Documents by Troili, Pozzo, Galli-Bibiena, Orsini.  0520030060.  $60.00. USED.
Orgel, Stephen.  The Illusion of Power: Political Theater in the English Renaissance.  0520025059. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Oz, Avraham.  Marlowe. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Patrick, John.  The Teahouse of the August Moon. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Peele, George.  The Dramatic Works of George Peele. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Peters, Julie Stone.  Congreve, the Drama, & the Printed Word.  0804717516. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Pope, Liston.  Pushkin: Russian Tragedy.  0963890077. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Pronko, Leonard C..  Theater East and West: Perspectives Toward a Total Theater. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Rabkin, Norman.  Twentieth Century Interpretations of the Duchess of Malfi. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Racine, Jean.  The Complete Plays of Jean Racine: Volume 5: Britannicus.  0271064064. Was $39.96, now $27.97. NEW.
Racine, Jean.  The Complete Plays of Jean Racine, Vol. 1, The Fratracides. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Rayner, Alice.  Comic Persuasion: Moral Structure in British Comedy from Shakespeare to Stoppard.  0520059174. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Redgrave, Michael.  Mask or Face: Reflections in an Actor's Mirror. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Roberts, David.  The Ladies: Female Patronage of Restoration Drama, 1660-1700.  0198117434. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Sartre, Jean-Paul.  No Exit and Three Other Plays.  0679725164. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Schechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review), Spring 2008 (Volume 52, Number 1).  0262758296.  $60.00. NEW.
Schechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review) Fall 2008 (Volume 52, Number 3).  0262758318.  $68.00. USED.
Schechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review) Fall 2007 (Volume 51, Number 4).  0262758288. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Schechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review) Spring 2009 (Volume 53, Number 1).  0262758334. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Schechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review), Fall 2006 (Volume 50, Number 3).  0262758237.  $60.00. USED.
Schechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review) Winter 2008 (Volume 52, Number 4).  0262758326. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Schlecher, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review), Summer 2006 (Volume 50, Number 2).  0262758229. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Schlecher, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review), Summer 2009 (Volume 53, number 2).  0262758342. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Schlecher, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review), Fall 2007 (Volume 51, Number 3). Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Schlecher, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review) Summer 2008 (Volume 52, Number 2). Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Schlecher, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review) Summer 2007 (Volume 51, Number 2).  0262758261. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Schlechner, Richard.  TDR (The Drama Review), Spring 2008 (Volume 52, number 1).  9780262758245. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Schneider, Brian W.  The Framing Text in Early Modern English Drama: 'Whining' Prologues and 'Armed' Epil. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Schwartz, Donald R.  Lillian Russell: A Bio-Bibliography.  0313277648.  $60.00. USED.
Shaw, Bernard.  Selected Plays of Bernard Shaw in Three Volumes (Volume 2 only).  $5.00. USED.
Slyomovics, Susan.  Merchant of Art: An Egyptian Hilali Oral Epic Poet in Performance. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Smith, Susan Harris.  Masks in Modern Drama.  0520050959. Was $50.00, now $35.00. NEW.
Smith, Susan Harris.  Masks in Modern Drama. Was $11.95, now $8.37. USED.
States, Bert O..  The Shape of Paradox: An Essay on Waiting for Godot.  $399.95. USED.
Symons, Arthur.  Philip Massinger (The Mermaid Series). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Symons, Arthur.  Philip Massinger (The Mermaid Series). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Thomas Middleton.  Women Beware Women. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Troyano, Alina.  I, Carmelita Tropicana: Performing Between Cultures.  0807066036. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Walter Starkie.  Luigi Pirandello 1867-1936. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Webster, John.  The White Devil (The Fountainwell Drama Texts). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wilde, Oscar.  Salome: A Tragedy in One Act.  0813931916. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Wilde, Oscar / Gilbert, W.S..  The Importance of Being Earnest & Patience. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Williams, Dana A..  Contemporary African American Female Playwrights: An Annotated Bibliography.  0313301328. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.

Find Folklore  in the store under Literature.

POSTER - Fables of Aesop prints with story. Was $7.00, now $4.90. SIDE.
Artella Court.  Puck of the Droms: The.  0520037111. Was $24.00, now $16.80. NEW.
Bendix, Regina.  Progress & Nostalgia: Silvesterklausen in Urnasch, Switzerland. Was $17.95, now $12.57. USED.
Bright, William.  A Coyote Reader.  0520080610. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Bronson, Bertrand H.  The Ballad As Song.  0520013999. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Burkert, Walter.  Homo Necans: The Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Campbell, Joseph.  Man and Time: Papers from the Eraos Yearbooks. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Campbell, Joseph.  The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Cancel, Robert.  Allegorical Speculation in an Oral Society: The Tabwa Narrative Tradition.  0520097394. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Castaneda, Carlos.  The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, 30th Anniversary Edition.  0520290771. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Doty, William G..  Mythography: The Study of Myths and Rituals.  $5.00. USED.
Dumezil, Georges.  Gods of the Ancient Northmen. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Dumezil, Georges.  The Plight of a Sorcerer.  0520055349.  $200.00. USED.
Dumezil, Georges.  Camillus: A Study of Indo-European Religion as Roman History. Was $44.95, now $31.47. USED.
Dumezil, Georges.  Gods of the Ancient Northmen.  $64.95. USED.
Dumezil, Georges.  Gods of the Ancient Northmen. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Dundes, Alan, editor.  Sacred Narrative: Reading in the Theory of Myth.  0520051920. Was $11.99, now $8.39. USED.
Dundes, Alan, et al.  La Terra in Piazza: An Interpretation of the Palio of Siena. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Elder, John.  Family of Earth and Sky: Indigenous Tales of Nature from Around the World.  0807085286. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Frazer, James George.  Magical Origin of Kings.  0766146480. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Glassie, Henry.  Passing the Time in Ballymenone. Was $11.95, now $8.37. USED.
Goldhaber, Judith.  Sonnets from Aesop.  0976155400. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Goldhaber, Judith & Gerson.  POSTER - from Aesop or Genesis, laminated (various illustrations of different storie. Was $13.95, now $9.77. SIDE.
Gomez, Ermilo Abreu.  Canek, History & Legend. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Graves, Robert.  New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.  0600023516. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Hand, Wayland D..  American Folk Legend: A Symposium. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Illyes, Gyula.  Forty Hungarian Folk-Tales.  $100.00. USED.
Kirk, G.S..  Myth: Its Meaning & Functions in Ancient and Other Cultures.  0520023897. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Kolbenschlag, Madonna.  Eastward Toward Eve: A Geography of Soul.  $5.00. USED.
Krafrchick, Marcelline.  How Belief Stories Matter: An Approach to Myth.  1587902028. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Lessa, William A..  More Tales from Ulithi Atoll: A Content Analysis. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Littleton, C Scott.  The New Comparative Mythology: An Anthropological Assessment of the Theories of Geor. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Littleton, C. Scott.  New Comparative Mythology. Was $44.95, now $31.47. USED.
McLeod, Michael.  Anatomy of a Beast: Obsession and Myth on the Trail of Bigfoot.  0520255712. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Milne, Courtney.  Visions of the Goddess.  0670874396.  $5.00. USED.
Muhawi, Ibrahim and Kanaa.  Speak, Bird, Speak Again: Palestinian Arab Folktales. Was $32.00, now $22.40. USED.
Radin, Paul (Editor).  African Folktales and Sculpture. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Robe, Stanley L., ed..  Coloquios de pastores from Jalisco, Mexico.  $5.00. USED.
Sewall, Ian W.  The Folkforal Voice.  0968304419. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Zimmer, Heinrich.  The King and the Corpse: Tales of the Soul's Conquest of Evil. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

Find Francophone Studies  in the store under Literature; sometimes Poetry; find non-fiction, non-literary works under respective subjects.

Europe: Revue Mensuelle. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Voltaire: Exposition organisee a l�occasion du bicentenaire de sa mort. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Journal des demoiselles (1884-1885).  $300.00. USED.
La Sainte bible: traduire en francais sous la direction de 'Ecole Biblique de Jerusa.  $300.00. USED.
Modernite et Perennite de Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Adam, Hans Christian.  Bourgogne.  2709610914. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Adams & Nadar.  A Proust Souvenir. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Allison, Jenene J.  Revealing Difference: The Fiction of Isabelle de Charriere.  0874135664. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Alphonse Daudet.  Jack: Histoire d'un Ouvrier (Deux tomes).  $60.00. USED.
Andrieu, Jean-Marie.  Maeterlinck. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Anna Langfus.  Les bagages de sable. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  Les Yeux D'Elsa. Was $26.00, now $18.20. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  La Diane Francaise. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  Le nouveau creve-coeur. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  Le Creve-Coeur et Les Yeux d'Elsa. Was $42.00, now $29.40. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  Le Creve-Coeur. Was $42.00, now $29.40. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  Broceliande. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Aron, Paul.  Verite et litterature au XVIIIe siecle.  $60.00. USED.
Arthur Godineau.  Scaramouche: Nouvelle.  $75.00. USED.
Assaf, Francis.  1715: Le soleil s'eteint. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Atherton, John.  Stendhal. Was $14.00, now $9.80. USED.
Aubert, Marcel.  La Sculpture Francaise du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance.  $5.00. USED.
Avenel, Georges (Ed.).  Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire: 9 Volumes (bound into 5 books).  $125.00. USED.
Bakhtin, Mikhail.  Rabelais and His World.  0253203414. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Barbier, Pierre.  Histoire de France par Les Chansons 7: La Republique de 1848 de le Second Empire. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Barbier, Pierre.  Histoire de France par Les Chansons 5: Napoleon et sa legende. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Barbier, Pierre.  Histoire de France par Les Chansons 4: La Revolution. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Barbier, Pierre.  Histoire de France par Les Chansons 6: La Restauration. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Barbier, Pierre.  Histoire de France par Les Chansons.  $5.00. USED.
Barbier, Pierre.  Histoire de France par Les Chansons 3: Du Jansenisme au Siecle des Lumieres. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Barr, Mary-Margaret.  A Bibliography of Writings on Voltaire. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Baudelaire, Charles.  Les Fleurs du Mal.  $95.00. USED.
Bazin, Herve.  L'huile sur le Feu. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Berni, Stefano.  Nietzsche e Foucault: Corporeita e Potere in una Critica Radicale della Modernita.  8814118094. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Besterman, Theodore (ed.  Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, Volume CLX. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Besterman, Theodore (ed).  Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century,Volume XLIV. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Besterman, Theodore (ed.).  Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, Volume LXXV. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Bioy Casares, Adolfo.  Journal de la guerre au cochon. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Blumenfeld, Renate.  Translatio Studii:Essays by his Students in Honor of Karl D. Uitti for his 65th Birt. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Boase, Alan M..  The Fortunes of Montaigne.  $91.00. USED.
Boase, Alan M..  Montaigne et la sorcellerie.  $5.00. USED.
Bodel, Jean.  Le Jeu de Saint Nicolas.  $5.00. USED.
Brochier, Jean-Jacques.  Sade. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Bruce, Harold Lawton.  Voltaire on the English Stage. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Brumfitt, J. H..  Voltaire, Historian. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Brumfitt, trans..  Voltaire: The Age of Louis XIV and Other Selected Writings.  $5.00. USED.
Brunet, Francois.  L'Amerique Des Images: Histoire et Culture Visuelles Des Etats-Unis. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Bufo, Giuseppe.  NIcolas de Cues. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Calin, William.  Crown, Cross and Fleur-de-Lis": An Essay on Pierre Le Moyne's Baroque Epic "Saint L". Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Capelle, Guy.  La France en direct 4.  $5.00. USED.
Cayrol, Jean.  N'Oubliez pas que nous nous aimons. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Celine, Louis-Ferdinand.  Mort a Credit. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Cesbron, Gilbert.  Chiens Perdus sans collier. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Charles Leger.  Redoute et son temps (Exemplar 187 of 980).  $74.95. USED.
Chateaubrian, Rene.  Atala--Rene. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Chekov, Anton.  L'oncle Vania / Les trois soeurs. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Chomarat, Jacques.  Erasme: Oeuvres choisies.  2253055794. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chouillet, Anne-Marie.  L'Anee Diderot.  $5.00. USED.
Chretien de Troyes.  Yvain le chevalier au lion. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Clark, Priscilla P..  Literary France: The Making of a Culture.  0520057036. Was $15.95, now $11.17. USED.
Claudel, Paul.  Th�atre I. Was $26.00, now $18.20. USED.
Coccia, Emanuele.  La Vie sensible.  2743621249. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Dacier, Madame.  L'Odyssee d'Homere: Tome Troisieme.  $120.00. USED.
Daninos, Pierre.  Les Carnets du Major W. Marmaduke Thompsone.  $5.00. USED.
Daudet, Alphonse.  Le Petit Chose. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Daudet, Alphonse.  Histoire d'un enfant. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
de Ligne, Prince Charles-Josep.  Coup d'oeil sur Beloeil: Ecrits sur les jardins et l'urbanisme.  $90.00. USED.
de Musset, Alfred.  Poesies Nouvelles, 1836-1852 Nouvelle Edition. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
de Saussure, Ferdinand.  Cours de Linguistique Generale.  $550.00. USED.
Dekobra, Maurice.  Dalila: Sirene Du Desert. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Desjardins, Paul.  La Methode des Classiques Francais. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Donaldson-Evans, Mary.  Autobiography, Historiography, Rhetoric: A Festschrift in Honor of Frank Paul Bowman. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Douglas, Kenneth (ed.).  Yale French Studies: Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Duhamel, Georges.  Le Desert de Bievres. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
febvre, lucien.  amour sacre amour profane: autour de l'heptameron. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Feydeau, Georges.  Theatre de Georges Feydeau. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Flora Groul.  Le Passe infini.  $3.00. USED.
Fotso, Christelle Nadia.  L'empreinte des choses brisees.  2360830031. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Francois Chapon.  Francois Mauriac: Manuscrits, inedits, editions origniales iconographie. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Francois Mauriac.  un adolescent d'autrefois. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Francois Mauriac.  Reponse a Paul Claudel. Was $17.00, now $11.90. USED.
Francois Mauriac.  Nouveau Memoires interieurs. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Francoise Mauriac.  Le Feu sur la terre. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Fran�ois, Michel.  La France et les Fran�ais. Was $38.00, now $26.60. USED.
G. Walch.  Anthologie des Poetes Francais Contemporaines, Vol I. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
G. Walch.  Anthologies des Poetes Francaise contemporains Vol 3. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Gadoffre, Gilbert.  Gilbert Gadoffre, un humaniste revolutionnaire. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Genet, Jean.  Journal du voleur. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Genet, Jean.  Les Bonnes et Comment Jouer Les Bonnes. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Genevoix, Maurice.  Trente mille jours. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Georges Poulet.  L'Espace Proustien. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Gibson, Robert (ed.).  Studies in French Fiction in Honour of Vivienne Mylne. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Giraudoux, Jean.  La Guerre De Troie n'Aura Pas Lieu.  $5.00. USED.
Gobineau, Joseph Arthur d.  Les Pleiades. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Gohin, Yves (Ed.).  Recherches en Sciences des Textes: Hommage a Pierre Albouy. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Goscinny, Sempe.  Joachim a des ennuis.  $5.00. USED.
Gougenheim, Georges et Pi.  Trois Essais de Montaigne.  $65.00. USED.
Greenberg, Mitchell.  Detours of Desire: Readings in the French Baroque. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Grieu, Etienne.  N�s de Dieu: Itin�raires de chr�tiens engag�s. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Groupe des Dombes.  Pour la communion des Eglises: L�apport du Groupe des Dombes (1937-1987).  $5.00. USED.
Guehenno, Jean.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Volume II: 1758 - 1778. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Guehenno, Jean.  Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Volume I 1712-1758.  $5.00. USED.
Guerrand, R.H..  Le Metro. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Guth, Paul.  Lettre ouverte aux futurs illettres. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Guy, Basil.  The King's Crown: Essays on XVIIIth and XIXth Century Literature, Art, and History H. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hemon, Louis.  Maria Chapdelaine.  $5.00. USED.
Henri Adamczewski.  Le Francais Dechiffre: cle du langage et des langues. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
heriat, Philippe.  Les Enfants gates. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Houston, John Porter.  The Shape and Style of Proust's Novel. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Howells, R.J. et al (eds).  Voltaire and His World. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Hughes, Alex and Keith Re.  Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Jean Giraudoux.  La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu.  $5.00. USED.
Jean Lacouture.  Francois Mauriac: Vol I. Le sondeur d'abimes 1885-1933. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Jean Mitry.  La semiologie en question. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Joubert, Joseph.  Georges Perros (Europe: revue litteraire mensuell).  2351500385. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Kemp, Peter.  Th�orie de l'engagement: Vol I. Path�tique de l'engagement et Vol II. Po�tique de l'. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kircher, Daniel.  La Colere des dieux. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Klein, Christine.  Le Rouge et le noir" Analyse critique (NOT THE NOVEL)".  $5.00. USED.
Kolving, Ulla (ed).  Provisional Table of Contents for The Complete Works of Voltaire / Oeuvres Completes. Was $32.00, now $22.40. USED.
Kuisel, Richard.  Seducing the French: The Dilemma of Americanization.  0520079620. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
La Fontaine, J.  Fables et Oeuvres Diverses. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Landy, Joshua.  Philosophy As Fiction: Self, Deception, and Knowledge in Proust.  0195389352. Was $29.00, now $20.30. USED.
Lapp, John C..  The Brazen Tower: Essays on Mythological Imagery in the French Renaissance and Baroq. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Lathuilliere, Roger.  Langue, Litterature du XVII et du XVIII siecle: Melanges offerts a Frederic Deloffre. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Lecercle, Jean-Louis.  Rousseau et l'Art du Roman. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Lely, Gilbert.  Sade. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Lucey, Michael.  Misfit of the Family: Balzac and the Social Forms of Sexuality.  0822331934. Was $25.95, now $18.17. NEW.
Lucey, Michael.  Never Say I: Sexuality and the First Person in Colette, Gide, & Prou.  0822338971. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Maeterlinck, Maurice.  Syntheses. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Mallarme, Stephane.  Poesies. Was $17.00, now $11.90. USED.
Maraval-Berthoin, A..  Chants du Hoggar.  $175.00. USED.
Marcel Pagnol.  Souvenirs d'Enfance: Le Temps des Secrets. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Marchal & Moureau, eds..  Litterature et seduction. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Margolin, J.-C..  Erasme par lui-meme. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Marivaux.  Romans. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Mauriac, Francois.  La Robe Pretexte. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Mauriac, Francois.  Les Arbres et les pierres.  $85.00. USED.
Maury, Philippe.  Evang�lisation et Politique.  $5.00. USED.
Merceron, Jacques.  Le Message et Sa Fiction: La Communication Par Messager Dans la Litterature Francais.  0520098226. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Mervaud, Christiane.  Le Siecle de Voltaire.  $85.00. USED.
Montesquieu.  Oeuvres Completes de Montesquieu: 3 Tomes.  $350.00. USED.
Montherlant.  Th�atre. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Mortier, Roland et Mat ed.  Diderot et son temps. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Mossop, D.J. (Ed.).  Studies in the French Eighteenth Century presented to John Lough. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Muller, Denis.  Les lieux de l'action: Ethique et religion dans une soci�t� pluraliste. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Musset.  �uvres compl�tes en prose. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Musset.  Th�atre complet. Was $48.00, now $33.60. USED.
Nagy, Peter.  Libertinage et Revolution. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Nuernberger, Kathryn and.  Francis Jammes: On the life & Work of a Modern Master.  $5.00. USED.
Pagnol, Marcel.  Jean de Florette: L'eau des collines, Tome 1. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Painter, George D..  Proust: The Early Years. Was $16.00, now $11.20. USED.
Painter, George D..  Proust: The Later Years. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Pauphilet, Albert.  Jeux et Sapience Du Moyen Age. Was $32.00, now $22.40. USED.
Peyre, Henri (Ed.).  Essays in Honor of Albert Feuillerat. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Philippe Labro.  La Traversee. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Picard, Raymond.  De Racine au Parthenon: Essais sur la litterature et l'art a l'age classique. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Pierre Boulle.  Un Metier de Seigneur. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Psichari, Ernest.  Le Voyage de centurion. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Regosin, Richard L.  Montaigne's Unruly Brood: Textual Engendering and the Challenge to Paternal Authorit.  0520201949. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Rendall, Steven.  Distinguo: Reading Montaigne Differently. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Revenin, Regis.  Homms et masculinites de 1789 a nos jours.  2746709880. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Rey, Pierre-Louis.  Profil d'une Oeuvre: La Chartreuse de Parme.  $5.00. USED.
Richardson, Joanna.  Victor Hugo. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Rilke, Rainer Maria.  Auguste Rodin. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Rimbaud, Arthur.  Pages choisies. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Rolland, Romain.  Jean-Christophe: 10 Volumes.  $90.00. USED.
Sabot, Philippe.  Litterature et guerres: Sartre, Malraux, Simon.  2130578918. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Sade, Marquis de.  La Marquise de Gange. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Sade, Marquis de.  Cahiers Personnels. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Saint Augustin.  Les Confessions. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Sand, George.  La Petite Fadette. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Schamber, Ellie Nower.  The Artist as Politician: The Relationship Between the Art and the Politics of the F. Was $32.50, now $22.75. USED.
Sedaine.  La Gageure Impreuve. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Segalen, Victor.  Europe.  $5.00. USED.
Sergeant, Philippe.  Paris.  2863112155. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Seznec, Jean.  Diderot Salons, Volume I. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Shattuck, Roger.  The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant-Garde in France, 1885 to World War I.  $5.00. USED.
Simon, John K..  Modern French Criticism: From Proust and Valery to Structuralism.  $5.00. USED.
Song, Shun-Ching.  Voltaire et La Chine. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Spencer, Catherine.  A corps perdus: Theatre, desir, representation.  2747589722. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Stendhal.  Romans Et Nouvelles. Was $38.00, now $26.60. USED.
Stendhal.  Le Rouge et Le Noir.  $5.00. USED.
Stendhal.  Racine et Shakespeare. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Toynbee, Paget.  Specimens of Old French. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Trapnell, William H..  Voltaire and the Eucharist.  $75.00. USED.
Trapnell, William H..  Christ and His Associates" in the Voltairian Polemic". Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Vercel, Roger.  Vent de terre.  $5.00. USED.
Vernier, Richard.  La Patience. Was $14.00, now $9.80. USED.
Vigny.  Chatterton.  $5.00. USED.
Vigny, Alfred de.  �uvres Compl�tes II. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Voltaire.  Complete Works of Voltaire, Vol. 77B.  $150.00. USED.
Voltaire.  The Complete Works of Voltaire: Vol. 33, Oeuvres alphabetiques.  $100.00. USED.
von Helms, Ernst E.P.F.  German Criticism of Gustave Flaubert 1857-1930. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wade, Ira O..  Voltaire and Candide.  $83.00. USED.
Yonnet, Jacques.  Enchantements sur Paris.  $60.00. USED.
Yveline Baticle.  Cles et codes de l'image. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.

Find Foreign Language Literature  in the store under Shelf display by front stair; Literature; Poetry; Children's Literature.

La Table Ronde.  $5.00. USED.
Constanze.  Belichtet und bedichtet: Constnze Fotos Mit Versen Von -th. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Alighieri, Dante; Pal, Jozsef;.  Commedia: Riproduzione Fotografia e Studi e Ricerche; The Divine Comedy in Original.  $525.00. USED.
Amatlikova, Helena.  Die Mauschen sind zu Haus geblieben. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Anonymous.  La Cosmogonie d'Urania, en 3 Tomes.  $98.00. USED.
Atzeni, Sergio.  Reccontar fole. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Atzeni, Sergio.  Gli anni della grande peste. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Atzeni, Serio.  Il quinto passo � l'addio.  $95.00. USED.
Balzac, Honore de.  Eugenie Grandet.  $5.00. USED.
Bataille, Georges.  Les Larmes d'Eros. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Bell, Currer [C. Bronte].  Johanna Eyre, Die Waise von Lowood (3-vol. set).  $68.00. USED.
Binding, Rudolf.  Reitvorschrift fur eine geliebte. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Brecht, Bertolt.  Der kaukasische Kreidekreis.  3518100319. Was $15.75, now $11.03. NEW.
Brockheimer, Peter und.  Voltaire und Deutschland.  $75.00. USED.
Bulwer, E. L. [Lord Lytton].  Die letzten Tage von Pompeii. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Chapoutot, Johann.  Le national-socialisme et l'Antiquite.  2130566456.  $60.00. USED.
Claudius, Matthias.  Gedichte. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Cortest, Luis.  Homenaje a Jose Durand. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
De Mathuisieulx, M..  Explorateurs et Terres Lointaines.  $200.00. USED.
de Vega, Lope.  La Dorotea edicion de Edwin S Morby. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Delattre, Andre.  Voltaire L'impetueux. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Devrinden, Destanlar.  Resimli Turk Edebiyati Tarihi. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Ersoy, Mehmed Akif.  Kur'an-l Kerim den Ayetler. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Faguet, Emile.  Histoire de la Poesie Francaise, Volume VII: Voltaire.  $5.00. USED.
Feigelmanas, Nojus.  Lietuvos Inkunabulai. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Fernandez de Lizardi.  Poesias de Jose Joaquin Fernandez de Lizardi: Un Manuscrito Inedito. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Finch, Carol.  La Lone Rousse Par Champaol.  $120.00. USED.
Freud, Sigmund.  Der Mann Moses.  3150187214. Was $13.50, now $9.45. NEW.
Frizot, Michel.  Germaine Krull.  0300215150.  $60.00. NEW.
Fuchs, Peter; Gundlach, Willi;.  Unser Liederbuch f�r die Grundschule Ausgabe f�r Nordrhein-Westfalen. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Grillparzer, Franz.  Weh dem, der lugt!. Was $14.00, now $9.80. USED.
Grillparzer, Franz.  Grillparzers Werke In acht Banden. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Grimm, Jacob.  Deutsche Mythologie. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Gurpinar, Huseyin Rahmi.  Murebbiye. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hameln, Gl�ckel von; Feilchenf.  Denkw�rdigkeiten der Gl�ckel Von Hameln aus dem J�disch-Deutschen �bersetzt, mit Erl. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Handke, Peter.  Wunschloses Ungluck.  3518066463. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hebbel, Friedrich.  Hebbels Werke in zehn Teilen (5-volume set). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Heindl, Gottfried.  Und die Grosse ift gefahrlich. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Heine, Heinrich.  Bekenntnis Zum Judentum (Confessio Judaica). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Herlotzsohn, Karl.  Wallensteins erste Liebe; Die tochter des Piccolomini (5 volumes).  $65.00. USED.
Hesse, Hermann.  Marchen. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hofmannsthal, Hugo von.  �sterreichische Aufs�tze Und Reden. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Holan, Vladimir.  Na sotnach. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Joseph Hanse.  Nouveau dictionnaire des difficulties du francais moderne(Hanse) 2e. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Kann, Robert A, Hrsg..  Marie von Ebner-Eschenback - Dr. Josef Breuer: Ein Briefwechsel 1889 - 1916. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Karay, Refik Halid.  Surgun. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Karay, Refik Halid.  Memleket Hikayeleri. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kemal, Yahya.  Rubailer. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kemal, Yahya.  Eski Siirin Ruzgariyle. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Korn-Grimani, Sonia.  Verlorene Kindheit: Wie ein kleines j�disches M�dchen aus Wuppertal den Holocaust �b.  $200.00. USED.
Kriegel, Annie.  Aux Origines du Communisme Francais.  $5.00. USED.
Lanson, Gustave.  Voltaire. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Lindgren, Astrid.  Rasmus, Pontus un der SchwertSchlucker. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Lo Piparo.  I Due Carceri di Gramsci: La Prigione fascista e il labirinto comunista. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Madaule, Jacques.  Dante ou la passion de l'immortalite. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Mann, Thomas.  Joseph und Seine Bruder (3 volume set). Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Mann, Thomas.  Buddenbrooks.  $60.00. USED.
Matzernath, Josef.  Adelsprobe an der Moderne: Sachsischer Adel 1763 -1866.  $80.00. USED.
Meinecke, Thomas.  Jungfrau.  3518420313. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Metzler, G..  Heimfuhren werd ich euch von Uberall Her.  $0.00. USED.
Meyer, C.F..  Huttens Letzte Tage. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Meyer, Wilhelm.  Literaturfunde f�r Mittelfchuten, Beamtenschulen und verwandte Unftalten. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Morike, Eduard.  Mozart auf der Reife nach Prag. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Oliw, Terese.  Ar Klanningar Farliga? Om homosexuella, bisexuella och transpersoner. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Orieux, Jean.  La Fontaine. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Pauphilet, Albert, ed..  Jeux et Sapience du moyen age. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Pezolt, Hildegard.  Sagen aus �sterreich: Mit 8 Farbtafeln und 120 Zeichnungen von Hildegard Pezolt. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Pilchowski, Robert.  Daddy und Do. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Pomeau, Rene.  D'Arouet a Voltaire. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Pomeau, Rene.  On a voulu l'enterrer. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Pomeau, Rene.  <>.  $65.00. USED.
Pomeau, Rene et Mervaud,C.  De la Cour au jardin. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Praz, Mario.  Machiavelli in Inghilterra ed altri saggi.  $65.00. USED.
Sand, George.  La Mare au Diable.  2070411214. Was $10.50, now $7.35. NEW.
Sandstein, Walter.  Der Leberfleck, groteske Gedichte mit 4 Radierungen.  $100.00. USED.
Sareil, Jean.  Essai sur Candide. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Schnitzler, Arthur.  Der junge Medardus. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Scholz, Hans.  Am Grunen Strand Der Spree. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Schweitzer, Albert.  Vom Licht In Uns: Ausgew�hlte Worte. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Seeman, Heinrich.  Indonesien in der deutschen Geisteswelt: Von Goethe bis Emil Nolde. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Suomalais-Luteerilainen Kustan.  Kirkollinen Kalenteri 1934. Was $17.00, now $11.90. USED.
Szczekalla, Michael.  Britannien und Europa: Studien zur Literatur-, Geistes- und Kulturgeschichte. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Traumann, Ernst.  Goethes Faust, Nach Entstehung und Inhalt erklart (2 Bde.). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Trousson, Raymond et.  Dictionnaire de Voltaire. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Tschermak, Irene M; Hasselblat.  Ich liebe Ungeheuer, sagte Munki. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Van den Heuvel, Jacques.  Voltaire dans ses contes. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Veli, Orhan.  Butun Siirleri. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Voltaire.  Dictionnaire philosophique.  2081231506. Was $25.50, now $17.85. NEW.
Voltaire.  L'Ingenu. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Voltaire.  Histoire de la Guerre de 1741. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Voltaire; Deloffre, ed..  Voltaire et sa <>: Correspondence complete de Voltaire et de Mme. Benti. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Voltaire; Pomeau, ed..  Politique de Voltaire. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
von Kleist, Heinrich.  Heinrich von Kleists Samtliche Werke, dritter teil. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Wagner, Jan Costin.  Eismond.  $0.00. USED.
Witeschnik, Alexander.  Die Dynastie Strauss. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Yayinlari, Varlik.  Cahit Sitki Taranci. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

Find Graphic Novels & Comics  in the store under Literature; perhaps in Art.

Zine.  $5.00. NEW.
Addams, Charles.  Charles Addams' Black Maria. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bechdel, Alison.  Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. Was $12.75, now $8.93. SUMMU.
Breathed, Berkeley.  Classic of Western Literature.  0316107549.  $5.00. NEW.
Breathed, Berkeley.  Bloom County Babylon: Five Years of Basic Naughtiness. Was $9.50, now $6.65. USED.
Brosh, Allie.  Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and.  1451666179. Was $19.99, now $13.99. NEW.
Bukatman, Scott.  Hellboy's World: Comics and Monsters on the Margins.  0520288041. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Canada, Geoffrey.  Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence.  0807044490. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Caswell, Lucy Shelton.  Drawing the Line: Comics Studies and INKS, 1994-1997.  0814254004. Was $27.95, now $19.57. NEW.
Chast, Roz.  Party, After You Left.  1582343772.  $5.00. USED.
Conrad, Paul.  Pro and Conrad. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hesse, Maria.  Frida Kahlo: An Illustrated Life.  1477317287. Was $21.95, now $15.37. NEW.
Kempkes, Wolfgang.  International Bibliography of Comics Literature, 2nd rev edition. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kempkes, Wolfgang.  International Bibliography of Comics Literature. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Koren, Edward.  What about Me?.  $5.00. USED.
Koren, Edward.  The Penguin Edward Koren.  0140053344.  $1.00. USED.
Lewis, John.  March: Book Two.  1603094008. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Lewis, John.  March: Book Two. Was $15.00, now $10.50. FALLU.
Lightfoot, Kindle Grace.  The Adult Coloring Book: Secret Gardens, Enchanted Forests, Mystical Visions, Dream.  1511663049.  $5.00. NEW.
Madonna, Paul.  On to the Next Dream.  0872867420. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Proust, Marcel.  In Search of Lost Time: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower.  1631493671. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Schumacher, Julie.  Doodling for Academics: An Activity and Coloring Book. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Searle, Ronald.  Hurrah for St. Trinian's and Other Lapses. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Shesol, Jeffrey.  THATCH... Featuring P. C. Person.  0679736107.  $3.00. USED.
Tomorrow, Tom.  Tune in Tomorrow.  0312113447. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Various.  KE Humor Doonesbury, Bloom County, etc.  $5.00. USED.
White, David Manning.  The Funnies: An American Idiom. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.

Find Literary Criticism  in the store under Literature; Poetry.

The Imaginary Puritan: Literature, Intellectual Labor, and the Origins of Personal L.  0520077563. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Lexicon of the German i.  0520053559. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
George Eliot & Communit. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Mitabungaku: The Literary Quarterly, No. 103 (Autumn 2010) (In Japanese).  4910184731101. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Volume LXII: Number 3 (July 63). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
This Is Henry, Henry Miller from Brooklyn. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Frederic G. Melcher: Friendly Reminiscences. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Third Census of Finnegans Wake: An Index of the Characters and Their Roles.  $65.00. USED.
Blackmur, R. P..  Anni Mirabiles 1921-1925: Reason in the Madness of Letters. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Furlan, Francesco.  letture classensi: Letture e lettori di Dante Umanesimo e Rinascrimento. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Agamben, Giorgio.  The Fire and the Tale.  1503601641. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Alexander, Michael.  The Poetic Achievement of Ezra Pound. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Allen, Elizabeth Cheresh.  Beyond Realism: Turgenenev's Poetics of Secular Salvation.  0804718733. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Alter, Robert.  Partial Magic: The Novel As Self-Conscious Genre.  0520027558. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Amia Lieblich.  Conversations with Dvora.  0520085396. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Andersen, Hans Christian.  The Andersen-Scudder Letters.  $5.00. USED.
Anderson, Linda.  Plotting Change: Contemporary Women's Fiction. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Andriopoulos, Stefan.  Ghostly Apparitions: German Idealism, the Gothic Novel, and Optical Media.  1935408356. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Apostolou, Fotini E.  Seduction and Death in Muriel Spark's Fiction.  0313316511. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Asibong, Andrew.  Marie NDiaye: Blankness and Recognition. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Aubry, Timothy.  Guilty Aesthetic Pleasures.  0674986466. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Auger, Philip.  Native Sons in No Man's Land": Rewriting Afro-American Manhood in Novels of James B". Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Bagehot, Walter.  Literary Studies. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Bail, Paul.  Anne Tyler: A Critical Companion.  0313302499. Was $47.00, now $32.90. USED.
Bailes, Melissa.  Questioning Nature: British Women's Scientific Writing and Literary Originality, 175.  0813939763. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Barnes, Ashley C..  Love and Depth in the American Novel: From Stover to James.  0813944198. Was $27.50, now $19.25. NEW.
Bartuschat Johannes.  letture classensi: Dante e l'esilio. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Battigelli, Anna.  Art and Artifact in Jane Austen's Novels and Early Writings.  1644531747.  $60.00. NEW.
Beasley, Faith, ed..  Teaching Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century French Women Writers.  1603290966. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Beckjord, Sarah H.  Territories of History: Humanism, Rhetoric, and the Historical Imagination in the Ea.  0271032790. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bellamy, Maria Rice.  Bridges to Memory: Postmemory in Contemporary Ethnic American Women's Fiction.  0813937965. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Bennett, Barbara.  Comic Visions, Female Voices: Contemporary Women Novelists and Southern Humor.  0807122882. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Berry, Evan.  Devoted to Nature: The Religious Roots of American Environmentalism.  0520285735. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Black, Scott.  Without the Novel: Romance and the History of Prose Fiction.  0813942845. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Blood, Susan.  Baudelaire and the Aesthetics of Bad Faith.  0804728097. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Bonaparte, Felicia.  The Poetics of Poesis: The Making of Nineteenth-Century English Fiction.  0813937329. Was $49.50, now $34.65. NEW.
Bongie, Chris.  Exotic Memories: Literature, Colonialism, and the Fin de Siecle.  0804718768. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Borchardt (Schuster, ed.).  Rudolf Borchardt Briefe, 1907-1913: Text. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke.  Petrarch's Genius: Pentimento and Prophecy.  0520072936. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Bridgman, Richard.  Traveling in Mark Twain.  0520059522. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Brooks, Peter.  Flaubert in the Ruins of Paris: The Story of a Friendship, a Novel, and a Terrible Y.  0465096026. Was $32.00, now $22.40. NEW.
Brown, Bill.  Other Things. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Brown, Gillian.  Domestic Individualism: Imagining Self in Nineteenth-Century America.  0520067851. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Brown, Kurt.  Writing It Down for James: Writers on Life and Craft.  0807063495. Was $13.00, now $9.10. USED.
Bryfonski, Dedria (editor).  Contemporary Literary Criticism: Volume 11.  0810301202. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Burke, Kenneth.  Towards a Better Life: A Novel. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Button, Marilyn D.,.  The Foreign Woman in British Literature: Exotics, Aliens, and Outsiders.  0313309280. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Bywaters, David.  Dryden in Revolutionary England.  0520070615. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Callahan, David.  Rainforest Narratives: The Work of Janette Turner Hospital.  0702237272. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Campbell, James.  Syncopations: Beats, New Yorkers, and Writers in the Dark.  0520252373. Was $11.00, now $7.70. USED.
Campbell, Jill.  Natural Masques: Gender and Identity in Fielding's Plays and Novels.  0804723915. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Caramagno, Thomas C..  The Flight of the Mind: Virginia Woolf's Art and Manic-Depressive Illness. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Cardon, Lauren S.  Fashion and Fiction: Self-Transformation in Twentieth-Century American Literature.  0813938627. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Carnochan, W. B..  Confinement & Flight: An Essay on English Literature of the Eighteenth Century. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Carrol B. Johnson.  Madness and Lust: A Psychological Approach to Don Quixote. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Cassarino, Stacie.  Culinary Poetics and Edible Images in Twentieth-Century American Literature.  0814213707.  $74.95. NEW.
Cassedy, Steven.  Flight from Eden: The Origins of Modern LIterary Criticism and Theory.  0520068637. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Casteel, Sarah Phillips.  Caribbean Jewish Crossings: Literary History and Creative Practice.  0813943280.  $70.00. NEW.
Castro, Anne Margaret.  The Sacred Act of Reading: Spirituality, Performance, and Power in Afro-Diasporic Li.  0813943442. Was $50.00, now $35.00. NEW.
Caveney, Graham.  Gentleman Junkie: The Life and Legacy of William S. Burroughs.  $5.00. USED.
Chandler, Marylin R..  Dwelling in the Text: Houses in American Fiction.  0520073630.  $75.00. USED.
Chang, Elizabeth Hope.  Novel Cultivations: Plants in British Literature of the Global Nineteenth Century.  0813942489. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Chang, Ya-hui Irenna.  How What You Eat Defines Who You Are: The Food Theme in Four American Women Writers. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Chevaillier, Flore.  Divergent Trajectories: Interviews with Innovative Fiction Writers.  $76.00. NEW.
Chez, Keridiana W.  Victorian Dogs, Victorian Men: Affect and Animals in Nineteenth-Century Literature a.  0814213340. Was $48.95, now $34.27. NEW.
Christ, Carol T.  Victorian Literature and the Victorian Visual Imagination.  0520086414. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Clinton, Alan Ramon.  Intuitions in Literature, Technologies, and Politics: Parabilities. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Clitandre, Nadege T.  Edwidge Danticat: The Haitian Diasporic Imaginary.  0813941873. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Coale, Samuel Chase.  Quirks of the Quantum: Postmodernism and Contemporary American Fiction.  0813932866. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Codr, Dwight.  Raving at Usurers: Anti-Finance and the Ethics of Uncertainty in England, 1690-1750.  0813937809. Was $39.50, now $27.65. NEW.
Colley, Ann C.  Victorians in the Mountains: Sinking the Sublime. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Collie, Michael.  George Gissing: A Bibliography. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Coombs, David Sweeney.  Reading with the Senses in Victorian Literature and Science.  0813943426. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Corngold, Stanley.  Complex Pleasure: Forms of Feeling in German Literature.  0804729395. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Coulson, Victoria.  Henry James, Women and Realism. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Cowan, Douglas E.  America's Dark Theologian: The Religious Imagination of Stephen King.  1479894737. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Craciun, Adriana.  Fatal Women of Romanticism. Was $37.99, now $26.59. NEW.
Crampton, Nancy.  Writers. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Crane, Ronald S., et al..  ENGLISH LITERATURE, 1660-1800 (Volume I, 1926-1938). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Cressler, Alfred M.  Vignettes of Writers and Artists. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Crewe, Jonathan.  Trials of Authorship: Anterior Forms and Poetic Reconstruction from Wyatt to Shakesp.  0520066936. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Crews, Frederick.  Critical Inquiry, March 1975, Volume 1, Number 3. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Crick, Bernard.  George Orwell: The First Complete Biography. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Cummings, Brian.  The Literary Culture of the Reformation: Grammar and Grace.  0199226334.  $60.00. NEW.
Cypert, Rick.  America's Agatha Christie: Mignon Good Eberhart, Her Life and Works.  1575910888. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Daiches, David.  LIterary Landscapes of the British Isles: A Narrative Atlas. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Daly, Robert.  God's Altar: The World and the Flesh in Puritan Poetry. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Dance, Daryl Cumber.  In Search of Annie Drew: Jamaica's Mother and Muse.  0813938465. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Daniel, G Reginald.  Machado de Assis: Multiracial Identity and the Brazilian Novelist.  0271052465. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Davis, Mike, et al..  Dark Raptures: Mike Davis' L.A..  1881865134. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Davis, Robert Leigh.  Whitman and the Romance.  0520207602. Was $47.95, now $33.57. USED.
Davison, Richard Allan.  Charles & Kathleen Norris: The Courtship Year. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
de Camp, L Sprague.  Lovecraft: A Biography.  0385005784. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Debreczeny/Eekman.  Chekov's Art of Writing: A Collection of Critical Essays.. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Decker, Gunnar.  Hesse: The Wanderer and His Shadow.  0674737881. Was $39.95, now $27.97. NEW.
Dewhurst, Kenneth.  Friedrich Schiller: Medicine, Psychology, and Literature. With the First English Ed.  0520032500.  $0.00. USED.
Diedrick, James.  Mathilde Blind and the Culture of Late-Victorian London.  0813939313. Was $49.50, now $34.65. NEW.
Dill, Elizabeth.  Erotic Citizens: Sex and the Embodied Subject in the Antebellum Novel.  $69.50. NEW.
Dixon, Jay.  The Romantic Fiction of Mills and Boon, 1909-1995. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Doebler, John.  Shakespeare's Speaking Pictures: Studies in Iconic Imagery.  0826303498. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Donoghue, Denis.  England, Their England: Commentaries on English Language and Literature.  0520066928. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Donoghue, Frank.  Fame Machine: Book Reviewing and Eighteenth-Century Literary Careers.  0804725632.  $60.00. NEW.
Douglas, Ellen.  Conversations with Ellen Douglas.  1578062802.  $5.00. USED.
Duncan, Ian.  Scott's Shadow: The Novel in Romantic Edinburgh.  0691043833. Was $27.95, now $19.57. NEW.
Duncan, Ian.  Human Forms: The Novel in the Age of Evolution.  0691175071. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Duncan, Ian.  Scott's Shadow: Th Novel in Romantic Edinburgh. Was $27.95, now $19.57. USED.
Duran, Angelica.  Milton Among Spaniards (The Early Modern Exchange).  1644531720. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Durling, Robert M. and.  Time and the Crystal: Studies in Dante's Rime Petrose.  $100.00. USED.
Earle, Bo.  Post-Personal Romanticism: Democratic Terror, Prosthetic Poetics, and the Comedy of.  0814213529.  $84.95. NEW.
Easton, Alison.  Angela Carter: Contemporary Critical Essays.  0312231407. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Egan, Maurice F..  Modern Novels and Novelists: A Book of Criticisms. Was $48.00, now $33.60. USED.
Eger, Elizabeth.  Bluestockings: Women of Reason from Enlightenment to Romanticism. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Eide, Marian.  Terrible Beauty: The Violent Aesthetic and Twentieth-Century Literature.  0813942373. Was $39.50, now $27.65. NEW.
El Saffar, Ruth.  Beyond Fiction: The Recovery of the Feminine in the Novels of Cervantes.  0520048660. Was $17.50, now $12.25. USED.
Eliot, George.  Miscellaneous Essays, Impressions of Theophrastus Such, the Veil Lifted, Brother Jac. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Engel, Claire Eliane.  Esquisses Anglaises: Charles Morgan, Graham Greene, T.S. Eliot. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Epstein, Perle.  The Private Labyrinth of Malcolm Lowry: Under the Volcano and the Cabbala. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Eskin, Stanley G.  Simenon: A Critical Biography. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Federman, Raymond.  Samuel Beckett: His Works and His Critics: An Essay in Bibliography.  0520014758.  $95.00. USED.
Fellows, Jay.  Tombs, Despoiled and Haunted: Under-Textures" and "After-Thoughts" in Walter Pater".  0804715785. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fiedler, Leslie A..  English Literature: Opening Up the Canon. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fifoot, Richard.  Bibliography of Edith, Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwell, 2nd ed, rev.. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fish, Stanley.  The Living Temple: George Herbert and Catechizing.  0520026578. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Fitzpatrick, Kevin C.  A Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York. Was $22.95, now $16.07. NEW.
Folkenflik, Robert, ed..  The Culture of Autobiography: Constructions of Self-Representation.  0804720479. Was $28.00, now $19.60. NEW.
Ford, Ford Madox.  Critical Writings of Ford Madox Ford (Edited by Frank MacShane). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Fowler, Doreen.  Drawing the Line: The Father Reimagined in Faulkner, Wright, O'Connor, and Morrison.  0813933994. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Fox, Alice.  Virginia Woolf and the Literature of the English Renaissance.  0198129882. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Francis, Lesley Lee.  You Come Too: My Journey with Robert Frost.  0813937450. Was $34.95, now $24.47. NEW.
Frank, Joseph.  Lectures on Dostoevsky.  0691189560. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Franke, William.  Dante and the Sense of Transgression: The Trespass of the Sign"". Was $32.00, now $22.40. USED.
Frederiksen, Elke P.  Women Writers in German-Speaking Countries: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourceboo.  0313282013. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Freeman, Barbara Claire.  The Feminine Sublime: Gender and Excess in Women's Literature. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Friedrich, Hugo.  Montaigne. Was $10.95, now $7.67. USED.
Fritzer, Penelope J.  Ethnicity and Gender in the Barsetshire Novels of Angela Thirkell.  0313309159. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Fulmer, Constance M.  A Monument to the Memory of George Eliot: Edith J. Simcox's Autobiography of a Shirt. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Gagnier, Regenia.  Idylls of the Marketplace: Oscar Wilde and the Victorian Public.  0804713340. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Gallagher, Catherine.  Telling It Like It Wasn't: The Counterfactual Imagination in History and Fiction. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Galvan, Jill.  Replotting Marriage in Nineteenth-Century British Literature.  0814213685.  $74.95. NEW.
Ganteau, Jean-Michel.  The Ethics and Aesthetics of Vulnerability in Contemporary British Fiction.  1138903728. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Genovese, Michael.  The Problem of Profit: Finance and Feeling in Eighteenth-Century British Literature.  0813942896. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Gifford, Don.  Ulysses Annotated:Revised and Expanded Edition. Was $18.95, now $13.27. USED.
Gohdes, Clarence.  Bibliographical Guide to the Study of the Literature of the U.S.A.. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Goldman, Harvey.  Max Weber and Thomas Mann: Calling and the Shaping of the Self. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Gonzalez, John Moran.  The Troubled Union: Expansionist Imperatives inPost-Reconstruction American Novels. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Goodman, Susan.  William Dean Howells: A Writer's Life.  0520238966. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Grace, Nancy M.  The Feminized Male Character in Twentieth-Century Literature.  0773489983. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Graham, Lucy Valerie.  State of Peril: Race and Rape in South African Literature.  0199796378. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Green, Suzanne Disheroon.  Kate Chopin: An Annotated Bibliography of Critical Works.  0313304246. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Greene, J Lee.  The Diasporan Self: Unbreaking the Circle in Western Black Novels.  0813927390. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Grewal, Gurleen.  Circles of Sorrow, Lines of Struggl: The Novels of Toni Morrison.  0807122971. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Grillo, Virgil.  Charles Dickens' Sketches by Boz: End in the Beginning.  0870810499. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Gutkin, Len.  Dandyism: Forming Fiction from Modernism to the Present.  0813943892.  $65.00. NEW.
Gwilliam, Tassie.  Samuel Richardson's Fictions of Gender.  0804721165.  $72.00. NEW.
Hall, Sharon K.  Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism: Volume 6.  0810301806. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Harding, Walter.  Emerson's Library.  $5.00. USED.
Harland, Marion.  Where Ghosts Walk: The Haunts of Familiar Characters in History and Literature.. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Harman, Barbara L.  The New Nineteenth Century: Feminist Readings of Underread Victorian Fiction. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Hedrick, Joan D..  Solitary Comrade Jack London and His Work. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hefner, Brooks E.  The Word on the Streets: The American Language of Vernacular Modernism.  0813940400.  $75.00. NEW.
Helgerson, Richard.  The Elizabethan Prodigals. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Hellman, Caroline Chamberlin.  Children of the Raven and the Whale: Visions and Revisions in American Literature.  0813943590. Was $50.00, now $35.00. NEW.
Hepburn, Allan.  Enchanted Objects: Visual Art in Contemporary Fiction. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Herbert, Christopher.  Evangelical Gothic: The English Novel and the Religious War on Virtue from Wesley to. Was $39.00, now $27.30. NEW.
Hesse, Carla.  Publishing and Cultural Politics in Revolutionary Paris 1789-1810.  0520074430.  $89.00. USED.
Hicks, Heather J.  The Culture of Soft Work: Labor, Gender, and Race in Postmodern American Narrative. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Hilton, Nelson.  Unnam'd Forms: Blake and Textuality.  0520052986. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Hilton, Nelson.  Literal Imagination: Blake's Vision of Words. Was $18.95, now $13.27. USED.
Hipkiss, Robert.  Jack Kerouac: Prophet of the New Romanticism. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hoberman, Ruth.  Museum Trouble: Edwardian Fiction and the Emergence of Modernism.  0813931266. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Hodson, Sara.  Jack London: One Hundred Years a Writer.  0873281950. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Howard Rambsy.  Bad Men: Creative Touchstones of Black Writers.  0813944139. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Huang, Martin.  Literati and Self-Re/Presentation: Autobiographical Sensibility in the 18th-Century.  0804724628. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Hunt, Aeron.  Personal Business: Character and Commerce in Victorian Literature and Culture.  0813936314. Was $39.50, now $27.65. NEW.
Hutt, Michael James.  Himalayan Voices: An Introduction to Modern Nepali Literature.  0520070488. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Jagoe, Catherine.  Ambiguous Angels: Gender in the Novels of Galdos.  0520083563. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
James, Henry.  The Master, the Modern Major General, and His Clever Wife: Henry James's Letters to.  0813932351. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
James, Henry.  The Daily Henry James: A Year of Quotes from the Work of the Master. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Jennings, La Vinia Delois.  Margaret Garner: The Premiere Performances of Toni Morrison's Libretto.  0813938678. Was $49.50, now $34.65. NEW.
Johnson, Barbara.  A Life with Mary Shelley.  0804790523. Was $22.00, now $15.40. NEW.
Johnson, Samuel.  Samuel Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose.  0520035526. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Jones, James T..  Jack Kerouac's Duluoz Legend: The Mythic Form of an Autobiographical Fiction. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Jones, Kathleen.  A Passionate Sisterhood: Women of the Wordsworth Circle.  0312227310. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Jost, Jacob Sider.  Prose Immortality, 1711-1819.  0813936802. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Julius, Anthony.  T. S. Eliot: Anti-Semitism and Literary Form. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Kabakli, Ahmet.  Turk Edebiyati (3 volumes).  $95.00. USED.
Kaufman, Andrew D.  Understanding Tolstoy. Was $44.95, now $31.47. NEW.
Kaup, Monika.  Neobaroque in the Americas: Alternative Modernities in Literature, Visual Art, and F.  0813933137. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Kavanagh, Thomas M., ed..  The Limits of Theory.  0804717052. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Kennedy, Richard S..  Literary New Orleans in the Modern World.  0807122084. Was $26.95, now $18.87. NEW.
Kernan, Alvin.  Printing Technology, Letters, and Samuel Johnson. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
King, Dean.  Patrick O'Brian: A Life Revealed.  0805059768. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kingman, Russ.  A Pictorial Life of Jack London. Foreword by Irving Stone. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kinsley, Zoe.  Women Writing the Home Tour, 1682-1812.  0754656632. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Kirk, Robert W., et al..  Faulkner's People: A Complete Guide and Index to the Characters in the Fiction of Wi. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kneidel, Gregory.  John Donne and Early Modern Legal Culture: The End of Equity in the Satyres.  0820704814.  $66.00. NEW.
Knoepflmacher, U.C..  Religious Humanism and the Victorian Novel: George Eliot, Walter Pater, and Samuel B. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Knoepflmacher, U.C..  Religious Humanism and the Victorian Novel: George Eliot, Walter Pater, and Samuel B. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Knoppers, Laura L.  Milton Studies: Volume 55.  0820704806.  $66.00. NEW.
Knoppers, Laura L., ed..  Milton Studies, Volume 56.  0820704938.  $66.00. NEW.
Kokobobo, Ani.  Russian Grotesque Realism: The Great Rforms and th Gentry Decline.  0814213634.  $64.95. NEW.
Kranidas, Thomas.  New Essays on Paradise Lost. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Kropf, David Glenn.  Authorship as Alchemy: Subversive Writing in Pushkin, Scott, Hoffmann.  0804723001. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Krouk, Dean.  Fascism and Modernist Literature in Norway.  8763545799. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Kuberski, Philip.  Persistence of Memory: Organism, Myth, Text.  0520079094. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Kuchta, Todd.  Semi-Detached Empire: Suburbia and the Colonization of Britain, 1880 to the Present.  0813929261. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Lanham, Richard.  Tristram Shandy: The Games of Pleasure. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Lant, Kathleen M.  Imagining the Worst: Stephen King and the Representation of Women.  0313302324. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
LaPorte, Charles.  Victorian Poets and the Changing Bible.  0813931584. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Lazo, Rodrigo.  Letters from Filadelfia: Early Latino Literature and the Trans-American Elite. Was $50.00, now $35.00. NEW.
Lednicki, Waclaw.  Pushkin's Bronze Horseman: The Story of a Masterpiece. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Leicester, H Marshall Jr.  The Disenchanted Self: Representing the Subject in the Canterbury Tales. Was $17.50, now $12.25. USED.
Leonard, Kathy S. comp by.  Index to Translated Short Fiction by Latin American Women in English Language Anthol.  0313300461. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Liddell, Janice.  Arms Akimbo: Africana Women in Contemporary Literature.  0813017289. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Liu, Alan.  Knowledge Work, Literary History, and the Future of Literary Studies.  1881865150. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Love, Jean O..  Virginia Woolf: Sources of Madness and Art.  0520033582. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Lynch, Kathryn.  The High Medieval Dream Vision: Poetry, Philosophy, and Literary Form.  0804712751.  $65.00. USED.
Lyons, John D.  The Dark Thread: From Tragical Histories to Gothic Tales.  1644531623.  $70.00. NEW.
Lyons, Phyllis I..  The Saga of Dazai Osamu: A Critical Study with Translations.  0804711976.  $90.00. USED.
Machado, Antonio.  Juan de Mairena. Was $12.95, now $9.07. USED.
Maguire, Robert A..  Exploring Gogol.  0804723206.  $70.00. USED.
Mann, Thomas.  Letters of Heinrich and Thomas Mann, 1900-1949.  0520072782. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Marcais, Dominique (ed).  Modes and Facets of the American Scene: Studies in Honor of Cristina Giorcelli. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Marek, Jayne.  Women Editing Modernism: Little" Magazines and Literary History".  0813119375. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Marrs, Suzanne.  One Writer's Imagination: The Fiction of Eudora Welty.  0807128015. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Marx, William.  The Hatred of Literature.  0674976126. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Masao Miyoshi.  Accomplices of Silence: The Modern Japanese Novel.  0520046099. Was $21.00, now $14.70. USED.
Massey, Irving.  The Gaping Pig: Literature and Metamorphosis. Was $12.95, now $9.07. USED.
Matich, Olga,  Third Wave: Russian Literature in Emigration. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Mazur, Carol.  Alice Munro: An Annotated Bibliography of Works and Criticism.  0810859246. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
McCall, Sidney.  The Breath of the Gods. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
McGuire, Philip C..  Speechless Dialect: Shakespeare's Open Silences. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
McHugh, Roland.  The Finnegans Wake Experience. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Mehlman, Jeffrey.  Revolution and Repetition: Marx - Hugo - Balzac. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Meyerhoff, Hans.  Time in Literature.  555450. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Michael Holroyd.  Lytton Strachey: The Unknown Years 1880-1910 & The Years of Achievement 1910-1932 (2. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Michaels, Walter B.  The Gold Standard and the Logic of Naturalism: American Literature at the Turn of th.  0520059816. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Michele Barbi.  Michele Barbi's Life of Dante.  $60.00. USED.
Mileck, Joseph.  Hermann Hesse: Biography and Bibliography, Volume Two. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Mileck, Joseph.  Hermann Hesse: Between the Perils of Politics and the Allure of the Orient.  0820467901. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Miller, Beth.  Women in Hispanic Literature: Icons and Fallen Idols. Was $18.95, now $13.27. USED.
Miller, D.A..  The Novel and the Police.  0520062817. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Millgate, Michael.  The Achievement of William Faulkner. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Mlikotin, Anthony M..  As Literature Speaks: A Collection of Critical Studies. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Moglen, Helen.  Trauma of Gender: A Feminist.  0520225899. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Morrill, E. & Son, Inc..  Americana, Catalogs no. 127-133 (bound). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Morris, Susana M.  Close Kin and Distant Relatives: The Paradox of Respectability in Black Women's Lite.  0813935504. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Mudrick, Marvin.  Jane Austen: Irony and Defense and Discovery. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Murphy, Patrick J.  Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M. R. James.  0271077719.  $81.00. NEW.
Murphy, Timothy S..  Wising up the Marks: The Amodern William Burroughs.  0520209516. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Murray-Roman, Jeannine.  Performance and Personhood in Caribbean Literature: From Alexis to the Digital Age.  0813938481. Was $27.50, now $19.25. NEW.
Muscatine, Charles.  Instructor's Manual for The Borzoi College Reader, Fifth Edition. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Muscatine, Charles.  Chaucer and the French Tradition. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Myers, Megan Jeanette.  Mapping Hispaniola: Third Space in Dominican and Haitian Literature.  0813943078. Was $59.50, now $41.65. NEW.
Nabokov, Vladimir.  Dear Bunny, Dear Volodya: The Nabokov-Wilson Letters, 1940-1971.  0520220803. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Nakadate, Neil.  Understanding Jane Smiley.  1570032513.  $5.00. USED.
Neelakanta, Vanita.  Retelling the Siege of Jerusalem in Early Modern England: Narrating the Destruction.  1644530139. Was $32.00, now $22.40. NEW.
Neuse, Richard.  Chaucer's Dante: Allegory and Epic Theater in The Canterbury Tales. Was $49.95, now $34.97. NEW.
Nevius, Blake.  Edith Wharton: A Study of Her Fiction. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Nevius, Blake.  Edith Wharton: A Study of her Fiction. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Ni, Zhange.  The Pagan Writes Back: When World Religion Meets World Literature. Was $27.50, now $19.25. NEW.
Nicholls, R. A..  Nietzsche in the Early Work of Thomas Mann. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Norton, Ann V.  Paradoxical Feminism: The Novels of Rebecca West.  1573093920. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Novak, Maximillian E..  English Literature in the Age of Disguise. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
O Hehir, Brendan.  A Gaelic Lexicon for Finnegan's Wake and Glossary for Joyce's Other Works.  6729785. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
O'Brien, Colleen C..  Race, Romance, and Rebellion: Literatures of the Americas in the Nineteenth Century.  0813934893. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Orlando, Valerie K.  The Algerian New Novel: The Poetics of a Modern Nation, 1950-1979.  0813939615.  $75.00. NEW.
Orr, Elaine Neil.  Subject to Negotiation: Reading Feminist Criticism and American Women's Fictions.  0813917158. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Orr, Leah.  Novel Ventures: Fiction and Print Culture in England, 1690-1730.  0813940133. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Paley, Grace.  Conversations with Grace Paley.  0878059628. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Parkinson, Thomas.  Hart Crane & Yvor Winters: Their Literary Correspondence. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Parkinson, Thomas.  Hart Crane and Yvor Winters: Their Literary Correspondence.  $100.00. USED.
Parrish, Nancy C..  Lee Smith, Annie Dillard, & the Hollins Group: A Genesis of Writers.  0807122432. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Pearl, Jason H.  Utopian Geographies and the Early English Novel.  0813936233. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Pearsall, Derek.  Chaucer to Spenser: A Critical Reader. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Penner, Erin.  Character and Mourning: Woolf, Faulkner, and the Novel Elegy of the First World War.  0813942977. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Perelman, Bob.  The Trouble with Genius: Reading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky.  0520085833. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Perry, Donna.  Backtalk: Women Writers Speak Out.  0813519918. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Phillips, Kate.  Helen Hunt Jackson: a Literary Life.  0520218043. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Plotz, John Milton Gabrie.  The Crowd: British Literature and Public Politics.  0520219163. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Polak, Kate.  Ethics in the Gutter: Empathy and Historical Fiction in Comics.  0814254454. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Rabinowitz, Nancy Sorkin.  Feminist Theory and The Classics (Thinking Gender). Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Rader, Ralph W.  Critical Inquiry, Autumn 1976, Volume 3, Number 1. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Raleigh, John Henry.  Matthew Arnold and American Culture. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Rancour-Laferriere, Daniel.  Russian Literature and Psychoanalysis. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Richards, I A.  Principles of Literary Criticism.  1138123749. Was $6.25, now $4.38. NEW.
Rignall, John.  George Eliot and Europe.  1859283349.  $70.00. USED.
Robert M. Philmus.  Into the Unknown: The Evolution of Science Fiction from Francis Godwin to H.G. Wells.  0520049594. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Rogers, Charlotte.  Mourning el Dorado: Literature and Extractivism in the Contemporary American Tropics.  0813942667. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Rosales, Jesus.  Spanish Perspectives on Chicano Literature: Literary and Cultural Essays.  0814213421.  $64.95. NEW.
Rosemary Kegl.  Rhetoric of Concealment. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Rosenthal, Debra J.  Performatively Speaking: Speech and Action in Antebellum American Literature.  0813936977. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Rosowski, Susan J..  Cather Studies, Volume 3.  0803239203. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Rosowski, Susan, ed..  Cather Studies, Volume 1. Was $17.50, now $12.25. USED.
Ross, Charles.  Custom of the Castle: From Malory to Macbeth.  0520204301. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Roth, Philip.  Shop Talk: A Writer and His Colleagues and Their Work.  $5.00. USED.
Ruland, Richard (editor).  Twentieth Century Interpretations Of Walden. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Ryf, Robert S..  A New Approach to Joyce: Perspectives in Criticism 8. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Sacks, Sheldon.  Fiction and the Shape of Belief. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Sadana, Rashmi.  English Heart, Hindi Heartland. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Saggini, Francesca.  Backstage in the Novel: Frances Burney and the Theater Arts.  0813932548. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Salter, James.  The Art of Fiction.  0813939054. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Saxton, Ruth O.  The Girl: Constructions of the Girl in Contemporary Fiction by Women.  0312225784. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Schreiner, Samuel Agnew J.  The Concord Quartet: Alcott, Emerson, Hawthorne, Thoreau, and the Friendship That Fr.  0471646636. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Schuchard, Ronald.  Eliot's Dark Angel: Intersections of Life and Art. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Schweighauser, Philipp.  Beautiful Deceptions: European Aesthetics, the Early American Novel, and Illusionist.  0813939038. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Scott, Heidi C M.  Chaos and Cosmos: Literary Roots of Modern Ecology in the British Nineteenth Century.  0271063831. Was $51.96, now $36.37. NEW.
Shapiro, Joe.  The Illiberal Imagination: Class and the Rise of the U. S. Novel.  0813940516. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Shumaker, Wayne.  English Autobiography: Its Emergence, Materials, and Form. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Sloane, Thomas O..  Donne, Milton, and the End of Humanist Rhetoric. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Slonim, Marc.  The Epic of Russian Literature. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Smith, Courtney Weiss.  Empiricist Devotions: Science, Religion, and Poetry in Early Eighteenth-Century Engl.  0813938384. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Smock, Ann.  What Is There to Say?.  0803222386. Was $21.95, now $15.37. NEW.
Sobejano-Moran, Antonio.  Feminism in Multi-Cultural Literature.  0773487743.  $100.00. USED.
Speaight, Robert.  George Eliot. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Steadman, John M..  Hill and the Labyrinth: Discourse and Certitude in Milton and His Near-Contemporarie.  0520048776. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Stein, Rachel.  Shifting the Ground: American Women Writers' Revisions of Nature,. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Stenport, Ann Westerstahl.  Locating August Trindberg's Prose: Transnational Settings of Modernism: Modernism, T. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Stevens, Anne.  British Historical Fiction before Scott. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Stockton, Kathryn Bond.  God Between Their Lips: Desire Between Women in Irigaray, Bronte, and Eliot.  0804723125. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Sun, Emily.  Succeeding King Lear: Literature, Exposure, and the Possibility of Politics. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Tautz, Birgit.  Translating the World: Toward a New History of German Literature Around 1800.  $86.00. NEW.
Taylor, Jesse Oak.  The Sky of Our Manufacture: The London Fog in British Fiction from Dickens to Woolf.  0813937930. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Thaden, Barbara Z.  The Maternal Voice in Victorian Fiction: Rewriting the Patriarchal Family.  0815327773.  $80.00. USED.
Tilley, Arthur.  The Literature of the French Renaissance. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
Tondre, Michael.  The Physics of Possibility: Victorian Fiction, Science, and Gender.  0813941458. Was $41.00, now $28.70. NEW.
Turner, Steve.  Jack Kerouac: Angelheaded Hipster. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Tymoczko, Maria.  The Irish Ulysses.  0520080270. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Udall, Sharyn R.  Spud Johnson and Laughing Horse"". Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Van Vleck.  Memory & Re-Creation in Troubadour Lyric.  0520065212. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Veeder, William.  Henry James: The Lessons Of The Master.  0226852237. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Vickroy, Laurie.  Reading Trauma Narratives: The Contemporary Novel & the Psychology of Oppression.  0813937388. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Walker, John.  The Truth of Realism: A Reassessment of the German Novel 1830-1900.  $65.00. USED.
Walton, Priscilla L.  Detective Agency: Women Re-Writing the Hard-Boiled Tradition.  0520215079.  $85.00. USED.
Watts, Edward.  Colonizing the Past: Mythmaking and Pre-Columbian Whites in Nineteenth-Century Ameri.  0813943868.  $60.00. NEW.
Weinreich, Regina.  The Spontaneous Poetics of Jack Kerouac. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Weston, Ruth D..  Barry Hannah: Postmodern Romantic.  0807122904. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Wheelock, Stefan M.  Barbaric Culture and Black Critique: Black Antislavery Writers, Religion, and the Sl. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Wider, Sarah A.  Anna Tilden, Unitarian Culture and the Problem of Self-Representation.  0820319007. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Williams, Deborah Lindsay.  Not in Sisterhood: Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Zona Gale and the Politics of Female.  0312229216. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Williams, Jeffrey J.  Critics at Work: Interviews, 1993-2003. Was $17.00, now $11.90. USED.
Willis, Resa.  Mark and Livy: The Love Story of Mark Twain and the Woman Who Almost Tamed Him.  $5.00. USED.
Wilson, Jessica Hooten.  Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the Search for Influence.  0814213499.  $89.95. NEW.
Winkler, John J..  Auctor & Actor: A Narratological Reading of Apuleius's The Golden Ass.  0520076397. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Winters, David.  Conversations with Gordon Lish.  1496818164. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wollaeger, Mark A..  Joseph Conrad and the Fictions of Skepticism.  0804718334. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Wood, James Robert.  Anecdotes of Enlightenment: Human Nature from Locke to Wordsworth.  0813942209. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Woodhouse, A.S.P.  A Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton: Volume 2: The Minor English Poems. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Woolf, Leonard.  Beginning Again: An Autobiography of the Years 1911 to 1918. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Woolf, Virginia.  The Second Common Reader.  0156028166. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Yang, Sharon R.  Goddesses, Mages, and Wise Women: The Female Pastoral Guide in the Sixteenth and Sev. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

Find Literature  in the store under Literature.

A Book on the Table: 2018 $6 Story: Flash Fiction. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Beowulf (Liuzza trans. 2e). Was $11.25, now $7.88. FALLU.
POSTER - Barry Moser Print--Wreath (signed & numbered). Was $50.00, now $35.00. SIDE.
POSTER - Barry Moser Page from Alice.  drowning rat (2-colors, framed, mat stained).  $POSTERRAT. 100.00.
POSTER - Barry Moser Print--Tinman (signed, numbered, framed).  $200.00. SIDE.
POSTER - Barry Moser Print--Small Frog Face with Glasses. Was $50.00, now $35.00. SIDE.
POSTER - Barry Moser Print--Small Man Face with Monocle (signed). Was $50.00, now $35.00. SIDE.
Tripmaster Monkey. Was $12.75, now $8.93. SPRIU.
Notre-Dame of Paris. Was $10.50, now $7.35. SPRIU.
McSweeney's 16 (Quarterly Concern). Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
McSweeney's 15 (Quarterly Concern). Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
McSweeney's 7 (Quarterly Concern).  $100.00. USED.
McSweeney's 5 (Quarterly Concern). Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
McSweeney's 8 (Quarterly Concern). Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
McSweeney's 23. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
McSweeney's 12: Unpublished, Unknown and/or Unbelievable. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Neurotica 4: Enter Murderers.... Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
First Folio: A Little Book of Folio Forewords. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Robert Hass $4.00 Used Book (NO RETURN).  $4.00. USED.
Tender is the Night. Was $12.95, now $9.07. USED.
Adnan, Etel.  Sitt Marie Rose.  $5.00. USED.
Aerie, Catherine.  The Dance of the Spirits. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Aguilar, Grace.  Selected Writings: Grace Aguilar. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Aladjai, Erni.  Kei.  0983627363. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Alegr�a, Fernando.  Allende: A Novel.  0804719985.  $65.00. NEW.
Allen, Paula Gunn.  Off The Reservation: Reflections on Boundary-Busting, Border-Crossing Loose Canons. Was $24.00, now $16.80. NEW.
Amis, Matin.  Yellow Dog.  1401352030. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Andrews, David.  My Father's Day Gift.  1610881168. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Ashley, Michael.  Lost Mars: Stories from the Golden Age of the Red Planet. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Atkins, Raymond L.  Set List: A Novel.  0881466662. Was $23.00, now $16.10. USED.
Attaway, William.  Blood On The Forge. Was $14.00, now $9.80. USED.
Austen, Jane.  Pride and Prejudice (Kinsley/Stafford edition). Was $6.50, now $4.55. SUMMU.
Austen, Jane.  Persuasion.  $0.00. USED.
Baher, Robert.  Castrato.  $CLOTH. .
Balzac, Honore de.  Lost Illusions.  0375757902. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Barnes, Julian.  Nothing to Be Frightened Of.  0307269639. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Benardete, Jane, & Moe,.  Companions of Our Youth: Stories by Women for Young People's Magazines 1865-1900.  $5.00. USED.
Benedict, Helen.  The Edge of Eden.  1569476020.  $5.00. USED.
Berlin, Lucia.  So Long: Stories, 1987-1992.  0876858930. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Bernard, Christopher.  Meditations on Love and Catastrophe at the Liars' Cafe: A Novel.  1587905140. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Berry, Wendell.  The Wild Birds: Six Stories of Port William Membership. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Bierce, Ambrose.  Civil War Stories. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Bledsoe, Lucy Jane.  Lava Falls: Stories.  0299318508. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Bleed, Peter.  National Treasure.  0967579813. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Bo Yang.  Secrets: A Collection of Short Stories.  9620404130. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Brand, Marlais Olmstead.  The Hungry Coast: Fables from the North Shore of Minnesota.  0878398198. Was $13.00, now $9.10. USED.
Broder, Gloria Kurian; Broder,.  Remember This Time.  0937858234. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Brooks, Terry.  Armageddon's Children, Unabridged (read by Dick Hill) , 12-CD set.  1423322568. Was $9.95, now $6.97. CDR.
Brown, Mary W.  Tongues of Flame.  $75.00. USED.
Brown, William Hill.  The Power of Sympathy (The original two volumes contained in a new one volume editio. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Buckley, Christopher.  Little Green Men: A Novel. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Bukowski, Charles.  There's No Business (illustrations. by R. Crumb). Was $34.95, now $24.47. USED.
Bukowski, Charles.  Bring Me Your Love (illustrations by R. Crumb). Was $44.95, now $31.47. USED.
Burford, Barbara.  The Threshing Floor. Was $6.50, now $4.55. USED.
Burke, Paul.  Journey Home.  1413450547.  $5.00. NEW.
Butler, Octavia E..  Kindred.  0807083690. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Byatt, A. S..  Possession: A Romance.  $5.00. USED.
Cable, George W..  Dr. Sevier. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Callenbach, Ernest.  Publisher's Lunch: A Dialogue Concerning the Secrets of How Publishers Think & What.  $5.00. USED.
Calvino, Italo.  Invisible Cities. Was $11.25, now $7.88. FALLU.
Camus, Albert.  Lyrical and Critical.  0241912180. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Capote, Truman.  In Cold Blood. Was $12.00, now $8.40. ESL.
Carlson, Lori Marie.  The Sunday Tertulia. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Carroll, Lewis.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pennyroyal edition, Barry Moser Illustrations.  $99.95. NEW.
Carroll, Lewis.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass, Barry Moser Illustr.  $129.95. NEW.
Carroll, Lewis.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pennyroyal edition, Barry Moser Illustrations.  $89.95. NEW.
Carroll, Lewis.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Pennyroyal edition designed and illustrated by Bar. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Carver, Raymond.  Carnations: A Play in One Act.  $120.00. USED.
Cech, John.  A Rush of Dreamers: Being the Remarkable Story of Norton I, Emperor of the United St. Was $13.50, now $9.45. USED.
Cervantes, Miguel de.  The Trials of Persiles and Sigismunda.  0520063155. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Chapman, Mailie (Ed.).  Witness: The Magazine of Black Mountain Institute, vol. XXVIII no. 1: Trans / lation. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Charef, Mehdi.  Tea in the Harem.  $3.00. USED.
Chateaubriand.  Atala & Rene.  0520002237. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chernoff, Maxine.  A Boy in Winter.  0609605224. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Chessman, Harriet.  Lydia Cassatt Reading the Mo.  1583222723. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chino, Carlos.  California Shock, a Novel.  1463630646.  $5.00. NEW.
Chongnae, Cho.  The Human Jungle.  1634059107. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chopan, Jon.  Veterans Crisis Hotline. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Chung, Catherine.  Forgotten Country.  1594488088. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Chute, Carolyn.  The School on Heart's Content Road.  $3.00. USED.
Citro, Joseph A..  Lake Monsters.  1584651105.  $5.00. NEW.
Clare, Olivia.  Disasters in the First World.  0802126618. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Clark, Fred T..  On Cloud Mountain. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Clifford, Joe.  Wake the Undertaker.  1484138538.  $5.00. NEW.
Clifford, Joe.  Choice Cuts.  1480000922.  $5.00. NEW.
Clifford, Joe.  Junkie Love.  0615782957. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Colquhoun, Ithell.  I Saw Water: An Occult Novel and Selected Writings.  0271064234. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Conde, Maryse.  I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem.  0813927676. Was $19.50, now $13.65. NEW.
Conrad, Joseph.  Heart of Darkness and Other Tales. Was $6.75, now $4.73. FALLU.
Cook, Diane.  Man V. Nature: Stories.  $70.00. USED.
Cooper, J California.  Some Soul to Keep.  0312006845. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Courter, Justin.  Skunk: A Love Story. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Craven, Jackie.  Our Lives Became Unmanageable.  1632430274. Was $6.95, now $4.87. NEW.
Dalembert, Louis-Philippe.  The Other Side of the Sea.  0813936470. Was $22.50, now $15.75. NEW.
Damrosch, David.  The Longman Anthology of British Literature, Vol. 2A: The Romantics and Their Contem. Was $58.50, now $40.95. FALLU.
Dante Alighieri.  Inferno: A new Verse Translation with Introduction and Commentary by Allen Mandelbau.  05200217124. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Davidson, Sara.  Loose Change: Three Wom.  0520209109. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
de Gobineau, Arthur.  Mademoiselle Irnois & Other Stories (Smith, trans.).  0520059468. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
De Rojas, Fernando.  Celestina: (2007) A Fifteenth-Century Spanish Novel in Dialogue.  0520011775. Was $16.95, now $11.87. USED.
Debenham, Matt.  The Book of Right and Wrong.  0814251730. Was $15.96, now $11.17. NEW.
Defoe, Daniel.  Moll Flanders: The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders.  0140433139. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
DeLillo, Don.  Zero K.  1501138073. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
DeRobertis-Theye, Nicola.  The Vietri Project: A Novel.  0063017709. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
DeWitt, Helen.  Some Trick.  0811228932. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Dickens, Charles.  A Christmas Carol: A Facsimile Edition of the Autograph Manuscript.  0300058438. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Djaout, Tahar.  The Last Summer of Reason.  0803215916. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Doerr, Anthony.  All the Light We Cannot See. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne Volume 1. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne Volume IV. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne Volume IV. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne Volume V. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne, Vol III. Was $39.99, now $27.99. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne, Vol IV. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne, Vol. V. Was $39.99, now $27.99. USED.
Donne, John.  The Sermons of John Donne, Vol X. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Dorsey, Candas Jane.  A Paradigm of Earth. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Dracius, Suzanne.  Climb to the Sky. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Drury, Allen.  Advise and Consent: A Novel of Washington Politics. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Dryden, John.  Works of John Dryden: XVII: Prose 1668-1691.  0520018141. Was $50.00, now $35.00. NEW.
Dubus, Andre.  The Cross Country Runner: Collected Short Stories & Novellas, Volume 3.  1567926274. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Dubus, Andre III.  Collected Short Stories and Novellas Volume 1:We Don't Live Here Anymore.  1567926169. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Dubus, Andre III.  Collected Short Stories and Novellas Volume 2: The Winter Father.  1567926177. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Duenas, Maria.  The Heart Has Its Reasons: A Novel.  1451668333.  $5.00. NEW.
Earley, Tony.  Jim the Boy.  $5.00. USED.
Egan, Jennifer.  A Visit from the Goon Squad. Was $12.00, now $8.40. SPRIU.
Eggers, Paul.  The Departure Lounge.  0814251951. Was $23.96, now $16.77. NEW.
Eliot, George.  Middlemarch. Was $16.00, now $11.20. FALLU.
Eliot, George.  Adam Bede. Was $12.75, now $8.93. SPRIU.
Eslami, Elizabeth.  Hibernate.  0814251889. Was $19.96, now $13.97. NEW.
F. Marion Crawford.  A Roman Singer. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Farber, Thomas.  The Twoness of Oneness: Apologues, Ripostes & (Dis)Enchantments.  0982012500. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Farber, Thomas.  Learning to Love It: Seven Stories and a Novella.  0884963683.  $5.00. NEW.
Faulkner, William.  The Sound and the Fury. Was $11.25, now $7.88. SPRIU.
Faulkner, William.  New Orleans Sketches. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Fenkl, Heinz Insu.  Kori: The Beacon Anthology of Korean American Fiction.  0807059161. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Feraoun, Mouloud.  Land and Blood.  0813932211. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Feuchtwanger, Lion.  Josephus and the Emperor. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Fielding, Henry.  The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling.  0140436227. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Finnegan, Ruth.  Black Inked Pearl: A Girl's Quest.  1942146175. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Fitzgerald, F. Scott.  The Last Tycoon. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Flaubert, Gustave.  Madame Bovary. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Flaubert, Gustave.  Madame Bovary: (Movie Tie-In).  0143129112. Was $17.00, now $11.90. SPRIN.
Forester, C. S..  Ship of the Line.  $5.00. USED.
Freisenbruch, Annelise.  Rivals of the Republic, Bk. 1: The Blood of Rome.  1468312790. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Friedman, Paula.  The Rescuer's Path.  1935514881. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Fromer, Rebecca Camhi.  One Voice, Many Echoes: Selected Prose.  1587901307. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Galassi, Jonathan.  Muse: A Novel.  0385353340. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Galleria Regionale Della Sicil.  Bloodlines.  1567925855. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Garcia, Guy.  Skin Deep.  0520208366. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Garcia, Tristan.  Hate: A Romance.  0571251838. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Garrett, Jean.  An Evening Performance: New and Selected Stories.  $5.00. USED.
Georgiana Duchess of Devo.  Emma, Or, the Unfortunate Attachment.  0791461467. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Ghosh, Amitav.  River of Smoke: A Novel.  $5.00. USED.
Gimferrer, Pere.  Fortuny.  1567925502. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Gissing, George R..  The Odd Women.  1523897449. Was $18.99, now $13.29. NEW.
Glass, Julia.  The Whole World Over.  0375422749.  $5.00. NEW.
Goda, Dee.  Orchid Jetsam: A Detective Novel Series.  1931157006. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Goether, Johann Wolfgang.  Wilhelm Meister's Theatrical Calling.  $70.00. USED.
Goldberg, Myla.  Bee Season.  $4.00. USED.
Goodwin, Rufus.  Blue Guitar.  0944638597. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Gore, Kristin.  Sammy's House A Novel. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Groner, Gary.  Exiles.  $5.00. USED.
Grudin, Robert.  Book: A Novel.  $5.00. USED.
Guareschi, Giovanni.  Don Camillo Takes the Devil by the Tail. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Guerard, Albert J.  The Hotel in the Jungle. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Guggenheim, Mary.  Love in the Minimalist Mode. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Hallman, J.C..  The Hospital for Bad Poets.  $5.00. USED.
Harris, Dale.  Home Fires Burning. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Harrison, Jim.  The Ancient Minstrel.  0802126340. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Henry, Dewitt.  Sorrow's Company: Writers on Loss and Grief.  0807062367. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Henry, DeWitt, ed..  Breakiing into Print: Early Stories and Insights into Getting Published; A Ploughsha.  0807062359. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Hill, Ernest.  Life for a Life: A Novel.  $5.00. USED.
Hoby, Hermione.  Neon in Daylight. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Hofmann, Gert.  The Parable of the Blind.  1567925634. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Holladay, Cary.  The Deer in the Mirror.  0814251862. Was $19.96, now $13.97. NEW.
Holmes, Mary J..  The English Orphans. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Hornby,Nick.  Juliet, Naked. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Hough, Sheridan.  Mirror's Fathom: A Novel.  0881464015. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Houston, James D..  Snow Mountain Passage.  $5.00. USED.
Huang, Yang.  Living Treasures.  0989596052. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Huang, Yang.  My Old Faithful: Stories.  1625343361. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Hwang Sun-won.  Shadows of A Sound.  $5.00. USED.
Inoue, Yasushi.  Lou-Lan and Other Stories.  0870114727.  $3.95. USED.
Irvine, Leigh H..  The Affair in the South Seas. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Jahna, Ric.  True Kin.  0814251676. Was $19.96, now $13.97. NEW.
James, Henry.  A Small Boy and Others.  0813930820. Was $27.50, now $19.25. NEW.
James, Henry.  The Turn of the Screw and Other Stories.  0199536171. Was $6.95, now $4.87. SPRIN.
James, M R.  Four Ghost Stories: 'Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad'; an Episode of Cathe.  0271078553. Was $9.95, now $6.97. NEW.
Johnson, Samuel; Brady, Frank,.  Samuel Johnson: Selected Poetry and Prose.  0520029291. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Joyce, James.  Ulysses, The Gabler Edition. Was $16.50, now $11.55. FALLU.
Julavits, Heidi.  The Uses of Enchantment.  0385513232. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Kafka, Franz.  The Metamorphosis and Other Stories. Was $10.50, now $7.35. SPRIU.
Kahn, Alice.  Multiple Sarcasm.  0898151481. Was $7.95, now $5.57. NEW.
Karon, Jan.  A Light in the Window.  $5.00. USED.
Kerouac, Jack.  Big Sur.  0140168125. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Kerouac, Jan.  Trainsong. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Kincaid, Jamaica.  Annie John. Was $9.75, now $6.83. FALLU.
Kingsolver, Barbara.  High Tide in Tucson: Essays from Now or Never. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kinsella, William.  A Cross Estate.  1424166888. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kitamura, Katie.  A Separation. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kleist, Heinrich von.  Marquise of O & Other Stories. Was $12.75, now $8.93. SPRIU.
Klimasewiski, Marshall N..  Tyrants.  $5.00. USED.
Koul, Sudha.  The Tiger Ladies: A Memoir of Kashmir.  0807059188. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Kraus, Chris.  I Love Dick.  1584350342. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Kurten, Bjorn.  Dance of the Tiger.  $3.00. USED.
Kwan, Kevin.  China Rich Girlfriend.  0804172064. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Lahiri, Jhumpa.  Namesake. Was $12.00, now $8.40. FALLU.
Lalami, Laila.  The Moor's Account. Was $12.00, now $8.40. FALLU.
Le Guin, Ursula.  Dispossessed. Was $15.99, now $11.19. SPRIN.
Lee, Marie Myung-Ok.  Somebody's Daughter.  0807083895. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Leggett, John.  Crow Island A Novel. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
LeVesque, Daniel.  Hairdresser on Fire: A Novel.  1933149736. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Lewis, Jeffrey.  Conference of the Birds: A Novel. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Lian, Gouw.  Only A Girl.  0983627371. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Lianke, Yan.  The Day the Sun Died. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Limburg, Joanne.  A Want of Kindness: A Novel.  1681772590. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Long, David.  The Daughters of Simon Lamoreaux.  $3.00. USED.
Lovecraft, H P.  The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories.  0143106481. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Mackey, Mary.  The Village of Bones: Sabalah's Tale.  1530804574. Was $11.99, now $8.39. NEW.
Malone, Michael.  The Delectable Mountains: Or, Entertaining Strangers.  1402200064.  $5.00. USED.
Malone, Michael.  Dingley Falls.  1402200072.  $5.00. USED.
Manley, M J.  The Tides of Time.  0533163447. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Mann, Thomas.  Royal Highness.  0520076737. Was $26.00, now $18.20. USED.
Mann, Thomas.  Royal Highness.  0520076745. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Mann, Thomas.  Royal Highness. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Mao, Dun.  Rainbow. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Margolis, Janice.  Termination Shocks.  1625344201. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Markandaya, Kamala.  Nectar in a Sieve.  $5.00. USED.
Marryat, Captain.  Masterman Ready or the Wreck of the Pacific.  $100.00. USED.
Maupin, Armistead.  The Night Listener.  $5.00. USED.
McClymer, John F..  The Triangle Strike and Fire. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
McCoy, Stephanie.  Sweet As Cane.  0976236273. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
McCullough, Colleen.  The Ladies of Missalonghi.  $5.00. USED.
McDonald, Roger.  Mr. Darwin's Shooter.  $5.00. USED.
McEwan, Ian.  Atonement. Was $12.00, now $8.40. SPRIU.
McSweeney's.  McSweeney's 11 (Quarterly Concern). Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Meeropol, Ellen.  Kinship of Clover.  1597093815. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Mehta, Ved.  Three Stories of the Raj.  0859677222. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Mengestu, Dinaw.  All Our Names. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Menton, Seymour.  Spanish American Short Story: A Critical Anthology. Was $13.95, now $9.77. USED.
Meschery, Joanne.  Home and Away.  0520213424. Was $12.95, now $9.07. USED.
Michael Alexander.  The Earliest English Poems: Translated with Annotations.  0520015045. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Mihardja, Achdiat K..  Atheis. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Modiano, Patrick.  Missing Person.  1567922813. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Modiano, Patrick.  Honeymoon.  1567925383. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Moggach, Deborah.  In the Dark.  1468310925. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Mohr, Joshua.  Damascus.  0982684894. Was $13.00, now $9.10. USED.
Moore, George.  A Mummer's Wife. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Morgenstern, Christian.  Christian Morgenstern's Galgenlieder.  $100.00. USED.
Morrill, Donald.  Impetuous Sleeper.  0922811784. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Morrison, Rusty.  ParaSpheres: Extending Beyond the Spheres of Literary and Genre Fiction: Fabulist a.  1890650188. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Morrison, Toni.  Beloved. Was $12.00, now $8.40. SPRIU.
Moser, Barry.  POSTER - Barry Moser Print--Mad Hatter (signed).  $175.00. SIDE.
Myles, Eileen.  Cool for You: A Novel.  1619029170. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Nabokov, Vladimir.  Lolita. Was $12.00, now $8.40. FALLU.
Ng, Celeste.  Little Fires Everywhere.  0735224315. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Nicolson, Juliet.  Abdication.  1451664796. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Nixon, Cornelia.  Jarrettsville.  $5.00. USED.
Norris, Keenan.  Brother and the Dancer. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Norris, Keenan.  Brother and the Dancer.  1597142441. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Noyes, Anna.  Goodnight, Beautiful Women.  0802126790. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
O'Brien, Tim.  The Things They Carried. Was $12.00, now $8.40. ATDP.
O'Connor, Flannery.  Wise Blood. Was $11.25, now $7.88. SPRIU.
Orloff, Alvin.  I Married an Earthling: A Novel.  0916397645.  $5.00. USED.
Orloff, Alvin.  Gutterboys: A Novel.  0916397939.  $5.00. USED.
Ozick, Cynthia.  The Puttermesser.  $5.00. USED.
Page, Gerald W..  Nameless Places. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Pamuk, Orhan.  Snow. Was $12.00, now $8.40. SPRIU.
Park, Patricia.  Re Jane: A Novel. Was $12.00, now $8.40. FALLU.
Parker, T Jefferson.  Laguna Heat.  0312464347. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Pashman, Susan.  Upper West Side Story.  1941861032. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Paternoster, G. Sidney.  The Motor Pirate. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Patterson, William Alexander.  The City Is served Bartholomew! to the American Prison!: Selected Novellas and Stori.  8090460100. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Paul Harding.  Tinkers.  $3.00. NEW.
Pendarvis, Jack.  Your Body Is Changing.  $4.00. USED.
Perec, Georges.  Three by Perec.  1567922546. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Perec, Georges.  Thoughts of Sorts.  1567923623. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Perec, Georges.  I Remember.  1567925170. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Perec, Georges.  53 Days": A Novel".  1567925456. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Peters, Fritz.  Finistere.  $5.00. USED.
Picouly, Daniel.  The Leopard Boy.  0813937906. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Plascencia, Salvador.  People of Paper. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Poe, Edgar Allan.  The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Was $16.00, now $11.20. USED.
Ponge, Francis.  The Power of Language. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Potocki, Count Jan.  The New Decameron: Further Tales from the Saragossa Manuscript. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Powell, Anthony.  Hearing Secret Harmonies. Was $9.50, now $6.65. USED.
Power, Suzanne.  The Lost Souls' Reunion.  0312313837. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Prevost, Abbe.  The Greek Girls Story: Abbe Prevost, Translated and with an Introduction by Alan J..  0271063912. Was $55.96, now $39.17. NEW.
Prose, Francine.  Blue Angel.  $5.00. USED.
Proust, Marcel.  Guermantes Way.  0143039229. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Purdy, James.  Jeremy's Version.  $4.00. USED.
Rabelais, F. (Frame, ed)(.  Complete Works of Francois Rabelais.  0520064011. Was $47.00, now $32.90. USED.
Rahman, Zia Haider.  In the Light of What We Know.  0374175624. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Raskin, M. Dylan.  Bandanas & October Supplies.  $4.00. USED.
Rawiri, Angele.  The Fury and Cries of Women.  0813936039. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Reed, Ishmael.  The Terrible Twos.  $5.00. USED.
Reed, Paul.  Longing.  0890875405. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Reeves, Bruce Douglas.  Delphine: A Novella.  1933896906. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Renard, Jules.  Poil de Carotte.  1567925235. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Rhodes, Eugene Manlove.  The Rhodes Reader: Stories of Virgins, Villains, and Varmints. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Rich Shapero.  Arms From the Sea.  $3.00. NEW.
Robbe-Grillet, Alain.  La Belle Captive.  0520207076.  $5.00. USED.
Roberts, John Maddox.  The Catiline Conspiracy (SPQR II).  0312277067. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Robinson, Marilynne.  Housekeeping. Was $12.00, now $8.40. SPRIU.
Roja, Alba.  Darlingtonia.  0939306131. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Rooney, Sally.  Normal People.  1984822179. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Rosner, Elizabeth.  Survivor Cafe: Genocide and the Labyrinth of Memory.  1619029545. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Rosner, Elizabeth.  Electric City.  1619023466. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Ross, Ian James.  Battle for Rome: Twilight of Empire: Book Three.  1468311239. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Rostov, Mara.  Night Hunt. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Roux, Marius.  The Substance and the Shadow.  0271032057. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Roy, Anuradha.  All the Lives We Never Lived: A Novel.  1982100516. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Ruark, Robert C..  Grenadine Etching: Her Life and Loves. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sabato, Ernesto.  Of Heroes and Tombs.  1567925960. Was $20.95, now $14.67. NEW.
Sand, George.  La Petite Fadette.  0271079371. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Sand, George.  The Devil's Pool. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Sara, Adina.  Blind Shady Blend: A Novel.  1587903288. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Saroyan, William.  He Flies Through the Air with the Greatest of Ease: A William Saroyan Reader.  1597140902. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Sarris, Greg.  How a Mountain Was Made: Stories.  1597144738. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Schultz, Philip.  My Dyslexia.  0393343421. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Scott, Sir Walter.  Waverley. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Seager, Allan.  A Frieze of Girls: Memoirs As Fiction. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Seager, Allan.  Death Of Anger: A novel.  $80.00. USED.
Seethaler, Robert.  The Tobacconist.  1487002513. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Sellassie, Sahle.  Shinega's Village: Scenes of Ethopian Life. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Selvon, Sam.  Moses Migrating.  0894108727. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerso.  A Kind of Freedom.  1619029227. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Shammas, Anton.  Arabesques: A Novel.  0520228324. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Shange, Ntozake.  If I Can Cook, You Know God Can.  0807072400. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Shange, Ntozake.  The Beacon Best of 1999: Creative Writing by Women and Men of All Colors (Beacon Ant.  0807062200. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Shapero, Rich.  Arms from the Sea.  0971880174.  $5.00. USED.
Shapiro, B A.  The Muralist: A Novel.  1616206438. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Shelley, Mary.  The New Annotated Frankenstein.  0871409496. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Shrayer-Petrov, David.  Doctor Levitin.  0814345735. Was $26.99, now $18.89. NEW.
Sidebottom, Harry.  Blood and Steel: Throne of the Caesars: Book II.  1468312502. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Silverstein, Clara.  Secrets in a House Divided: A Novel of Civil War Richmond.  0881466697. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Silvis, Randall.  In a Town Called Mundomuerto.  1890650196. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Simmons, Diane.  Little America.  0814251781. Was $19.96, now $13.97. NEW.
Smallwood, Carol.  Lily's Odyssey.  0984098453. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Steinhauer, Harry, trans & ed.  German Stories/Deutsche Erzahlungen: A Bilingual Anthology.  $60.00. USED.
Stendhal.  The Red and the Black (Raffel translaton).  0812972074. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Stendhal.  The Red and the Black.  0140447644.  $5.00. USED.
Stephens, Judith.  Rancho Armadillo. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Sterne, Laurence.  Sentimental Journey Through France And Italy By Mr Yorick. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Stockett, Kathryn.  The Help.  0425232204. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Streeter, Edward.  As You Were, Bill!.  $5.00. USED.
Sudbanthad, Pitchaya.  Bangkok Wakes to Rain: A Novel.  0525534768. Was $27.00, now $18.90. NEW.
Sunday, Kurtis.  Hayti.  0995760144. Was $17.99, now $12.59. NEW.
Svevo, Italo.  Further Confessions of Zeno (translated by Johnson and Furbank). Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Sylado, Remy.  My Name Is Mata Hari.  0983627304. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Szarke, Connie Claire.  Stone Wall.  1937693155.  $5.00. NEW.
Tadjo, Veronique.  Far from My Father.  0813935636. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Tervalon, Jervey.  Understand This.  0520223551. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Thackeray, William.  Thackeray's Works Complete in 24 Volumes: 1869.  $275.00. USED.
Tohari, Ahmad.  The Red Bekisar.  0983627320. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Toomer, Jean.  Cane (2019 edition).  0143133675. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Tower, Wells.  Retreat: Two Brothers, One Story, Two Versions. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Trollope, Anthony.  The Palliser Novels--Six volumes in slipcase.  0192811495.  $60.00. USED.
Trouillot, Evelyne.  Memory at Bay.  0813938090. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Turgenev.  A Nobleman's Nest.  $5.00. USED.
Udall, Brady.  Letting Loose the Hounds.  $5.00. USED.
Upfield, Arthur.  A Royal Abduction.  $115.00. USED.
Van Arsdale, Sarah.  Grand Isle.  1438442408. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Vargas Llosa, Mario.  The Time of the Hero. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Von Herzen, Lane.  Copper Crown.  0688106889.  $5.00. NEW.
Waldman, Ayelet.  Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.  0385515308. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Walls, Jeanette.  Glass Castle. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Warren & Brady.  Tittlebat Titmouse. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wharton, Edith.  Summer. Was $9.95, now $6.97. USED.
Whitehead, Colson.  Zone One. Was $12.00, now $8.40. SPRIU.
Wilcock, Juan Rodolfo.  The Temple of Iconoclasts.  1567925308. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
William Dean Howells.  Rise of Silas Lapham. Was $13.50, now $9.45. SPRIU.
William Langland.  Piers Plowman: The A Version (Revised).  0520062299.  $90.00. NEW.
Wilson, Harry Leon.  Merton of the Movies.  1890771961. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Wolf, Mary.  Winter Tales.  1494266288.  $5.00. NEW.
Woolf, Virginia.  The Virginia Woolf Reader.  0156935902. Was $21.95, now $15.37. NEW.
Wouk, Herman.  The Caine Mutiny. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Wyss, Geoff.  How.  0814251838. Was $19.96, now $13.97. NEW.
Yan, Lianke.  The Years, Months, Days.  0802126650. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Zhai, Mingjie.  The Love Story Journal, Vol. I: The Art of Transformation.  0997957255. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Zimmerman, Marc.  Lines on the Border.  1545439737. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Zimmerman, Marc.  Italian Daze.  1976242576. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Zouari, Fawzia.  I Die by This Country.  0813940230. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.

Find Literary Non-fiction & Memoir  in the store under Literature; for historical figures, often under the relevant continent.

Abbot Jr, James C.  The Burdens of Aeneas: A Son's Memoir of Duty and Love.  0881466573. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Accawi, Anwar.  The Boy from the Tower of the Moon.  0807070084. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Andreas-Salome, Lou.  Looking Back: Memoirs. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Bagdikian, Lydia.  The Memoir of Lydia Bagdikian: A Childhood in Two Countries. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Bahrampour, Tara.  To See and See Again: A Life in Iran and America.  0520223543. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Barrett, William.  The Truants.  0385173288. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bellah, Melanie.  Abby and Her Sisters.  1587611171.  $5.00. USED.
Bermant, Chaim.  Diary of an Old Man.  $5.00. USED.
Berry, Wendell.  The Gift of Good Land. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Blackmarr, Amy.  House of Steps: Adventures of a Southerner Removed in Kansas.  0670882372. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Brenner, Marie.  A Private War.  1501183869. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Brown, Kimberly J.  The I-35W Bridge Collapse: A Survivor's Account of America's Crumbling Infrastructur.  1612349773. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Brown, Rachel Manija.  All the Fishes Come Home to Roost: An American Misfit in India.  1594861390. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Brox, Jane.  Five Thousand Days Like This One: An American Family History.  0807021067. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Brox, Jane.  Here and Nowhere Else: Late Seasons of a Farm and Its Family.  0807062006. Was $13.60, now $9.52. USED.
Burden, Wendy.  Dead End Gene Pool: A Memoir.  1592405266.  $5.00. USED.
Burke, Kenneth.  Towards a Better Life. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Burnett, Carol.  Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story.  1476706417.  $5.00. NEW.
Burroughs, William S.  Everything Lost: The Latin American Notebook of William S. Burroughs.  0814210805.  $103.96. NEW.
Calcari Campbell, Meaghan.  Agony and Absurdity: Adventures in Cancerland: An Anthology.  1537095455. Was $15.99, now $11.19. NEW.
Calcari Campbell, Meaghan.  Shivering in a Paper Gown: Breast Cancer and Its Aftermath: an Anthology.  0692523561. Was $13.99, now $9.79. NEW.
Campbell-Danesh, Aria.  A Mindful Year: 365 Ways to Find Connection and the Sacred in Everyday Life.  1982501839. Was $26.99, now $18.89. NEW.
Canada, Geoffrey.  Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America.  0807004227. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Cappello, Mary.  Night Bloom: A Memoir.  0807072168. Was $27.00, now $18.90. USED.
Carter, Graydon.  Vanity Fair's Proust Questionnaire: 101 Luminaries Ponder Love, Death, Happiness, an. Was $9.00, now $6.30. NEW.
Church, Peggy Pond.  The House at Otowi Bridge: The Story of Edith Warner at Los Alamos.  $5.00. USED.
Coates, Ta-Nehisi.  Between the World and Me.  0812993543. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Cocteau, Jean.  Opium: The Diary of a Cure. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Cortazar, Julio.  Literature Class, Berkeley 1980. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Dashti, Sayeh.  You Belong.  1524505056. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
de Botton, Alain.  How Proust Can Change Your LIfe.  $5.00. USED.
Delgado, Aidan.  The Sutras of Abu Ghraib: Notes from a Concientious Objector in Iraq.  0807072702. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Dempster, Brian Komei (ed.  Making Home from War: Stories of Japanese American Exile and Resettlement. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Dillard, Annie.  For the Time Being.  0375403809. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Doty, Mark, et al..  Here Lies My Heart: Essays on Why We Marry, Why We Don't, and What We Find There.  0807062170. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Edelman, Marian Wright.  The Measure of Our Success: A Letter to My Children and Yours.  0807031062. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Fabrizius, Peter.  One and One Make Three: The Story of a Friendship.  0917883039. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Field, Isobel.  This Life I've Loved: An Autobiography.  0944220185.  $5.00. NEW.
Fisher, M.F.K..  Long Ago in France.  $5.00. USED.
Frank, Russell.  Among the Woo People: A Survival Guide for Living in a College Town.  0271079711. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Frazier, Tom.  Between the Lines: The Story of a German Boy Raised in Nazi Times Who Returns to His.  1587900084. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Gallaher, Samme.  Sisters: Coming of Age and Living Dangerously in the Wild Copper River Valley.  0974501425.  $5.00. NEW.
Galloway, Terry.  Mean Little Deaf Queer: A Memoir.  0807072907. Was $22.00, now $15.40. NEW.
Galsworthy, John.  Three Novels of Love. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Gordon, Karen.  The Ravenous Muse: A Table of Dark and Comic Contents, a Bacchanal of Books.  $4.00. USED.
Gordon, Mary.  Circling My Mother: A Memoir.  0375424563.  $5.00. USED.
Gracie, Archibald.  The Truth About the Titanic. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Heinlein, Robert A.  The Pursuit of the Pankera: A Parallel Novel about Parallel Universes.  1647100011. Was $29.99, now $20.99. NEW.
Hejmadi, Padma.  Room to Fly: A Transcultural Memoir.  0520215060. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Henry, DeWitt, ed..  Fathering Daughters: Reflections by Men.  0807062189. Was $24.00, now $16.80. NEW.
Hershman, Marcie.  Speak to Me: Grief, Love and What Endures.  0807028142. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Hinchman, Hannah.  A Trail Through Leaves: The Journal as a Path to Place.  $5.00. USED.
Hoagland, Edward.  Notes from the Century Before: A Journal from British Columbia.  0871564130. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Holroyd, Michael.  Basil Street Blues: A Memoir.  $5.00. USED.
Howell, Joseph.  Civil Rights Journey: The Story of a White Southerner Coming of Age during the Civil.  1456762087.  $5.00. NEW.
Hyman, Erin, ed..  The Day My Nipple Fell off and Other Stories of Survival, Solidarity, and Sass: A BA.  1484934024. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Jager, Ronald.  Last House On The Road: Excursions Into A Rural Past.  0807070629. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Janmohamed, Shelina.  Love in a Headscarf.  0807000809. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Jenkins, Edith.  Against a Field Sinister: Memoirs and Stories.  $3.00. USED.
Jennings, Kevin.  Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir.  0807071463. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Jennings, Kevin.  Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir of Growing Up, Coming Out, and Changing America.  0807071471. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Jeremijenko, Valerie, ed..  How We Live Our Yoga: Teachers and Practitioners on How Yuga Enriches, Surprises, an.  0807062952. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
John Ruskin.  Sesame and Lilies. Was $11.00, now $7.70. USED.
Junker, Howard.  AutoBioDiversity: True Stories from ZYZZYVA.  1597140074.  $5.00. NEW.
Kaufman, Alan.  Drunken Angel.  1936740028. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Kerouac, Joan H..  Nobody's Wife.  $5.00. USED.
Klaus, Carl H..  Taking Retirement: A Beginner's Diary.  0807072184. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Kumin, Maxine.  Inside the Halo and Beyond: The Anatomy of a Recovery.  0393322610. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Lamott, Anne.  Almost Everything: Notes on Hope.  0525537449. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Land, Stephanie.  Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive.  0316505110. Was $27.00, now $18.90. NEW.
Layachi, Larbi.  The Jealous Lover.  0939180308.  $5.00. USED.
Lindgren, Astrid.  War Diaries, 1939-1945.  0300234562. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Little, Geraldine C.  Out of Darkness: Is Recognition of Value?. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Logan, Ben.  The Land Remembers.  1559717181. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Lorde, Audre.  Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches.  1580911862. Was $16.99, now $11.89. NEW.
Lowell, James Russell.  The Works of James Russell Lowell, Volume I.  $5.00. USED.
Lowell, James Russell.  The Works of James Russell Lowell, Volume II.  $5.00. USED.
Lowell, James Russell.  The Works of James Russell Lowell, Volume III. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Lowell, James Russell.  The Works of James Russell Lowell, Volume IV.  $5.00. USED.
Mackall, Joe.  Plain Secrets: An Outsider among the Amish.  0807010650. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Mackall, Joe.  Plain Secrets: An Outsider among the Amish.  0807010642. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Maharidge, Dale.  Someplace Like America: Tales from the New Great Depression.  0520262476. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Maier, Mary Anne, ed..  The Leap Years: Women Reflect on Change, Loss, and Love.  0807065153. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Mairs, Nancy.  A Troubled Guest: Life and Death Stories.  0807062480. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Marlantes, Karl.  What It Is Like to Go to War.  0802145922. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
McCourt, Frank.  'Tis: A Memoir. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Mellen, Joe.  Bore Hole.  1907222391. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Meyers, Odette.  Doors to Madame Marie.  $5.00. USED.
Moran, Martin.  The Tricky Part: One Boy's Fall from Trespass into Grace.  0807072621. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Morley, Christopher.  Parnassus on Wheels. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Moskowitz, Faye, ed..  Her Face in the Mirror: Jewish Women on Mothers and Daughters.  0807036145. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Naipaul, Shiva.  Beyond the Dragon's Mouth: Stories and Pieces.  0670803928.  $5.00. USED.
Newton, Esther.  My Butch Career: A Memoir.  1478001291. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Olsson, Karen.  The Weil Conjectures: On Math and the Pursuit of the Unknown.  0374287619. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Osiro, Washington M.  Wuodha: My Journey from Kenya to These United States.  1460200217.  $5.00. NEW.
Osiro, Washington M.  Wuodha: My Journey from Kenya to These United States.  1460214471.  $5.00. NEW.
Parkman, Francis.  The Oregon Trail.  $5.00. USED.
Pitt, Leonard.  My Brain on Fire: Paris and Other Obessions.  1593766343. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Power, Samantha.  The Education of an Idealist: A Memoir.  0062820699. Was $29.99, now $20.99. NEW.
Rhodes, Eugene Manlove.  A Bar Cross Man: The Life & Personal Writings of Eugene Manlove Rhodes. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Roberts, Harry.  Walking in Beauty: Growing up with the Yurok Indians.  0966416546. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Romains, Jules.  Amities et rencontres. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sanders, Scott Russell.  Hunting for Hope: A Father's Journeys. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Sauceman, Jill.  Chased by the Wolf: A Life with Lupus and the Kidney Transplant That Saved It.  0881466719. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Scheer, Robert.  Thinking Tuna Fish, Talking Death. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Schiff, Stacy.  Vera: Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov.  $5.00. USED.
Schreiber, Larry.  A Life Well Worn: A Collection of Personal Stories.  0692699813. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Schueler, Donald G..  The Temple of the Jaguar: Travels in the Yucatan.  0871566516. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Schultheis, Ingrid.  A Grandmother Remembers. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Schweitzer, Albert.  Out of My Life and Thought.  $4.00. USED.
Schwerin, Doris.  Cat and I.  0060162740. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Seedorf, Rita.  One Room Out West: The Story of the Jore School and Its Students.  $5.00. USED.
Shahani, Aarti Namdev.  Here We Are: American Dreams, American Nightmares.  1250204755. Was $15.99, now $11.19. USED.
Shapton, Leanne.  Swimming Studies.  0399174842. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Shepherd, Steven L., ed..  Our Fathers: Reflections by Sons.  0807062464. Was $24.00, now $16.80. NEW.
Shore, Emily.  Journal of Emily Shore. Was $17.00, now $11.90. USED.
Shreve, Susan Richards.  Tales Out of School: Contemporary Writers on Their Student Years.  0807042161. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Shreve, Susan Richards, ed..  How We Want to Live: Seventeen Distinguished Writers on the Meaning of Progress.  0807045101. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Speedy, Jane.  Staring at a Park: A Poetic Autoethnographic Inquiry.  1629581224. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Stepto, Robert B..  Blue As the Lake: A Personal Geography. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Tarpley, Natasha.  Girl in the Mirror : Three Generations of Black Women in Motion.  0807072028.  $60.00. NEW.
Tauber, Alfred I.  Henry David Thoreau and the Moral Agency of Knowing. Was $12.50, now $8.75. USED.
Tinley, Scott.  Things to Be Survived: Tales of Resolution and Resurrection. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Toibin, Colm.  Bad Blood: A Walk Along the Irish Border.  $5.00. USED.
Toth, Emily, ed..  Kate Chopin's Private Papers.  0253331129. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Werner, Matt.  Papers for the Suppression of Reality.  0982689802. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Whitney, Joel.  Finks: How the C. I. A. Tricked the World's Best Writers.  1944869522. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Whitt, Jan.  Rain on a Strange Roof: A Southern Literary Memoir.  0761858296. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Woolf, Leonard.  Growing: An Autobiography of the Years 1904 to 1911. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

Find Mysteries  in the store under Literature.

Berney, Lou.  Gutshot Straight.  0061766046. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Breen, Jon L.  Murder California Style: The Southern California Chapter of the Mystery Writers of A.  0312006209. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Conan Doyle, Arthur.  The Complete Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: A Facsimile of the Original.  7527478. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Cox, Michelle.  A Girl Like You: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel.  1631520164. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Dunlap, Susan.  High Fall.  0385310242. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Goodenough, Simon.  A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Murder Dossier. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Haynes, Dana.  St. Nicholas Salvage and Wrecking.  1538507692.  $5.00. NEW.
Howard, Catherine Ryan.  Rewind.  1538519704.  $5.00. NEW.
La Plante, Lynda.  Wrongful Death.  0062355937.  $5.00. USED.
Matsumoto, Seicho.  Inspector Imanishi Investigates.  0939149281. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Matsumoto, Seicho.  Points and Lines. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Mcdonald, Gregory.  Fletch.  1538541920.  $5.00. NEW.
McSorley, Julie.  Out of the Box: The Highs and Lows of a Champion Smuggler.  1938901320. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Mourier, Pierre-Francois.  The Spore.  0976150999. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Parsley, Allen.  Doc Be Nimble. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Ray, Robert J.  Dial M" for Murdock".  0312021941. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Ray, Robert J.  Bloody Murdock: A Matt Murdock Mystery.  0312085109. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Schwartz, Stephen Jay.  Boulevard.  0765322943. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Symons, A.J.A..  The Quest for Corvo. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Temple, Peter.  Shooting Star.  1921351381.  $3.00. USED.
Van Gulik, Robert H.  Dee Goong An: Three Murder Cases Solved by Judge Dee.  0405078757. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Wren, Richard L.  Joshua's Revenge.  0578137496. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

Find Poetry  in the store under Poetry; sometimes Literature.

A. J. Carlyle.  The Poetical Works of George Crabbe. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Abdurraqib, Hanif.  A Fortune for Your Disaster.  1947793438. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Ahmed, Zubair.  City of Rivers.  $5.00. USED.
Albon, George.  Brief Capital of Disturbances.  1890650137. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Alessendrelli, Jeff.  This Last Time Will Be the First.  0989561127. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Anson, John.  Time Pieces. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Antrim, Donald.  Another Manhattan. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Apollinaire, Guillaume.  Alcools. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Aragon, Louis.  Le Creve-coeur. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Arguelles, Ivan.  Fiat Lux.  1938521153. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Arguelles, Ivan.  Twilight Cantos.  1938521552. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Arguelles, Ivan.  The Rudiments of Poetry: New Poems 2017-2018.  1944697985. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Arigo, Christopher.  In the Archives.  1890650315. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Armantrout, Rae.  Next Life. Was $39.95, now $27.97. USED.
Arnold, Craig.  Made Flesh.  $5.00. USED.
Ary dos Santos, Jose.  The Doors That April Opened.  $5.00. USED.
Atkins, Tim.  Horace.  1882022637. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Auden, W.H..  Double Man.  $70.00. USED.
Auden, W.H..  The Orators: An English Study. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Auden, W.H..  Dance Of Death. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Auden, W.H..  Collected Shorter Poems: 1927-1957. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Auden, W.H.; Isherwood, Christ.  The Dog Beneath The Skin. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Back, Rachel.  A Messenger Comes.  0935162488.  $5.00. USED.
Baltasar, Eva.  Laia.  8466409661. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Banerjee, Rita.  Cracklers at Night.  $5.00. NEW.
Baptista, Josely Vianna.  On the Shining Screen of the Eyelids. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Barnes, R. G..  Complete Poems of R. G. Barnes.  $145.00. USED.
Barnstone, Willis.  Moonbook and Sunbook. Was $9.50, now $6.65. USED.
Baron, Todd.  Return of the World.  0929022025.  $5.00. NEW.
Barrett, Virginia.  I Just Wear My Wings: Collected Poems of an Aspiring Mystic.  0982467370. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Barrows, Anne.  Our Charlotte. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Baudelaire, Charles.  One Hundred Poems from Les Fleurs du Mal. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Beckman, Joshua.  Shake.  $5.00. USED.
Beratlis, Stella.  Alkali Sink.  $5.00. NEW.
Berger, Maxianne.  Winnows: Haiku and Senryu Plundered" from Herman Melville's Moby Dick.  $0920489486. 10.00.
Bern, Alan.  Greater Distance: And Other Poems.  0692475923. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Bern, Alan.  Waterwalking in Berkeley.  1564744647. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Berry, Valerie.  Difficult News. Was $6.50, now $4.55. USED.
Bhikkhuni, Dhammananda.  Everything Begins Here ...InOur Hearts. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Bidart, Frank.  Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016.  0374125953. Was $40.00, now $28.00. NEW.
Bierce, Ambrose.  The Best of the Devil's Dictionary.  1613644558. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Black, Noel.  La Goon.  $5.00. USED.
Blaustein, Noah.  Flirt. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Borsuk, Amaranth.  Handiwork.  $5.00. USED.
Bradshaw, Kristin P.  Apologies. Was $12.50, now $8.75. USED.
Briccetti, Lee Ellen.  Day Mark. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Broughton, James.  Tidings. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Brown, Lee Ann.  In the Laurels, Caught. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Browning, Elizabeth Barre.  Aurora Leigh and Other Poems. Was $12.00, now $8.40. FALLU.
Budbill, David.  While We've Still Got Feet. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Buffam, Suzanne.  A Pillow Book. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bukowski, Charles.  Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook: Uncollected Stories and Essays, 1944-1990.  0872864928. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Burghardt, Peter.  Cosmic American Music. Was $7.00, now $4.90. NEW.
Burkard, Michael.  Pennsylvania Collection Agency.  1930974000. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Burns, Robert.  The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns 1759-1796. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Burton Raffel.  An Anthology of Modern Indonesian Poetry. Was $38.00, now $26.60. USED.
Byrkit, Rebecca.  Zealand.  0933313284.  $5.00. USED.
Byrne, Elena Karina.  Squander.  1632430223. Was $12.80, now $8.96. NEW.
Campana, Dino.  Orphic Songs, Bilingual Edition, Translation by I.L. Salomon. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Campion, John.  Tongue Stones. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Caspi, Mishael Maswari, ed..  Daughters of Yemen.  0520051394. Was $39.95, now $27.97. USED.
Castan, Fran.  Venice - City That Paints Itself.  1886435189. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Caton, Robin.  The Color of Dusk.  1890650080. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Cebulski, Frank.  The Fifth World.  1452024685. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung.  Exilee and Temps Morts: Selected Works.  $199.95. USED.
Chapman, Elizabeth Biller.  Light Thickens.  0912592664.  $5.00. USED.
Chase, Stanley Perkins ed.  The Pearl.  $5.00. USED.
Chaves, Jonathan.  Singing of the Source: Nature and God in the Poetry of the Chinese Painter Wu Li. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Cheng, Jennifer S.  House A.  1632430231. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Child, Abigail.  Mob.  1882022211. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Christian Morgenstern.  Christian Morgenstern's Galgenlieder. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Christian, Jack.  Family System.  $3.00. USED.
Christopher Ricks.  Tennyson: A Selected Edition.  $60.00. USED.
Christopher Ricks.  The Brownings: Letters and Poetry. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Clough, Arthur Hugh.  Arthur H. Clough's Poems. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Clover, Joshua.  Red Epic.  1934639168. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Coffey, Michael.  Cmyk.  1882022564. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Cohen, Alicia.  Debts and Obligations.  1882022661.  $5.00. NEW.
Cole, Peter.  Rift.  0882680870. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Coletti, John.  Deep Code. Was $12.50, now $8.75. USED.
Connolly, Kevin.  Revolver.  0887847951.  $5.00. USED.
Conoley, Gillian.  Peace.  1890650951. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Console, Cyrus.  The Odicy.  1890650528. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Corey, Joshua.  The Barons.  1890650986. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Cox, Sarah Anne.  Parcel.  1882022629. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Creeley, Robert.  A la Terra (#68 Cafe Central).  8497664655. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Creeley, Robert.  The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley, 1945-1975.  0520042433. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Crouse, John.  Headlines.  1882022408. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Crumpacker, Caroline.  Recherche Theories. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Cummins, James.  The Whole Truth.  $5.00. USED.
Daive, Jean.  White Decimal.  1632430282. Was $8.40, now $5.88. NEW.
Daughtry, Philip.  Celtic Blood: Selected Poems 1968-1994.  1883197058.  $5.00. USED.
Davidson, Michael.  Bleed Through: New and Selected Poems.  1566893399. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Davidson, Michael.  The Arcades.  1882022351. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Davison, Peter.  Barn Fever and Other Poems.  $5.00. USED.
Davison, Peter.  Walking the Boundaries. Was $17.50, now $12.25. USED.
Day, Cort.  The Chime Poems.  $4.00. USED.
de Heredia, Jose-Maria.  Jose-Maria de Heredia's les Trophees (Anson, John, trans.).  1933675829. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
De La Mare, Walter.  Poems for Children. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Deguy, Michel.  Given Giving: Selected Poems of Michel Deguy. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Delgado, Juan.  A Rush of Hands.  0816522553. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Delgado, Juan.  Vital Signs: Poetry by Juan Delgado.  1597142506. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Denham, Bill.  Of Gossamers and Grace.  1944251677. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Devota, Dot.  The Division of Labor. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Devota, Dot.  The Division of Labor. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Di Piero, W S.  The Complaints.  0887486460. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Dickey, Melissa.  Dragons. Was $11.50, now $8.05. USED.
Dickey, William.  Brief Lives. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Dickey, William.  More Under Saturn. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Dienstfrey, Patricia.  Woman Without Experiences.  0932716377. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Doan, Duy.  We Play a Game.  0300230877. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Doty, Mark.  Still Life With Oysters and Lemon.  0807066087. Was $22.00, now $15.40. NEW.
Downing, Brandon.  The Shirt Weapon.  0970992807.  $5.00. USED.
Dryden, John.  Works of John Dryden: Vol. I, Poems, 1649-1680.  $60.00. USED.
Dumesnil, Cheryl.  In Praise of Falling.  0822960419. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Duncan, Robert.  Robert Duncan: The Collected Later Poems and Plays.  0520324862. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Dunn, Mark D..  Ghost Music. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Dunn, Stephen.  Pagan Virtues. Was $26.95, now $18.87. NEW.
Dunn, Stephen.  Local Time. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Economou, George D.  Proensa: An Anthology of Troubadour Poetry. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Edwards, John H.  Annotated Index to the Cantos of Ezra Pound: Cantos I-LXXXIV. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Edwards, Kari.  Iduna.  1882022491. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Ehret, Terry.  Night Sky Journey: Poems.  1613643411. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Ehret, Terry.  Night Sky Journey. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Eliot, T.S..  The Poems of T. S. Eliot, The Annoted Text, Vol. 2: Practical Cats and Further Verse. Was $39.95, now $27.97. NEW.
Ellis, Harvey.  Sleep not sleep. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Ellis, Harvey.  Sleep Not Sleep.  $5.00. USED.
Erozcelik, Seyhan.  Rosestrikes and Coffee Grinds.  $5.00. USED.
Estrin, Jerry.  Rome a Mobile Home.  0937804517.  $5.00. NEW.
Farber, Norma.  Something Further: Poems.  0914408100.  $5.00. USED.
Farber, Thomas.  Foregone Conclusions: Equivoques, Apercus, Spars and Catarrhs.  0982012535. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Farquhar, Dion N.  Wonderful Terrible.  1599484293. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Farquhar, Dion N.  Feet First.  0982010575. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Ferguson, Margaret.  The Norton Anthology of Poetry 6e.  0393283283.  $82.50. SPRIN.
Finkelstein, Norman H.  Restless Messengers: Poems by Norman Finkelstein.  0820313807.  $5.00. USED.
Fischer, Norman.  Turn Left in Order to Go Right.  1882022009. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Flores, Christiane Carol.  Take Heaven With You.  $5.00. NEW.
Foerster, Jennifer Elise.  Bright Raft in the Afterweather: Poems. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Foley, Steve.  A Place at the Table: Poems.  0977063372. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Ford, Patrick K., translator.  The Poetry of Llywarch Hen: Introduction, Text, and Translation.  0520026012. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Freeman, Barbara Claire.  An Instance: Three Chapbooks. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Freeman, Barbara Claire.  Every Day but Tuesday.  1632430118. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Freeman, Barbara Claire.  Incivilities.  $5.00. USED.
Friedlander, Benjamin.  Time Rations. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Fuller, Heather.  Startle Response.  1882022556. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Fuller, T William.  Byt.  1882022017. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Fuller, William.  The Sugar Borders.  1882022181. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Gage, John.  Poems: Not Long For This World. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Gander, Forrest.  Be With.  0811226050. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Gaydos, Rebecca.  Guera. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Gershgoren, Sid.  Mutual Breath: A Book of Villanelles. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Ghalib (Shaida, tr.).  Ghalib, the Indian Beloved: Urdu Odes.  1450542646.  $5.00. NEW.
Gilbert, Alan.  The Treatment of Monuments.  $3.00. USED.
Giscombe, C S.  Ohio Railroads.  1890650749. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Glenum, Lara.  Maximum Gaga.  0979975530.  $5.00. USED.
Goldman, Judith.  Deathstar/Ricochet.  1882022610. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Golini, Carlo.  Contemporary Italian Poetry: An Anthology. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Gottshall, Karin.  The River Won't Hold You.  0814251897. Was $13.56, now $9.49. NEW.
Grafton, Grace Marie.  Other Clues.  0981953433. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Graham, Jorie.  Overlord.  $4.00. USED.
Graves, Jesse.  Specter Mountain: Poems.  0881466530. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Greco, Katrina.  Cold But Sane. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Greenwald, Roger.  Slow Mountain Train.  0986044563. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Grennan, Eamon.  Twelve Poems.  $65.00. USED.
Grim, Jessica.  The Inveterate Life.  1882022041. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Grim, Jessica.  Fray.  1882022343. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Grinnell, E Tracy.  Some Clear Souvenier.  1882022599. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Grossman, Sara J.  Let the House of Body Fall.  1936970554. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Halley, Anne.  Between Wars and Other Poems.  $5.00. USED.
Harper, Kate G.  Blue Air. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Harris, Lizzie.  Stop Wanting. Was $7.50, now $5.25. NEW.
Harrison, Evan Samuel.  Sham City.  1890650633. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Hartigan, Endi Bogue.  Pool [5 Choruses].  1890650927. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Hartmann, Ernest.  Another Poet.  1614342229. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hazelton, Rebecca.  Fair Copy.  0814251854. Was $13.56, now $9.49. NEW.
Hazuka, HL.  True to Life: cuttings, mechanics & modifications. Was $8.00, now $5.60. NEW.
Head, Gwen.  Fire Shadows: Poems.  0807126624.  $5.00. USED.
Head, Gwen.  Frequencies: A Gamut of Poems.  0874804086. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Heady, Sarah.  Niagara Transnational.  1889292605. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Heine, Heinrich.  The Poems of Heirich Heine. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Hejinian, Lyn.  The Fatalist.  1890650129. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Hejinian, Lyn.  My Life and My Life in the Nineties.  0819573515. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Hejinian, Lyn.  Tribunal.  1632430665. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Heller, Michael.  Beckmann Variations and Other Poems. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Hertz, Uri.  Poems Torn From a Life. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hickman, Mary.  This Is the Homeland.  1934103616. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hillman, Brenda.  Loose Sugar.  0819522430. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Hillman, Brenda.  Cascadia.  0819564923. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Hillman, Brenda.  Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire.  0819574147. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Hillman, Brenda.  Extra Hidden Life, among the Days.  0819578053. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Hinrichsen, Dennis.  Skin Music.  $5.00. USED.
Hirsch, Edward.  Lay Back the Darkness: Poems.  0375415211. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hirshfield, Jane, trans..  The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono No Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Anci.  0684189712. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Hirshkowitz, Lois.  Pan's Daughters. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hoefer, Jacqueline.  Night in a White Wood: New and Selected Poems.  0865344205. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hoeppner, Edward Haworth.  Blood Prism.  0814251811. Was $13.56, now $9.49. NEW.
Hoeppner, Edward Haworth.  Rain Through High Windows: Poems. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Hoffman, Eve.  Memory and Complicity: Poems. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Hoover, Paul.  Poems in Spanish.  1890650250. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Housman, A.E..  A Shropshire Lad. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Housman,A.E..  A Shropshire Lad. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hryciuk, Marshall.  Rhapsody to Krete.  0920489257. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hughes, Sara Pirkle.  The Disappearing Act: Poems.  0881466522. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Inman, Peter.  Vel.  1882022246. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
James Merrill.  From the First Nine: Poems 1946-1976. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Jarnot, Lisa.  Joie de Vivre: Selected Poems 1992-2012. Was $12.50, now $8.75. USED.
Jeffers, Robinson.  Dear Judas. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Jesme, Kathleen.  Albedo.  $4.00. USED.
Johnson, Kimberly.  A Metaphorical God.  0892553421.  $5.00. USED.
Johnson, Roxane Beth.  Black Crow Dress.  1882295951. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Johnston, Devin.  Aversions.  1890650161. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Jones, Alice.  Extreme Directions: The 54 Moves of Tai Chi Sword.  1890650110. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Jones, Claude E..  Wild Water. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Jones, Rodney.  Kingdom of the Instant: Poems. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Jones, Rodney.  The Kingdom of the Instant: Poems. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Joyce, James.  Collected Poems. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Kanik, Orhan Veli.  Listening to Istanbul: Selected Poems of Orhan Veli Kanik. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Katz, Eliot.  Unlocking the Exits. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Katz, Rasunah.  Buffalo Five. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Katz, Vincent.  Swimming Home. Was $9.50, now $6.65. USED.
Kawata, Ayane.  Time of Sky & Castles in the Air. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Kearney, Lawrence.  Kidnapped. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Kearns, Josie.  New Numbers: Poems. Was $6.50, now $4.55. USED.
Kellogg, Charlotte.  Prelude.  $5.00. USED.
Kemp, Jan.  The Other Hemisphere. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kline, Fred.  I, DODO: a poem cycle. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Knox, Caroline.  Quaker Guns. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Koehn, David.  Twine: Poems.  0872331776. Was $16.50, now $11.55. NEW.
Laforgue, Jules.  Last Verses.  1890650544. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Laird, Nick.  Feel Free: Poems.  1324002743. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Landers, Susan.  248 MGS, a Panic Picnic.  1882022505. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Lane, Patrick.  Old Mother.  0195404092.  $0.00. USED.
Lane, Patrick.  The Measure. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Lane, Rosa.  Tiller North. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Langland, William.  Piers Plowman: The Thre.  0520062302.  $130.00. NEW.
Lathem, Edward Connery (editor.  Concordance To The Poetry of Robert Frost. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Lau, David.  Virgil and the Mountain Cat.  0520258746. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Laurence Housman.  My Brother A.E. Housman. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Lazer, Hank.  The New Spirit.  0935162305. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Le Guin, Ursula K.  So Far, So Good.  1556595387. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Levine, Julia B.  Ask: Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Levy, Andrew.  Values Chauffeur You.  1882022068.  $5.00. USED.
Lezama Lima, Jose.  Selections.  0520234766. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Lindsay, Nina.  Because.  1939639107.  $5.00. USED.
Lipton, Lawrence.  Bruno in Venice West & Other Poems.  $5.00. USED.
Liu, Timothy.  Burnt Offerings.  1556591047. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Logan, William A.  Difficulty. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
London, Rick.  The Materialist.  1884118224. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
London, Rick.  Dreaming Close By.  0917588142.  $5.00. NEW.
Longfellow, Henry.  The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Household Edition of the. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Longfellow, Henry W..  The Hanging of The Crane. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Louis Simpson.  Selected Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Lubeski, Lori.  Dissuasion Crowds the Slow Worker.  0929022017. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Lynch, Thomas.  Skating with Heather Grace.  $5.00. USED.
Macaulay, Thomas.  Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
MacDonald, Cynthia.  I Can't Remember: Poems.  0679454578. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
MacKenzie, Jennifer.  My Not-My Soldier.  $5.00. USED.
Mandel, Charlotte.  A Disc of Clear Water. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Manesiotis, Joy.  They Sing to Her Bones: Poems. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Mangan, James Clarence.  Poems of James Clarence Mangan (Many Hitherto Uncollected). Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Mapplebeckpalme, Lindzi.  Snippets.  0615136621. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Mara-Ann, M.  Containment Scenario/DisloInter: MedTextId entCation/Horse Medicine. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Marcus, Jacqueline.  Summer Rains: Poems.  1604542322. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Martin, CJ.  Land (Crux 1). Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Massey, Joseph.  Illocality.  1940696151. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Massey, Joseph.  To Keep Time. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Matthias, John.  Kedging: New Poems. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Matthias, John.  Rostropovich at Aldeburgh. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Matthias, John.  Bucyrus.  0804005222. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Matuk, Farid.  Is it the King?.  $5.00. USED.
Maxwell, Andrew.  Peeping Mot.  0985100745. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Mayer, Bill.  The Uncertainty Principle.  1890650064. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Mayes, Edward K.  Works and Days. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
McCaffery, Steve.  Slightly Left of Thinking. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
McCann, Anthony.  I Heart Your Fate. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McCarthy, Pattie.  Mary Bones.  $3.00. USED.
McCarthy, Pattie.  marybones.  $5.00. USED.
McClure, Michael.  PROSPECTUS (only) for the Arion Press edition of Lie, Sit, Stand, Be Still. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
McCrorie, Edward.  Needle Man. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McDonnell, Kilian.  Yahweh's Other Shoe. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
McNair, Wesley.  The Lost Child. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
McNair, Wesley.  Lovers of the Lost: New and Selected Poems. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
McNamee, Gregory.  Inconstant History: Poems and Translations. Was $6.50, now $4.55. USED.
Meier, Richard.  In the Pure Block of the Whole Imaginary.  1890650692. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Meng, Catherine.  The Longest Solar Eclipse of the Century. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Merrill, Christopher.  Brilliant Water.  1893996123.  $5.00. USED.
Michelson, Richard.  Tap Dancing for the Relatives. Was $9.50, now $6.65. USED.
Mileck, Joseph.  A Medley of Piquant Poetry & Edgy Epigrams.  0982506678. Was $7.00, now $4.90. NEW.
Mileck, Joseph.  A Trail of Poetic Reflections.  0981885918. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Mileck, Joseph.  More Salt and Pepper.  1481835092.  $5.00. NEW.
Mileck, Joseph.  A Medley of Piquant Poetry and Edgy Epigrams.  1481988301.  $5.00. NEW.
Miller, Wayne.  The City, Our City.  $4.00. USED.
Miller, Wayne.  Post- Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Mitchell, Roger.  Adirondack. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Moe, Harold David.  Birth to Birth.  0972515313. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Moeckel, Thorpe.  Making a Map of the River: Poems.  1604542012. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Moldaw, Carol.  So Late, So Soon: New and Selected Poems.  0981968724. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Montague, John.  A Chosen Light. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Moore, Richard O.  Particulars of Place.  1632430053. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Mora, Pat.  Encantado: Desert Monologues.  0816538026. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Morgenstern, Christian.  The Gallows Songs: A Selection translated with an introduction by Max Knight. Was $15.95, now $11.17. USED.
Moriarty, Laura.  The Case. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Moriarty, Laura.  A Semblance, 1975-2007.  1890650277. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Morris, Marianne.  The On All Said Things Moratorium.  1907587624. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Morrison, Rusty.  The True Keeps Calm Biding Its Story.  0916272982. Was $17.50, now $12.25. NEW.
Morrison, Rusty.  Beyond the Chainlink.  1934103462. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Morse, Michael.  Void and Compensation. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Mortara, John.  Some Planet.  $5.00. NEW.
Moser, Judith.  Running Out of Colors: Selected POems 1966-1972. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Mullen, Laura.  Subject.  $5.00. USED.
Mumolo, Sara.  Mortar.  1890650900. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Murphy, Ryan.  The Redcoats.  1928650309. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Nathanson, Tenney.  Home on the Range.  1882022572. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Neihardt, John G.  A Cycle of the West, Bison Classic Annotated Edition: The Song of Three Friends, the.  1496206371. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Neruda, Pablo.  Love Poems.  0811217299. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Neruda, Pablo.  Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair /Dual Language Edition.  0143039962. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Nichols, Travis.  Iowa.  $4.00. USED.
Nicholson, Andrew S.  A Lamp Brighter Than Foxfire.  1885635451.  $5.00. NEW.
Nightingale.  The Wings of What You Say. Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Nightingale, Steven.  The Light in Them Is Permanent: Sonnets. Was $12.95, now $9.07. USED.
Noftle, Kelli Anne.  I Was There for Your Somniloquy.  1890650595. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Nomura, Kiwao.  Spectacle and Pigsty: Selected Poems of Kiwao Nomura.  1890650536. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Nordgren, Sarah Rose.  Darwin's Mother. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Norris, Leslie.  Walking the White Fields: Poems 1967-1980. Was $5.95, now $4.17. USED.
O'Brien, Geoffrey G.  Guns and Flags Project: Poems.  0520231457. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
O'Neill, Emily.  Pelican.  1936919303. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Oness, C Mikal.  Water Becomes Bone: Poems. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Osmond, Sharon.  Arboresce. Was $7.00, now $4.90. NEW.
Ovid.  Poems of Exile: Tristia and the Black Sea Letters.  0520242602. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Pagis, Dan.  Selected Poetry of Dan Pagis.  0520205391. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Pan, Joe.  Hiccups, or Autobiomythography II.  0988735547. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Parkinson, Thomas.  The Canters of Thomas Parkinson Chiefly Concerning John Wayne and his Horse and Many. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Paultre, Eugenie.  Winter. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Pearson, Ted.  Catenary Odes.  0917588177.  $5.00. NEW.
Pearson, Ted.  The Grit.  $5.00. USED.
Pendergast, Charlie.  Gone Untreated: Poetry, Prose and Haiku. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Perez, Robert Andrew.  The Field.  1632430290. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Perse, St.-John.  Chronique. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Perse, St.-John.  Seamarks. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Perse, St.-John.  Eloges and Other Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Perse, St.-John.  Exile and Other Poems. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Peter McDonald.  Collected Poems: Louis MacNeice. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Piatt, Sarah.  Palace-Burner: The Selected Poetry of Sarah Piatt (Edited by Paula Bennett).  0252026268.  $5.00. USED.
Poe, Edgar Allan.  Poems of Edgar Allan Poe. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Poirier, Julien.  El Golpe Chileno.  $5.00. USED.
Polissar, Dale.  Breaking Free: A poetic journal of turning on, tuning in, and dropping out.  1600520391. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Pomeroy, Ralph.  In The Financial District. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Pomeroy, Ralph.  Stills & Movies. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Pope, Alexander Carey, H..  The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Portuges, Paul Lobo.  The Flower Vendor. Was $6.50, now $4.55. USED.
Pringle, Kathryn L.  Fault Tree.  1890650706. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Privitello, meghan.  A New Language for Falling Out of Love.  1936919311. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Rabb, Margaret.  Granite Dives: Poems. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Rabinowitz, Anna.  Present Tense.  1890650455. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Rader, Dean.  Landscape Portrait Figure Form.  1890650730. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Ramke, Bin.  Tendril.  1890650269. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Ramke, Bin.  Aerial.  1890650609. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Raphel, Adrienne.  What Was It For.  0986086983. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Ratch, Jerry.  Light.  0929022068.  $5.00. NEW.
Ratcliffe, Stephen.  [where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG.  0929022033. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Ravikovitch, Dahlia.  A Dress of Fire. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Raye, Ron.  A Discourse on Language. Was $7.00, now $4.90. NEW.
Reed, Justin Phillip.  Indecency.  1566895146. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Reed, Marthe.  Ark Hive: A Memoir of South Louisiana. Was $24.00, now $16.80. NEW.
Reed, Pat.  Kismet.  1882022033. Was $9.00, now $6.30. NEW.
Reed, Tennessee.  New and Selected Poems 1982-2011.  0984619844. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Rees, William, editor.  Penguin Book of French Poetry, 1820-1950.  0140423850. Was $24.00, now $16.80. NEW.
Reeve, Robert.  Family Sonnets & More.  $5.00. USED.
Reid, Frederick W..  The Performing Word: Selected Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Rexroth, Kenneth.  The Art of Worldly Wisdom.  $180.00. USED.
Reznikoff, Charles.  Testimony: The United States (1885-1915): Recitative.  1567925316. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Reznikoff, Charles.  Poems, 1918-1975: The Complete Poems of Charles Reznikoff. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Richardson, James.  Interglacial: New and Selected Poems and Aphorisms.  1931337055. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Rilke, Rainer Maria.  Poems from the Book of Hours.  0811227588. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Robertson, Lisa.  The Weather.  0921586817. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Robertson, Lisa Erin.  The Orbit of Known Objects. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Robinson, Elizabeth.  Three Novels. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Robinson, Elizabeth.  Harrow.  1890650072. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Robles, Jaime.  Hoard.  $3.00. USED.
Rock, Martin.  Residuum. Was $12.50, now $8.75. USED.
Rodman, Selden.  The Airmen.  $4.00. USED.
Rodriguez, Aleida.  Garden of Exile.  1889330329.  $5.00. USED.
Ronci, Seido Ray.  The Skeleton of the Crow: New and Selected Poems, 1980-2008.  1931337438.  $5.00. USED.
Ronk, Martha.  Ocular Proof.  1632430258. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Ronk, Matha.  Transfer of Qualities. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Rooke, Leon.  The April Poems.  0889843597. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Rose, Judith.  Walking the Minefield.  1622291565. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Rosenberg, David.  The Lost Book of Paradise: Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  $4.00. USED.
Ross, Margaret.  A Timeshare.  1632430126. Was $12.80, now $8.96. NEW.
Russell, CarolAnn.  The Red Envelope.  $5.00. USED.
Rutherford, Brett.  In Chill November.  $3.00. USED.
Saavedra, Eva Maria.  Thirst. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Saenz, Benjamin Alire.  Calendar of Dust. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Samuels, Lisa.  The Seven Voices.  1882022327. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Schafer, Edward H.  Mirages in the Sea of Time: The Taoist Poetry of Ts'ao T'ang.  $74.95. USED.
Schneider, Bart.  Morning Opera: Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Schneider, Erik.  One Last Ditch.  1891190326. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Schneider, Jono.  . . . but I Could Not Speak.  1882022459. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Schulman, Grace.  The Paintings of Our Lives: Poems. Was $9.50, now $6.65. USED.
Scott, Walter.  The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Together with the Minstrlsy of the Sco. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Scott, Winfield Townley.  Collected Poems 1937-1962. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Serge, Victor.  A Blaze in a Desert: Selected Poems.  1629633828. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Service, Robert W..  Rhymes of a Red Cross Man. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Seven American Poets.  A New Pleiade: Selected Poems.  0807123293. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Sewell, Lisa.  Name Withheld. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Sexton, Elaine.  Causeway.  1930974779.  $5.00. NEW.
Sexton, Elaine.  Sleuth: Poems. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Shein, Keith.  Rumors of Buildings to Live In.  1882022467. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Shipe, V Lind.  A Little Lower Than the Angels.  0533047668. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Shurin, Aaron.  A's Dream.  1882022130. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Shurin, Aaron.  A's Dream.  0929022041.  $5.00. NEW.
Simpson, Louis.  Selected Poems.  $75.00. USED.
Smith, Cassandra.  U&i. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Smith, Charlie.  Word Comix: Poems.  0393067629.  $5.00. USED.
Smith, Dana Littlepage.  Women Clothed with the Sun.  0807126705.  $5.00. USED.
Smith, J. Mel.  Sedentary Poems. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Smith, Jessica.  Organic furniture Cellar: Works on Paper 2002-2004.  $5.00. USED.
Smith, Lytton.  While You Were Approaching The Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed By It. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Smith, Patrick.  Susannah and the Elders.  0942908112. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Snell, Roger.  The Morning.  0977997529. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Snow, Carl.  Seventy Propositions.  0520240812. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Snyder, Gary.  Turtle Island.  0811205460. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Snyder, Gary & Mundy, Michael.  Tree Song - Dogwood, Forest-Yosemite.  $90.00. USED.
So Chongju.  Unforgettable Things.  0872960285.  $5.00. USED.
Soldier, Layli Long.  Whereas: Poems.  1555977677. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr.  Prussian Nights: A Narrative Poem. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Stanley, Jared.  Book Made of Forest.  1844715582. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Stein, Hannah.  Earthlight.  0964434830. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Stock, Robert.  Selected Poems (1947-1980).  0964097702. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Streitz, Peter Jacob.  Hellfires Shake the Blues.  1681600226. Was $7.99, now $5.59. NEW.
Strickland, Stephanie.  Dragon Logic. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Sullivan, Anita T.  The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle of Equal Temperament. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Suzor, Sarah.  It was the season, then.. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sweeney, Chad.  Parable of Hide and Seek.  $5.00. USED.
Sylvia Plath.  Ariel. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Sze, Arthur.  Sightlines. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Taransky, Michelle.  Barn Burned, Then.  1890650439. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Taransky, Michelle.  Sorry Was in the Woods.  1890650811. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Tardos, Anne.  Uxudo.  1891190997. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Taube, Herman.  Between the Shadows: New and Selected Works. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Templeton, Fiona.  Delirium of Interpretations.  $5.00. USED.
Tengour, Habib.  Crossings.  $5.00. USED.
Terris, Susan.  Memos.  1632430061. Was $8.40, now $5.88. NEW.
Thorburn, Matthew.  Every Possible Blue. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Tiecher, Craig Morgan.  Ambivalence and Other Conundrums.  1890650773. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Tiffany, Daniel.  Neptune Park.  1890650862. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Tiffany, Daniel.  The Dandelion Clock.  $4.00. USED.
Tillinghast, Richard.  Wayfaring Stranger.  0985026065.  $5.00. NEW.
Tillinghast, Richard.  The Knife and Other Poems.  0819521000. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Timmons, Susie.  Superior Packets.  1940696062. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Todd, Edwin.  Toddy Romper Tales. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Todd, Edwin.  Surfing the Circle of Willis. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Todd, Edwin.  O Stay Lovely Rose. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Trevino, Wendy.  Cruel Fiction.  1934639257. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Trustees, Biometrika.  The Selected Papers of E. S. Pearson. Was $39.95, now $27.97. USED.
Tuggle, Mike.  What Lures the Foxes: Poems.  1613643403.  $5.00. NEW.
Uher, Lorna.  Humans And Other Beasts. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Vallejo, Cesar.  The Complete Posthumous Poetry. Was $49.00, now $34.30. USED.
Van Duyn, Mona.  A Time of Bees. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Vinograd, Julia.  Night. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Vitiello, Chris.  Obedience. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Vizenor, Gerald.  Favor of Crows: New and Collected Haiku. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
W. H. Auden.  Poems.  $200.00. USED.
Waldner, Liz.  Etym(Bi)Ology.  1890650102. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Waldrep, G C.  Susquehanna.  1890650846. Was $11.95, now $8.37. NEW.
Waldrop, Keith.  The Real Subject: Queries and Conjectures of Jacob Delafon, with Sample Poems.  1890650153. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Waldrop, Keith.  The Not Forever: [inventions].  1890650889. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Walker, Laura.  Story.  0985100788. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Walls, Martin.  Small Human Detail in Care of National Trust: Poems. Was $6.50, now $4.55. USED.
Warren, Rosanna.  Stained Glass. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Wayson, Kary.  American Husband.  0814251595. Was $11.96, now $8.37. NEW.
Wegener, Gillian.  The Opposite of Clairvoyance. Was $7.00, now $4.90. NEW.
Weil, Arthur.  Word Missiles: Poems and Essays.  0978845617.  $5.00. NEW.
Weil, Joe & Vogel, Emily.  West of Home.  0615878415.  $5.00. USED.
Weiss, Theodore.  Gunsight. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Wessel, Elizabeth Clark.  Whither Weather.  $5.00. USED.
Whigham, Peter.  Poems of Meleager. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
White, Hazel.  Peril As Architectural Enrichment. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
White, Orlando.  Bone Light.  1597091359. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Whitman, Walt.  Leaves of Grass: The Original 1855 Edition.  0486456765.  $4.00. NEW.
Wieseltier, Meir.  The Flower of Anarchy - Selected Poems.  0520235533. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Wilkinson, John.  Ghost Nets.  1632430266. Was $12.60, now $8.82. NEW.
Willard, Nancy.  Water Walker.  $5.00. USED.
Withman, Walt.  Leaves of Grass.  0140421998. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Witte, John.  Second Nature.  0295988592.  $5.00. NEW.
Wood, Renate.  The Patience of Ice. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Wood, Tim.  Notched Sunsets. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Xu, Lynn.  Debts and Lessons.  1890650803. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Yau, John; Barrette, Bill.  Big City Primer: Reading New York at the End of the Twentieth Century.  0943221137. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Youmans, Marly.  Claire: Poems.  0807129011.  $5.00. USED.
Young, Gary.  Days.  $5.00. USED.
Zapruder, Matthew.  The Pajamaist.  1556592442. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Zukofsky, Louis.  A.  0520040953. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.

Find Poetry Anothologies  in the store under Poetry.

Milvia Street Art and Literary Journal 2011.  0978657845.  $5.00. NEW.
Milvia Street 2012: Art and Literary Journal.  0978657853.  $5.00. NEW.
Milvia Street 2013.  0978657896.  $5.00. NEW.
Milvia Street 2014: Art and Literary Journal.  0978657861.  $5.00. NEW.
Milvia Street 2013.  $5.00. JOUR.
Out of Our 14 (Poetry Magazine).  $5.00. JOUR.
Out of Our 15 (Poetry Magazine).  $5.00. JOUR.
Out of Our 16: Home of the Swift Intruders (Poetry Magazine).  $5.00. JOUR.
Out of Our 17: The Final Issue (Poetry Magazine).  $5.00. JOUR.
Out of Our 12 (Poetry Magazine).  $5.00. JOUR.
Poetry Magazine October 1940 vol. LVII no. 1.  $5.00. USED.
Poetry Magazine June 1940 vol. LVI no. 111. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Cimarron Review No. 52.  $5.00. USED.
Marin Poetry Center Anthology, Volume XVIII. Was $7.50, now $5.25. USED.
Prairie Schooner, Spring 2008 (Volume 82: Number 1). Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Prairie Schooner, Winter 2010 (Volume 84: Number 4). Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Occident, Vol. CIII, No. 1: Palmer/Davidson Issue. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Carey, Michael.  Voices on the Landscape: Contemporary Iowa Poets.  $5.00. USED.
Chen, ed..  Here Is a Pen: An Anthology of West Coast Kundiman Poets.  $5.00. NEW.
Cherkovski, Neeli.  Cross Strokes: Poetry Between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was $8.50, now $5.95. USED.
Cody, Judith, et al, eds.  Fightin' Words: 25 Years of Provocative Poetry and Prose from The Blue Colllar Pen"".  0615967973. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Dargan, Kyle.  Best New Poets 2018: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers.  0997562323. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Dobie, Ann Brewster.  Uncommonplace: An Anthology of Contemporary Louisiana Poets.  0807122548. Was $32.00, now $22.40. USED.
Goldman; Scalapino eds..  War and Peace: Vision and Text #4.  1882022688. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Hass, Robert.  Essential Haiku.  0880013516. Was $16.99, now $11.89. NEW.
Kennedy, Sarah.  Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets of Virginia.  0813922232. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Lewis, Richard.  The Luminous Landscape: Chinese Art and Poetry.  0385147120.  $5.00. USED.
Natchez, Meryl, tr..  Poems from the Stray Dog Cafe: Akhmatova, Mandelstam, Gumilev.  0936156074. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Powell, D A.  Best New Poets 2011.  0976629666. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Rafaela, Judith.  XY Files: Poems on the Male Experience.  0964419661. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel.  The Early Italian Poets.  0520044681.  $60.00. USED.
Rothenberg, Jerome, ed..  Technicians of the Sacred: A Range of Poetries from Africa, America, Asia, Europe &.  0520049004. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Shaughnessy, Brenda.  Best New Poets 2013: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers.  0976629682. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Smith, Tracy K.  Best New Poets 2015: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers.  0692420096. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
Sorkin, Adam.  An Anthology of Romanian Women Poets.  0880332948.  $5.00. USED.
Spaar, Lisa Russ.  All That Mighty Heart: London Poems. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Spaar, Lisa Russ.  Monticello in Mind: Fifty Contemporary Poems on Jefferson.  0813938503. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Szybist, Mary.  Best New Poets 2016: 50 Poems by Emerging Writers.  0997562307. Was $12.95, now $9.07. NEW.
White Stag journal.  Beyond the Taboo, Volume I Issue II.  1630684090. Was $13.00, now $9.10. NEW.
Wolosky, Shira.  Major Voices in 19th Century American Women's Poetry. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Woolmer, J Howard.  The Leonard L. Milberg Collection of American Poetry.  0878110380.  $5.00. USED.

Find Poetics & Criticism of Poetry  in the store under Poetry.

Boston University Journal: Emily Dickinson's Worksheets"".  $5.00. USED.
Laura Kendrick.  Game of Love: Troubadour Wordplay.  0520060555. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
A. E. Housman.  The Confines of Criticism, The Cambridge Inaugural 1911. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Ahearn, Barry.  Zukofsky's A": An Introduction". Was $14.95, now $10.47. USED.
Allen, Beverly.  Andrea Zanzotto: The Language of Beauty's Apprentice.  0520058607. Was $49.95, now $34.97. USED.
Austin, Norman.  Archery at the Dark of the Moon: Poetic Problems in Homer's Odyssey. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Barnes, Warren, comp..  Catalogue of the Browning Collection. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Barnstone, Aliki.  Changing Rapture: Emily Dickinson's Poetic Development.  1584655348. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Berkson, Bill.  A Frank o'Hara Notebook.  1949484017. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Bingham, Millicent Todd.  Ancestors' Brocades.  $5.00. USED.
Bloch, Chana.  Learning from Translation (Series: Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Lectures).  1893663388. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Brogan, Jacqueline V.  Part of the Climate.  0520068483. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Calhoun, Charles C..  Longfellow: A Rediscovered Life.  0807070262. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Campion, Peter.  Radical as Reality: Form and Freedom in American Poetry. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Cary, Elisabeth C..  Browning: Poet and Man. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Christine Brooke-Rose.  A ZBC of Ezra Pound.  0520030419. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Cleary, Scott M.  The Field of Imagination: Thomas Paine and Eighteenth-Century Poetry.  0813942934. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Cohn, Robert G..  Mallarme: Igitur. Was $27.50, now $19.25. NEW.
Cole, Norma.  To Be at Music: Essays and Talks.  1890650447. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Collins, Martha.  Catherine B. Davis: On the Life and Work of a Lost American Master.  0964145464. Was $9.00, now $6.30. NEW.
Collins, Martha.  Catherine B. Davis: On the Life and Work of a Lost American Master. Was $9.00, now $6.30. USED.
Connolly, Sally.  Grief and Meter: Elegies for Poets after Auden.  0813938643. Was $45.00, now $31.50. NEW.
Crumbley, Paul.  Winds of Will: Emily Dickinson and the Sovereignty of Democratic Thought. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Daiches, David.  Poetry and the Modern World.  $4.00. USED.
Damrosch, Leopold Jr.  The Imaginative World of Alexander Pope.  0520059751.  $5.00. USED.
Daniel, Julia.  Building Natures: Modern American Poetry, Landscape Architecture, and City Planning.  0813940842. Was $27.50, now $19.25. NEW.
Dashti, Ali & Dashti, S..  A Voyage Through Divan-e Shams: Celebrating Rumi.  9645840759. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Davenport, Guy.  Geography of the Imagination: Forty Essays.  1567920802. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Davenport-Hines, Richard.  Auden. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Debo, Annette.  Approaches to Teaching H.D.'s Poetry and Prose. Was $14.00, now $9.80. USED.
Di Piero, W.S..  Memory and Enthusiasm: Essays, 1875-1985.  0691067562. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Dickey, Frances.  The Modern Portrait Poem: From Dante Gabriel Rossetti to Ezra Pound.  0813932637. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Dickinson Soc. of Japan.  Emily Dickinson After a Hundred Years. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Dienstfrey, Patricia.  Grand Permission: New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood.  0819566446. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Donaldson, Scott.  Poet in America: Winfield Townley Scott.  0292764006. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Edmunds, Susan.  Out of Line: HIstory, Psychoanalysis, and Montage in H.D.'s Long Poems.  0804723702. Was $18.00, now $12.60. USED.
England, Eugene.  Beyond Romanticism: Tuckerman's Life and Poetry.  0791407918.  $80.00. USED.
Feingold, Richard.  Moralized Song: The Character of Augustan Lyricism.  0813513901.  $5.00. USED.
Fenton, Mary C.  With Wandering Steps: Generative Ambiguity in Milton's Poetics.  0820704881.  $66.00. NEW.
Fery, Anne.  Title to the Poem.  0804726108. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Fish, Stanley Eugene.  Surprised by Sin: The Reader in Paradise Lost. Was $54.95, now $38.47. USED.
Franke, William.  Secular Scriptures: Modern Theological Poetics In The Wake Of Dante.  $0.00. USED.
Fritsch, Werner.  Die Alchemie der Utopie: Frankfurter Poetikvorlesungen 2009.  3518125885. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Fry, Paul H..  A Defense of Poetry: Reflections on the Occasion of Writing.  0804724520. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Gavronsky, Serge.  Toward a New Poetics: Contemporary Writing in France.  0520080718. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Geddie, William.  Bibliography of Middle Scots Poets: With an Introduction on the. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Gidal, Eric.  Ossianic Unconformities: Bardic Poetry in the Industrial Age.  0813938171. Was $39.50, now $27.65. NEW.
Granger, Edith, ed.  An Index to Poetry and Recitations: Being A Practical Reference Manual for the Libra. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Grant Richards.  Housman 1897-1936. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Grossman, Allen.  The Sighted Singer: Two Works on Poetry for Readers and Writers. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Harrington, Emily.  Second Person Singular: Late Victorian Women Poets and the Bonds of Verse.  0813936128. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Henry Maas.  The Letters of A.E. Housman. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Hickey, Alison.  Impure Conceits: Rhetoric and Ideology in Wordsworth's Excursion"".  0804729719. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Hicok, Bethany.  Elizabeth Bishop's Brazil.  0813938538. Was $24.50, now $17.15. NEW.
Hoagland, Tony.  The Art of Voice: Poetic Principles and Practice.  1324002689. Was $22.95, now $16.07. NEW.
Hoover, Paul.  Fables of Representation. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Jeffares, A. Norman.  The Poetry of W.B. Yeats.  $5.00. USED.
Johnson, W. R..  Idea of Lyric: Lyric Modes in Ancient and Modern Poetry.  0520048210. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Johnson, W.R..  The Idea of Lyric: Lyric Modes in Ancient and Modern Poetry. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Jordan, John.  Why the Lyrical Ballads?: The Background, Writing and Character of Wordsworth's 1798. Was $49.95, now $34.97. USED.
Justice, Donald.  Compendium: A Collection of Thoughts on Prosody.  1632430320. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Kaplan, Mehmet.  Siir Tahilleri: Tanzimat'dan Cumhuriyet'e Kadar. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Keller, Karl.  The Only Kangaroo among the Beauty: Emily Dickinson and America.  $5.00. USED.
Kemal, Yahya.  Aziz Istanbul. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Kiparsky, Paul.  Rhythm and Meter (Phonetics and Phonology 1).  $75.00. USED.
Lazer, Hank.  Lyric and Spirit: Selected Essays, 1996-2008.  1890650323. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Lehman, David.  Ecstatic Occasions, Expedient Forms: 85 Leading Contemporary Poets Select and Commen.  0472066331. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Lento, Takako & (eds).  Tamura Ryuichi: On the Life & Work of a 20th Century Master.  $4.00. USED.
Limmer, Ruth.  What the Woman Lived: Selected Letters of Louise Bogan, 1920-1970.  0151958785. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
MacGowan, Christopher.  The Cambridge Companion to William Carlos Williams.  1107479088. Was $29.99, now $20.99. NEW.
Mark, Alison.  Contemporary Women's Poetry: Reading/Writing/Practice.  0312235356. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Maud, Ralph.  Dylan Thomas in Print: A Bibliographical History. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McClatchy, J D.  Poets on Painters: Essays on the Art of Painting by Twentieth-Century Poets.  0520057775. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
McClung, William A..  Country House in English Renaissance Poetry.  0520031377. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
McGuire, William.  Poetry's Catbird Seat.  $5.00. USED.
McLuhan, Marshall.  Through the Vanishing Point. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Mid-Century Book Society; Aude.  The Mid-Century Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Nine.  $100.00. USED.
Middlebrook, Diane Wood.  Anne Sexton: A Biography.  $5.00. USED.
Miles,Josephine.  Style and Proportion: The Language Of Prose and Poetry.  $150.00. USED.
Millier, Brett C..  Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Mulholland, James.  Sounding Imperial: Poetic Voice and the Politics of Empire, 1730-1820. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Orvis, David L.  The Noble Flame of Katherine Philips: A Poetics of Culture, Politics, and Friendship.  0820704741.  $60.00. NEW.
Paliyenko, Adrianna M.  Genius Envy: Women Shaping French Poetic History, 1801-1900.  0271077085.  $96.00. NEW.
Perelman, Bob.  Trouble With Genius: Rreading Pound, Joyce, Stein, and Zukofsky.  0520087550. Was $19.00, now $13.30. USED.
Pfau, Thomas.  Wordsworth's Profession: Form, Class, & the Logic of Early Romantic Cultural Product.  0804729026. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Phillips, Carl.  Poetry, Love, and Mercy (Series: Judith Lee Stronach Memorial Lectures).  1893663272. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Pue, A Sean.  I Too Have Some Dreams: N. M. Rashed and Modernism in Urdu Poetry.  0520283104. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Qian, Zhaoming.  East-West Exchange and Late Modernism: Williams, Moore, Pound.  0813940664.  $70.00. NEW.
Robert Bernard Martin.  Tennyson: The Unquiet Heart. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Rosenberg, Jim.  Notes for the Foundations of a Theory of Meter: Toward an Understanding of Projectiv.  $70.00. USED.
Sacks, Peter.  You Only Guide Me by Surprise: Poetry and the Dolphin's Turn (Ser: Judith Lee Strona.  1893663213. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Scherr, Barry P..  Russian Poetry: Meter, Rhythm, and Rhyme.  0520052994.  $70.00. USED.
Scott, Winfield Townley.  Alpha Omega. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sewall, Richard B..  The Lyman Letters: New Light on Emily Dickinson and Her Family.  $5.00. USED.
Sharp, Francis Michael.  The Poet's Madness: A Reading of Georg Trakl.  $5.00. USED.
Shaw, W David.  The Ghost Behind the Masks: The Victorian Poets and Shakespeare. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Shell, Marc.  Talking the Walk and Walking the Talk: A Rhetoric of Rhythm.  0823256839. Was $26.00, now $18.20. NEW.
Skelton, Robin.  The Poetic Pattern. Was $17.00, now $11.90. USED.
Spiegelman, Willard.  Wordsworth's Heroes.  0520053656. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Stanley, Sandra K..  Louis Zukofsky & the Transformation of a Modern American Poetics.  0520073576. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Sugano, Marian Zwerling.  Poetics of the Occasion: Mallarme and the Poetry of Circumstance.  0804719462. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
T. S. Eliot.  The Idea of a Christian Society and Other Writings. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Takeo, Yamada.  Robert Frost as a Modern Synecdochist.  4907654081.  $200.00. USED.
Talarico, Ross.  Spreading the Word: Poetry and the Survival of Community in America.  $3.00. USED.
Thackrey, Susan.  George Oppen: A Radical Practice.  1882022416. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Thompson, Lawrance.  Robert Frost The Early Years, 1874-1915. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Thompson, Lawrance.  Robert Frost The Years of Triumph, 1915 - 1938. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Thompson, Lawrance, & Winnick,.  Robert Frost The Later Years, 1938 - 1963. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Various.  Emily Dickinson Ephemera from the Collection of Jean Mudge.  $5.00. USED.
Venturo, David F.  Johnson the Poet: The Poetic Career of Samuel Johnson. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Wat, Aleksander.  Against the Devil in History: Poems, Short Stories, Essays, Fragments.  0893574929. Was $44.95, now $31.47. NEW.
Wofford, Susanne Lindgren.  The Choice of Achilles: The Ideology of Figure in the Epic.  0804719179. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Wolff, Cynthia Griffin.  Emily Dickinson.  $5.00. USED.
Yip, Wai-Lim.  Diffusion of Distances:.  0520077369. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.

Find Shakespeare  in the store under Literature; sometimes Perfoming Arts.

Complete Pelican Shakespeare.  0141000589.  $75.00. C.
Auden, W.H..  Lectures on Shakespeare.  0691057303. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Bell, Robert H..  Shakespeare's Great Stage of Fools. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Berger, Jr., Harry.  Imaginary Audition: Shakespeare on Stage and Page. Was $11.95, now $8.37. USED.
Boyce, Charles.  Shakespeare A to Z: The Essential Reference to His Plays, His Poems, His Life and Ti. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Evans, G. B., editor.  The Riverside Shakespears. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Gilbert, Miriam.  Love's Labour's Lost. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Goldstein, David.  Culinary Shakespeare: Staging Food and Drink in Early Modern England.  0820704954.  $60.00. NEW.
Grudin, Robert.  Mighty Opposites: Shakespeare and Renaissance Contrariety.  $5.00. USED.
Hodgdon, Barbara.  The Shakespeare Trade: Performances and Appropriations. Was $27.50, now $19.25. USED.
Jorgensen, Paul A..  Redeeming Shakespeare's. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Jorgensen, Paul A..  Shakespeare's Military World. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Kahn, Coppelia.  Man's Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare.  0520038991. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Kirsch, Arthur.  Shakespeare and the Experience of Love. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Kozintsev, Grigori.  King Lear: the Space of Tragedy: The DIary of a Film Director.  $75.00. USED.
Land, Stephen K.  The King My Father's Wrack: The Moral Nexus of Shakespearian Drama. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Massai, Sonia.  World-Wide Shakespeares: Local Appropriations in Film and Performance. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
McGuire, Philip C..  Speechless Dialect: Shakespeare's Open Silences.  0520053737.  $250.00. NEW.
Monaco, Marion.  Shakespeare on the French stage in the eighteenth century (�tudes de litt�rature �tr. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Porter, J A.  The Drama of Speech Acts: Shakespeare's Lancastrian Tetralogy. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Rank, Sven.  Twentieth Century Adaptations of Macbeth (Bayreuther 33). Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Riggs, David.  Shakespeare's Heroical Histories: Henry VI and Its Literary Tradition. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Rosenberg, Marvin.  The Masks of King Lear. Was $39.95, now $27.97. USED.
Shakespeare.  Troilus and Cressida. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Shakespeare, William.  Othello. Was $6.00, now $4.20. ATDP.
Shakespeare, William.  The Tempest.  0743482832. Was $5.99, now $4.19. ATDP.
Shakespeare, William.  Shakespeare's Plays in Quarto.  $175.00. NEW.
Shakespeare, William.  CD-ROM edition: Poems of William Shakespeare.  1891788000. Was $25.00, now $17.50. CDR.
Shakespeare, William.  Complete King Lear, 1608-1623.  0520052692.  $149.95. USED.
Shakespeare, William.  Shakespeares Italienische Novellen, Herausgegeben von Paul Schubring. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Stanton, Kay.  Shakespeare's 'Whores': Erotics, Politics and Poetics.  $60.00. USED.
Trivedi, Poonam.  Re-Playing Shakespeare in Asia. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Weimann, Robert.  Shakespeare und die Tradition des Volkstheaters. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Wright, George.  Shakespeare's Metrical Art.  0520076427. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Zukofsky, Louis.  Bottom: On Shakespeare.  $89.95. USED.
Zukofsky, Louis.  Bottom: On Shakespeare.  $89.95. USED.

Find Mark Twain  in the store under Literature.

Union Catalog of Clemens Letters. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Griffin, Benjamin.  Mark Twain's Civil War: The Private History of a Campaign That Failed.  1597144789. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Loving, Jerome.  Mark Twain: The Adventures of Samuel L. Clemens. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Stanek, Lou Willet.  A Teacher's Manual for Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.  $5.00. USED.
Stanek, Lou Willet.  A Teacher's Manual for Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  $5.00. USED.
Tuckey, John S..  Mark Twain's Which Was the Dream? and Other Symbolic Writings of the Later Years. Was $24.95, now $17.47. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Tom Sawyer Abroad & Tom Sawyer.  0520033531. Was $50.00, now $35.00. NEW.
Twain, Mark.  Roughing It.  0520268172. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Twain, Mark.  Clemens of the Call: Mark Twain in San Francisco. Was $19.95, now $13.97. NEW.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Correspondence with Henry Huttleston Rogers,.  0520014677. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Notebooks & Journals, Volume II, 1877-1883 (Anderson, et al., eds.).  0520025423. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Notebooks & Journals: Vol. 3, 1883-1891.  0520033833. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Was $17.50, now $12.25. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer among the Indians: And Other.  0520051106. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  0520059654. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Fables of Man (Tucky, ed.). Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Prince & the Pauper (The Mark Twain Library).  0520050886. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Prince and the Pauper (The Works of Mark Twain).  0520036220. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer Among the Indians.  0520238958. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  0520237714.  $79.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Is He Dead? A Comedy in Three Acts.  $5.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Hannibal, Huck, and Tom.  0520015010.  $75.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Works of Mark Twain).  $75.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Which Was the Dream? and Other Symbolic Writings of the Later Years.  0520012852. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Fables of Man (Tucky, ed.). Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Fables of Man (Tucky, ed.).  0520020391.  $84.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Mysterius Stranger Manuscripts (Gibson, ed.). Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger Manuscript (Gibson, ed.). Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Fables of Man (Tuckey, ed.). Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Roughing It (Rogers, ed.).  0520020189. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Mark Twain's Notebooks and Journals, 1855-1873 (Anderson, et al., eds.).  0520023269.  $84.00. USED.
Twain, Mark.  Meine Geheime Autobiographie / Hintergrunde und Zusatze (in slipcase) (In German).  3351035136. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Twain, Mark (Leary, ed.).  Mark Twain's Correspondence with Henry Huddleston Rogers.  05206823900. Was $55.00, now $38.50. USED.
Twain, Mark (Stein, ed.).  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Tom Sawyer Abroad; Tom Sawyer, Detective (Works of Mar.  0520036212. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Twain, Mark (Tuckey, ed.).  Devil's Race-Track: Mark Twain's Great Dark Writings.  0520037804. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Twain, Mark (Walter Blair, ed).  Mark Twain's Hannibal, Huck & Tom. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.

Find Young Adult Literature  in the store under Literature; Children's Literature.

Aesop.  Aesop's Fables: An Illustrated Classic.  1684120292. Was $12.99, now $9.09. NEW.
Amidon Lusted, Marcia.  Innovators: The Stories Behind the People Who Shaped the World.  1619305208. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Barron, T A.  Doomraga's Revenge.  0399252126.  $5.00. USED.
Bray, Ilona.  Mossby's Magic Carpet Handbook: A Flyer's Guide to Mossby's Model D3 Extra-Small Mag.  1943147280. Was $21.99, now $15.39. NEW.
Callenbach, Ernest.  Humphrey the Wayward Whale.  0930588231.  $4.95. NEW.
Cameron, W. Bruce.  Emory's Gift: A Novel. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Cast, P C.  Loved.  1538431122.  $5.00. NEW.
Chima, Cinda Williams.  The Gray Wolf Throne.  1423121384.  $5.00. USED.
Debon, Nicolas.  Four Pictures by Emily Carr. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Elliott, Eric.  Dear Miss Karana.  1597143235. Was $9.99, now $6.99. NEW.
Fletcher, Charlie.  Ironhand.  1423101774.  $5.00. USED.
Girls Write Now.  Girls Write Now: Two Decades of True Stories from Young Female Voices.  1947793055. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Goldhaber, Judith.  Sarah Laughed: Sonnets from Genesis.  0976155419. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Green, John.  Paper Towns (Penguin Mini edition).  0525555730. Was $12.00, now $8.40. NEW.
Henderson, Erica.  The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  0785197028. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Henke, Miriam.  Lao-Tzu, or the Way of the Dragon.  3035800960. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Jacques, Brian.  The Angel's Command.  $5.00. USED.
Jacques, Brian.  The Long Patrol.  $5.00. USED.
Jacques, Brian.  The Bellmaker.  $5.00. USED.
Jacques, Brian.  The Long Patrol.  $5.00. USED.
Jacques, Brian.  Triss.  $5.00. USED.
Lasky, Kathryn.  To Be a King.  0439795702.  $3.00. NEW.
Lasky, Kathryn.  The River of Wind.  0439888077.  $3.00. NEW.
Lasky, Kathryn.  The Golden Tree.  0439888069.  $2.00. USED.
Liepe, Barbara A..  Siona's Tale.  1532038968. Was $14.99, now $10.49. NEW.
McGee, Katharine.  American Royals.  1984830201. Was $10.99, now $7.69. NEW.
Mechner, Jordan.  Solomon's Thieves.  1596433914.  $5.00. USED.
Modiano, Patrick.  Catherine Certitude. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Mongin, Jean Paul.  Professor Kant's Incredible Day.  3037345950. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
O'Reilly, Mrs. Robert.  Sue and I. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Reid, Struan.  Alexander Graham Bell.  1588109895.  $3.00. USED.
Rodda, Emily.  Shadowgate: Dragons of Deltora.  0439816882.  $3.00. USED.
Rose, Alan.  Build Your OwnTitanic.  0399505644. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Russell, Fox.  The Phantom Spy. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Santana, Deborah.  All the Women in My Family Sing.  0997296216. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Smith, A.G..  Cut & Assemble an Old-Fashioned Carousel in Full Color. Was $6.00, now $4.20. USED.
Tolkien, J R R.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  0345534832. Was $8.99, now $6.29. NEW.
Wells, H G.  The Invisible Man.  9380028296. Was $9.99, now $6.99. NEW.
White, Arisa.  Biddy Mason Speaks Up.  1597144037. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Woodson, Jacqueline.  Brown Girl Dreaming.  0399252517. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.

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