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Used Aaboe $10.00 Book (NO RETURN). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Used Aaboe $4.00 Book (NO RETURN).  $4.00. USED.
Used Aaboe $5.00 Book (NO RETURN).  $5.00. USED.
Used Aaboe $3.00 Book (NO RETURN).  $3.00. USED.
Used Aaboe $2.00 Book (NO RETURN).  $2.00. USED.
Five-Star Favorites: Recipes from Friends of Mamie and Ike. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Betty Crocker Holiday: Main Dishes, Sides & Desserts!. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Time-Life Recipes of the World--25 spiral-bound volumes.  $90.00. USED.
Time-Life Foods of the World (23 volume set of 27 volumes).  $60.00. USED.
Albala, Ken.  At the Table: Food and Family Around the World. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
BakePacker.  BakePacker (Standard). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Beck, Simone; Louisette Bertho.  Mastering The Art Of French Cooking.  $325.00. USED.
Beer, Maggie.  Cooking with Verjuice.  0670910554. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Bernard, Francoise.  Les Grandes Classiques Sucres. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Bertolli, Paul.  Chez Panisse Cooking.  0679755357. Was $25.00, now $17.50. NEW.
Blakeston, Oswell.  Edwardian Glamour Cooking Without Tears. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Boulestin, X Marcel.  Recipes of Boulestin. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Chapman,Carolyn, editor.  Drummin' Up Recipes: FANtastic Food to Benefit George Grantham of Poco. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Chovancova, Ilona.  Friands et Feuillets. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Egami, Tomi.  Rice Recips from Around the World (Picture Card Series). Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Ellgen, Pamela.  The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook.  1623158575. Was $14.99, now $10.49. NEW.
Feller, Thomas.  Gratins (Collection).  2012302793. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Gauthier, Anne-Marie.  Recueil de la Gastronomie Lyonnaise: 80 Recettes Simples.  2737221110. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Goldstein, Joyce.  The Mediterranean Kitchen.  0688072836. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hamady, Mary L.  Lebanese Mountain Cookery.  0879236183. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Hess, O. and A..  Viennese Cooking. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Holt, J. & Rathbun, A. J..  Double Take: One Fabulous Recipe, Two Finished Dishes, Feeding Vegetarians and Omniv.  1558324240.  $5.00. NEW.
Keys, Margaret & Ancel.  The Benevolent Bean. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Klein, Maggie.  The Feast of the Olive: Cooking with Olives and Olive Oil.  0941386080. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Langstreth-Christensen, L..  Gourmet's Old Vienna Cookbook: A Viennese Memoir. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
LeMon, Micah.  The Imbible: A Cocktail Guide for Beginning and Home Bartenders.  0813940389. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Madison, Deborah.  The Greens Cook Book: Extraordinary Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant.  0552051954.  $5.00. NEW.
Miller, Gloria Bley.  The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook.  0671509934.  $5.00. USED.
Nathan, Fernand.  Cuisine a l'italienne. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Nosrat, Samin.  Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking.  1476753830. Was $37.50, now $26.25. NEW.
Rowe, Ashley.  Barefoot and in the Kitchen: Vegan Recipes for You.  1934620556. Was $8.95, now $6.27. NEW.
Segan, Francine.  Shakespeare's Kitchen: Renaissance Recipes for the Colntemporary Cook.  0375509178. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Vergne, Blanche.  La Cuisine pour mes amis.  2263029184.  $5.00. USED.
Wynants, Pierre.  Comme Chez Soi: Les Recettes Originales de Pierre Wynants.  2221042913. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.

Find Food & Agriculture  in the store under Lifestyle; Nature & Natural Sciences.

Guidebook to California Agriculture.  0520047095. Was $23.00, now $16.10. NEW.
Bne Saad, Majda.  The Global Hunger Crisis: Tackling Food Insecurity in Developing Countries.  0745330673. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Alcala, Kathleen.  The Deepest Roots: Finding Food and Community on a Pacific Northwest Island.  0295999381. Was $34.95, now $24.47. NEW.
Amerine, M.A..  Wine: An Introduction for Americans (1965 edition). Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Archer, H. Richard.  Illustrations of Eating, Displaying the Omnivorous Character of Man. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Batchelor, Leon Dexter, et al,.  The Citrus Industry: Volume II, The Production of the Crop. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Bemelmans, Ludwig.  La Bonne Table.  0879238089. Was $17.95, now $12.57. NEW.
Bentley, Amy.  Inventing Baby Food: Taste, Health, and the Transformation of the American Diet. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Bobrow-Strain, Aaron.  White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf.  0807044679. Was $27.95, now $19.57. NEW.
Bobrow-Strain, Aaron.  White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf.  0807044784. Was $14.00, now $9.80. NEW.
Chamberlain, Samuel.  Clementine in the Kitchen.  1567926460. Was $22.95, now $16.07. NEW.
Chappell, M Jahi.  Beginning to End Hunger: Food and the Environment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and Bey.  0520293096. Was $16.95, now $11.87. NEW.
Cleveland, David A.  Balancing on a Planet: The Future of Food and Agriculture. Was $29.95, now $20.97. USED.
Coates M. W., Clive.  Cote D'Or: A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy. Was $24.95, now $17.47. C.
Colas, Alejandro.  Food, Politics, and Society: Social Theory and the Modern Food System.  0520291956. Was $49.95, now $34.97. NEW.
Crafts, Alden S..  Modern Weed Control.  0520027337. Was $21.95, now $15.37. USED.
Cribb, Julian.  The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It (In Japanes.  4781304117. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Elias, Megan J.  Food on the Page: Cookbooks and American Culture.  0812249178. Was $34.95, now $24.47. NEW.
Enriquez, Laura J.  Reactions to the Market: Small Farmers in the Economic Reshaping of Nicaragua, Cuba,.  0271036206. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Forsell, Mary; Cenicola.  Heirloom Herbs: Using Old-Fashioned Herbs In Gardens, Recipes, and Decorations. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Forth, Christopher E.  Fat: A Cultural History of the Stuff of Life.  1789140625. Was $32.00, now $22.40. NEW.
Fumey, Gilles.  Atlas mondial des cuisines et gastronomies: (In French) Un geographie gourmande.  2746705516. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Gagne, Steve.  Food Energetics: The Spiritual, Emotional, and Nutritional Power of What We Eat.  1594772428. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Gasparotto, Laure.  L'Atlas Des Vines de France. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Greene, Jeffrey.  In Pursuit of Wild Edibles: A Forager's Tour.  0813938570. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Guthman, Julie.  Agrarian Dreams: (2014 ed.) The Paradox of Organic Farming in California.  0520277465. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Guthman, Julie.  Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and the Limits of Capitalism.  0520266250. Was $12.95, now $9.07. USED.
Gvion, Liora.  Beyond Hummus and Falafel: Social and Political Aspects of Palestinian Food in Israe. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Hane, Joanne Taylor.  A Feast of Festivals.  0890875634. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Hart, John Fraser.  Changing Scale of American Agriculture.  0813922291. Was $49.50, now $34.65. NEW.
Jo-Anne Cox.  1000 Classic Recipes. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Krissoff, Barry.  Global Food Trade and Consumer Demand for Quality.  $90.00. USED.
Madison, Mike.  Blithe Tomato.  1597140244. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Madison, Mike.  Blithe Tomato: An Insider's Wry Look at Farmers' Market Society. Was $6.00, now $4.20. NEW.
Manning, Richard.  Food's Frontier: The Next Green Revolution.  0520232631. Was $22.00, now $15.40. USED.
Masumoto, David Mas.  Changing Season: A Father, a Daughter, a Family Farm.  1597143669. Was $16.00, now $11.20. NEW.
Nestle, Marion.  Food Politics: (2013 ed) How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health.  0520275969. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Parker, Thomas.  Tasting French Terroir: The History of an Idea.  0520277511. Was $21.95, now $15.37. USED.
Pollan, Michael.  The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals.  0143038583. Was $18.00, now $12.60. NEW.
Ray, Krishnendu.  Curried Cultures: Globalization, Food, and South Asia.  0520270118.  $60.00. USED.
Robinson, Greg and Schofield,.  Simple and Stunning Cakes. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Root, Waverley.  Food: An Informal Dictionary.  0671225898. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sarah Banbery.  Chocolate and Baking. Was $50.00, now $35.00. USED.
Seaberg, Albin G.  Menu Design: Merchandising and Marketing.  0843622229. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Sharman, Anne.  Diet and Domestic Life in Society.  $5.00. USED.
Solberg, Carl E.  The Prairies and the Pampas: Agrarian Policy in Canada and Argentina, 1880-1930.  0804713464. Was $35.00, now $24.50. USED.
Turner, Katherine Leonard.  How the Other Half Ate: A History of Working-Class Meals at the Turn of the Century. Was $39.95, now $27.97. USED.
Urquiza, Ignacio.  Ignacio Urquiza: (in Spanish) este no es un libro de cocina sino una sabrosa histori.  9685874026. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
van Huis, Arnold, et al..  The Insect Cookbook: Food for a Sustainable Planet. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Vos, E..  Food Safety Regulations in Europe. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Wilken, Gene C..  Good Farmers: Traditional Agricultural Resource Management in Mexico and Central Ame.  0520052773. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Winne, Mark.  Food Rebels, Guerilla Gardeners, and Smart-Cookin' Mamas: Fighting Back in an Age of.  0807047333. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Young, David.  Seasoning.  0814208037. Was $31.95, now $22.37. NEW.

Find Gardening  in the store under Lifestyle.

Bonsai. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
An-Chunyang.  Suzhou: A Garden City.  0835110516.  $5.00. USED.
Austin, David.  Shrub Roses and Climbing Roses: With Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses.  $5.00. USED.
Austin, David.  The English Roses: Classic Favorites and New Selections.  0881927538. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Barry, Jennifer.  Beautiful Gardens of Wine Country.  1580086381.  $5.00. NEW.
Bauer, Nancy.  The California Wildlife Habitat Garden: How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds and. Was $13.95, now $9.77. USED.
Beales, Peter.  Passion for Roses: Peter Beales' Comprehensive Guide to Landscaping with Roses.  0847826937. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Cox, Madison.  Artists' Gardens: From Claude Monet to Jennifer Bartlett.  0810919311. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Darke, Rick.  In Harmony with Nature: Lessons from the Arts and Crafts Garden.  1567999042. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Erby, Adam T.  The General in the Garden: George Washington's Landscape at Mount Vernon.  0931917484. Was $39.95, now $27.97. NEW.
Fabiani Giannetto, Raffae.  Foreign Trends on American Soil.  0813939291. Was $29.50, now $20.65. NEW.
Francis, Mark.  The California Landscape Garden - Ecology, Culture, and Design.  0520214501. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Hatch, Peter J.  A Rich Spot of Earth: Thomas Jefferson's Revolutionary Garden at Monticello.  0300171145. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierret.  Paradise Transplanted: Migration and the Making of California Gardens.  0520277775. Was $14.95, now $10.47. NEW.
Keswick, Maggie.  The Chinese Garden: History, Art and Architecture.  0312133839. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Labadie, Emile L..  Ground Covers in the Landscape.  $5.00. USED.
Martin, Clair G.  The 100 Old Roses for the American Garden.  $5.00. USED.
Martin, Clair G.  100 English Roses for the American Garden.  0761101853.  $5.00. USED.
Mathias, Mildred E.  Flowering Plants in the Landscape.  0520043502. Was $24.00, now $16.80. USED.
Mathias, Mildred E., ed..  Color for the Landscape: Flowering Plants for Subtropical Climates. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McGary, Mary Jane.  Rock Garden Design and Construction.  0881925837. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Raxworthy, Julian.  Overgrown: Practices Between Landscape Architecture and Gardening.  0262038536. Was $29.95, now $20.97. NEW.
Roberts, Irving.  Home Landscaping You Can Design Yourself.  $5.00. USED.
Scanniello, Stephen.  A Year of Roses.  1591862485. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Swanson, F. & Rady, V..  Herb Garden Design. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Thacker, Christopher.  The History of Gardens. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.

Find Travel  in the store under Lifestyle.

Advertising Card, J & P Coates (Famous Horses, Nancy Hanks). Was $7.00, now $4.90. SIDE.
Offprint, The Companion for All the Family, May 20, 1920: Eastman Kodak ad (Tennis).  $5.00. USED.
Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2016.  1943816050.  $5.00. USED.
Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Handbook, First Edition. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Baseball Research Journal, Fall 2017 (Volume 46, No. 2).  1943816417. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Arizona's National Monuments. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
GaultMillau 2006 Paris: Ile de France, 1700 Adresses.  2914913184. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
The Gilded Age at Biltmore Estate. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Guide to Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Polmer, Bunny.  Capital Entertaining: Cater to Call & Places to Party in and Around Washington.  0892862564. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Adams, R. & McCorkle, L..  The California Highway 1 Book.  $3.00. USED.
American Sport Education.  Coaching Tennis Technical and Tactical Skills.  0736053808.  $5.00. NEW.
Bjarkman, Peter C.  A History of Cuban Baseball, 1864-2006.  0786428295.  $70.00. USED.
Bouton, Jim.  Foul Ball: My Life and Hard Times Trying to Save an Old Ballpark.  0970911718. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Browe, Belmore.  The Conquest of Mt. McKinley. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Burton, Richard F.  The Lake Regions of Central Africa, Vol. 2: From Zanzibar to Lake Tanganyika.  1589760646.  $5.00. USED.
Campanelli, Lou.  Dare to Dream: Lou Campanelli and the History of JMU Basketball.  1938086341. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Cash, Marie R.  Built of Earth and Song: Churches of Northern New Mexico.  1878610309. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Costa, Kelli Ann.  Coach Fellas: Heritage and Tourism in Ireland.  1598744062.  $80.00. NEW.
Cronin, Paul D.  Schooling and Riding the Sport Horse: A Modern American Hunter/Jumper System.  0813938309. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Cunninghame-Graham, Rober.  Mogreb-el-Acksa: A Journey in Morocco.  0910395101.  $5.00. USED.
Early, Gerald.  Culture of Bruising: Essays on Prize-Fighting, Literature and Modern American Cultur.  0880013109.  $5.00. USED.
Edwards, Sally.  Heart Rate Monitor Book for Outdoor or Indoor Cyclists: A Heart Zone Training Progra.  1884737803.  $5.00. USED.
Fleischer, Nat.  A Pictorial History of Boxing. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Fodors Travel Publication.  Fodor's Exploring Costa Rica.  $5.00. USED.
Freeman, Michael A.  Khmer Temples in Thailand and Laos.  9748900762. Was $8.00, now $5.60. USED.
Frisbee, Meg.  Counterpunch: The Cultural Battles over Heavyweight Prizefighting in the American We.  0295995467. Was $30.00, now $21.00. NEW.
Gallwey, W Timothy.  The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance.  0679778314. Was $17.00, now $11.90. NEW.
Ghiglieri, Michael P..  Canyon.  0816512582. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Gowing, Elizabeth.  Edith & I: On the Trail of an Edwardian Traveller in Kosovo. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Guilford, Eleanor.  One Hundred Mile Summers: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada.  1587901145. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Hall, Andy.  Denali's Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Hamel, Clement, et al..  Le Sport contre la Societe (In French).  2356871748. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hawkes, Nena Rey.  Celebrating Women Coaches: A Biographical Dictionary.  0313309124. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Heller, Peter.  Set Free in China: Sojourns on the Edge.  0930031539. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hoagland, Edward.  Notes From the Century Before: A Journal From British Columbia. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Hyman, Mark.  Until It Hurts: America's Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids.  0807021180. Was $23.95, now $16.77. NEW.
Hyman, Mark.  The Most Expensive Game in Town: The Rising Cost of Youth Sports and the Toll on Tod.  0807001368. Was $24.95, now $17.47. NEW.
Hyman, Mark.  The Most Expensive Game in Town: The Rising Cost of Youth Sports and the Toll on Tod.  0807001449. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Hyman, Mark.  Until It Hurts: America's Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids.  0807021199. Was $15.00, now $10.50. NEW.
Iyer, Pico.  Video Night in Kathmandu: And Other Reports from the Not-So-Far East.  0394550277.  $5.00. USED.
James, Bill.  Win Shares.  1931584036. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
James, Bill.  The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract (The Classic--Completely Revised).  0684806975. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Kennan, George.  Tent Life in Siberia. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Kittleson, Roger.  The Country of Football: Soccer and the Making of Modern Brazil. Was $19.95, now $13.97. USED.
Kosik, Fran.  Native Roads: The Complete Motoring Guide to the Navajo and Hopi Nations.  1887896686.  $5.00. USED.
Krafchick, Marcelline.  The Romance of Elsewhere: A Half-Century of Connecting by Sea, by Air, by Rail.  1587901331. Was $11.00, now $7.70. NEW.
Laderman, Scott.  Empire in Waves: A Political History of Surfing. Was $27.50, now $19.25. USED.
Lenfestey, James P..  Seeking the Cave A Pilgrimage to Cold Mountain.  $0.00. USED.
Leslie, Edward E.  Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls: True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors.  0395911508.  $3.00. USED.
Light, Jonathan F.  The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Lloyd, Seton.  Ancient Turkey: A Traveller's History of Anatolia.  0520067878. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Lonely Planet Publication.  The Lonely Planet Travel Anthology: True Stories from the World's Best Writers. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Margolis, Susanna.  Adventuring in the Pacific: The Islands of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia.  0871563908. Was $23.00, now $16.10. USED.
Maxwell, William Hamilton.  Wild Sports of the West. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McClane, A J.  McClane's New Standard Fishing Encyclopedia.  0030603250. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
McMahon, Richard.  Adventuring in Hawaii: A Sierra Club Travel Guide.  0871564289. Was $14.00, now $9.80. USED.
Mills, Dorothy Jane.  A Woman's Work: Writing Baseball History with Harold Seymour.  0786418486. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Miserachs Communicacion, Gil S.  Las Guias Visuales de Espana: Aragon.  $3.00. USED.
Misrachs Communicacion, Gil Sy.  Las Guias Visuales de Espana: Extremadura.  $3.00. USED.
Monauni, Fabio.  Trento: An Art City in the Alps. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Morris, Mary.  Wall to Wall: From Beijing to Berlin by Rail. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Naipaul, Shiva.  North of South: An African Journey.  0671247425.  $3.00. USED.
Nemec, David.  The Beer and Whisky League: The Illustrated History of the American Association--Bas. Was $7.00, now $4.90. USED.
Nemec, David.  The Great Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Major League Baseball (Second Edition).  0817314997. Was $45.00, now $31.50. USED.
Nightingale, Florence.  Letters from Egypt: A Journey on the Nile, 1849-1850.  1555842046. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
OHanlon, Redmond.  In Trouble Again: A Journey Between the Orinoco and the Amazon.  0871132494.  $5.00. USED.
Patton, Susannah.  A Journey into Flaubert's Normandy.  0976670682. Was $21.95, now $15.37. NEW.
Pawlush, George.  Dawn and Dusk of the Colonial League.  1986005577. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Petzoldt, Patricia.  On Toop of the World: My Adventures with My Mountain-Climbing Husband. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Pielke, Roger Jr.  The Edge: The War against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sp.  1938901576. Was $18.95, now $13.27. NEW.
Pieroth, Doris Hinson.  Their Day in the Sun: Women of the 1932 Olympics. Was $10.25, now $7.18. USED.
Pixler, Paul.  Hiking Trails of Southwestern Colorado.  0871089114. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Podhajsky, Alois.  The White Stallions of Vienna. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Ritger, Dick & Allen, George.  The Complete Guide to Bowling Spares: The Encyclopedia of Spares.  0933554052. Was $25.00, now $17.50. USED.
Roberts, Kim.  A Literary Guide to Washington, DC: Walking in the Footsteps of American Writers fro.  0813941172. Was $27.95, now $19.57. NEW.
Roma, Lozzi (Pub.).  Fascination of Rome: Splendid Images Recount the Eternal City.  $5.00. USED.
Roman, Robert J.  Ohio State Football: The Forgotten Dawn.  1629220663. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Scott Slovic.  Going Away to Think: Engagement, Retreat, and Ecocritical Responsibility. Was $17.45, now $12.22. USED.
Scott, Eleanor.  Fin de Fiesta: A Journey to Yucatan. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Silver, Michael.  Golden Girl: How Natalie Coughlin Fought Back, Challenged Conventional Wisdom, and B. Was $12.00, now $8.40. USED.
Silver, Michael.  Golden Girl: How Natalie Coughlin Fought Back, Challenged Conventional Wisdom, and B.  1594862540. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Skaine, Rosemarie.  Women College Basketball Coaches.  0786409207. Was $28.00, now $19.60. USED.
Slovic, Scott.  Going Away to Think: Engagement, Retreat, and Ecocritical Responsibility. Was $17.45, now $12.22. USED.
Society for American Base.  Baseball Research Journal, Spring 2018.  1943816654. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Spano, Susan.  French Ghosts, Russian Nights, and American Outlaws: Souvenirs of a Professional Vag. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Thayer, James Bradley.  A Western Journey with Mr. Emerson. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Turner, Robert W II.  Not for Long: The Life and Career of the NFL Athlete.  0199892903. Was $20.00, now $14.00. NEW.
Vodret, Rossella.  Caravaggio a Roma Itinerario: Guida storico-artistica. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Ward, Skye.  Skyeview: A Sistah's View of the World.  0615661831. Was $10.00, now $7.00. NEW.
Weinberg, Jill D..  Consensual Violence: Sex, Sports, and the Politics of Injury.  0520290666. Was $15.95, now $11.17. NEW.
Whipple, Thomas J.  The Endurance Paradox: Bone Health for the Endurance Athlete.  1598746170.  $75.00. NEW.

Find Wine  in the store under Lifestyle.

Amerine, M.A. et al.  Table Wines: The Technology of their Production.  0520016572. Was $40.00, now $28.00. USED.
Amerine, M.A. et al.  Table Wines: The Technology of their Production. Was $20.00, now $14.00. USED.
Davies, Jamie & Jack.  Sparkling Harvest: The Seasons of the Vine. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Goldstein, Evan.  Wino i jedzenie: (In Polish) Mistrz Sommelierow pomaga odnalezc polaczenia idealne.  8361241019. Was $10.00, now $7.00. USED.
Gregutt, Paul.  Washington Wines and Wineries. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Haeger, John Winthrop.  North American Pinot Noir.  0520241142. Was $26.00, now $18.20. USED.
Halliday, James.  Wine Atlas of Australia.  0520250311. Was $30.00, now $21.00. USED.
Heimoff, Steve.  New Classic Winemakers of California: Conversations with Steve Heimoff.  0520267915. Was $15.00, now $10.50. USED.
Pinney, Thomas.  The City of Vines: A History of Wine in Los Angeles.  1597143987. Was $35.00, now $24.50. NEW.
Siler, Julia Flynn.  The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty.  $5.00. USED.
Taber, George M.  Judgment of Paris: California vs. France and the Historic 1976 Paris Tasting That Re. Was $12.75, now $8.93. SPRIU.

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