Fine and Second-Hand Books

A community for books, and books from our community:

Boks arrayed along UPB's messanine

While University Press Books is best known for our selection of hot-off-the-press scholarship, we are also extremely proud to sell an increasing number of fine and secondhand books. Since 2014, the bulk of these secondhand books have been acquired from noted professors and academics in our community, through our new Scholar’s Library program. As opposed to traditional means of secondhand book procurement, this program has enabled us to accept large donations of unique, focused, and personal libraries from scholars of importance, such as Basil Guy, David Keightley, Norman Rabkin, Wendy Martin and more. Many of these books are cherished titles that are no longer available in print, often sporting the marginalia of their original owners. UPB is proud to carry and display these books, and to help them find new homes in an academic community that will continue to renew their ideas and wisdom for years to come.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible Scholar’s Library donation, please contact us for additional information.

Front facade of University Press Books

From 1974, University Press Books has stoked the blaze of well over ten thousand minds on fire, carrying new scholarship published by the great university presses in the English-speaking world.

Since our founding, we've added quality fiction and creative non-fiction to our selection, without drfiting from our mission to showcase top new texts introduced by university presses.

Order from us. Visit us. Let well-wrought words churn and burn within.