Opening Reception of Jazz Paintings by Charles Blackwell

You are invited to the Opening Reception of Jazz Paintings by Charles Blackwell!

At the Musical Offering Café

Viewing of the paintings

Live musical  performance by the Morgan Maudiére Trio

Reading by the artist

Light Refreshments (beer and wine available for purchase)

"I make art to positively influence the preservation of African American culture. My blindness has connected me with the disabled community, where I have experienced others with the tremendous courage to rise from the circumstances and live their dreams. I find this very inspiring, and through my own creative efforts I hope to inspire others in the same manner. In suffering as well as in times of joy, I believe that art has the power to uplift, illuminate, and give validation to the existence of the human spirit." - Charles Curtis Blackwell  artist, poet, playwright

Event date: 
Thursday, July 19, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
Event address: 
2430 Bancroft Way
Musical Offering Café
Berkeley, CA 94704

Those Halcyon Days

Even though the store takes a hiatus, it’s easy to imagine that long conversation amongst the great minds continuing around the Great Table, in our fancy, if not in Eternity, though we can agree to disagree about that.

How many can you identify?

Some are pretty obvious, others a little obscure. If educated outside the U.S. you might have an advantage in naming two or three. One makes for a fancy pose, but he’s actually a blockhead.

All have made significant contributions, even when shown demonstrably wrong. Nonetheless, we continue to argue with them because even when we argue with them, more often than not, we find them productively wrong.

We look forward to the time when you too can rejoin the conversation.

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