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Spring 2018



Anthropology 137: 1
Energy, Culture and Social Organization

Laura Nader

Nader,   The Energy Reader   New: $50.00

Anthropology 160AC: 1
Forms of Folklore

Charles Briggs

Briggs,   Stories in the Time of Cholera   New: $30.95
Paredes,   With a Pistol in His Hand   Used: $0.00
Blank,   Folk Culture in the Digital Age   Used: $0.00

Anthropology 217: 1
Discourse and/of the Body

Charles Briggs

Briggs,   Making Health Public   New: $44.95
Canguilhem,   The Normal and the Pathological   New: $27.95
Das,   Life and Words   New: $29.95
Stevenson,   Life Beside Itself   New: $29.95
Hamdy,   Lissa   New: $24.95
Lakoff,   Unprepared   New: $29.95
Wool,   After War   New: $24.95

College Writing Program 150AC: 1
Researching Water in the West:
Its Presence, Its Absence, and Its Consequences for the Peoples of California

Patricia Steenland

Cross-listed with CW 50AC

College Writing Program 25AC: 1
Reading in and about U.S. Education Institutions

Margi Wald

Darling-Hammond,   The Flat World and Education   Used: $21.00

College Writing Program 50: 1
Researching Water in the West:
Its Presence, Its Absence, and Its Consequences for the Peoples of California

Patricia Steenland

Austin,   Land of Little Rain   New: $16.00
Austin,   Land of Little Rain   Used: $0.00
Muir,   My First Summer in the Sierra   Used: $11.25
Muir,   My First Summer in the Sierra   New: $14.95
Righter,   The Battle Over Hetch Hetchy   Used: $21.75
Wakatsuki Houston,   Farewell to Manzanar   Used: $0.00
Wakatsuki Houston,   Farewell to Manzanar   New: $9.99
Walton,   Western Times and Water Wars   New: $33.95
Walton,   Western Times and Water Wars   Used: $25.50
Harvey,   Writing with Sources 2e   New: $10.00

College Writing Program R1A: 24
Accelerated Reading and Composition:
Border Crossing

Michelle Baptiste

Alexie,   The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian   New: $15.99
Graff,   They Say, I Say 3e   New: $27.95
Urrea,   The Devil s Highway   Used: $12.00

College Writing Program R4A: 1
Reading and Composition:
Intersections of Language

Michelle Baptiste

Chavez,   The Color Bind   New: $30.95
Graff,   They Say / I Say 3e (2016 MLA Update)   New: $30.75
Lee,   Native Speaker   New: $16.00
Lee,   Native Speaker   New: $16.00
Used: $
Lee,   Native Speaker   Used: $12.00
Lippi-Green,   English with an Accent   New: $47.95
Santa Ana,   Brown Tide Rising   New: $39.95

Comparative Literature 227: 1
Studies in Contemporary Literature:
Narrative, Description, Affect

Dora Zhang

de Balzac,   Pere Goriot   New: $11.95
Flaubert,   Madam Bovary   New: $17.00
Zola,   The Belly of Paris   New: $12.95
James,   The Golden Bowl   New: $13.00
Woolf,   The Waves   New: $14.95
Barnes,   Nightwood   New: $14.95

Comparative Literature R1A: 4
R1A English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature:
Writing the Self: Language, Memory, Confession

Wendy Bootes

de Quincey,   Confessions of an English Opium Eater   New: $13.95
Douglass,   Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass   New: $13.00
Tolstoy,   Childhood, Boyhood, Youth   New: $16.00
Carrington,   Down Below   New: $14.00
Nabokov,   Speak, Memory   New: $16.00

Comparative Literature R1B: 10
English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature:
Between Womxn

Alexandra Brostoff
Marlena Gittleman

Larson,   Passing   New: $14.00

Comparative Literature R1B: 17
English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature:
Family Portraits

Mary Mussman

Bechdel,   Fun Home   Used: $12.00
Euripedes,   Euripedes I 3e   New: $12.00
Nelson ,   The Argonauts    New: $15.00
Sagan,   Bonjour Tristesse   New: $12.99
Shakespeare,   Twelfth Night   New: $12.95
Shakespeare,   Twelfth Night   Used: $0.00

Comparative Literature R1B: 1
English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature:

Emily Laskin
Donna Honarpisheh

Anzaldua,   Borderlands/La Frontera 4e   New: $22.95
Ghosh,   The Shadow Lines   New: $14.00
Ghosh,   The Shadow Lines   Used: $12.00
Tolstoy,   Hadji Murad   New: $11.00

English 118: 1

Joanna Piciotto

Milton,   The Complete Poetry and Essential Prose of John Milton   New: $55.00

English 143B: 1

Robert Hass

Fisher-Wirth,   Ecopoetry Anthology   New: $24.95
Fisher-Wirth,   Ecopoetry Anthology   New: $24.95
Sindt,   System and Population   New: $14.00
Taylor,   Works and Days   New: $11.95
Singleton,   Ascension   New: $14.00
Zapruder,   Sun Bear   New: $17.00

English 190: 6
Research Seminar:
Sixty Years Since: The Historical Novel

Margaret Kolb

Dickens,   A Tale of Two Cities   Used: $0.00
Eliot,   Adam Bede   Used: $12.75
Hardy,   The Mayor of Casterbridge   Used: $12.00
McEwan,   Atonement   Used: $12.00
Thackery,   Vanity Fair   New: $12.95

English 190: 10
Research Seminar:
Pagan Fictions in Christian Literature

Jacob Hobson

Chaucher,   Dream Visions and Other Poems   New: $18.00
Alighieri,   The Portable Dante   New: $21.00
Minnis,   Medieval Literary Theory and Criticism   New: $84.00
Milton,   Paradise Lost   New: $22.00
Milton,   Paradise Lost   New: $19.00
Ovid,   Metamorphoses   New: $17.95
Virgil,   Aeneid   New: $14.00

English R1B: 16
Reading and Composition:
Modern Literature Between Past and Future

Emily O'Rourke

Woolf,   Mrs. Dalloway   New: $13.95
J.M.,   Elizabeth Costello   New: $15.00

Ethnic Studies 24P: 1
Freshman Seminar:
Queer Latinx Studies: Theory in the Flesh

Raul Coronado

Islas,   Rain God   New: $13.99
Anzaldúa,   Borderlands / La Frontera   New: $22.95

History 103F: 2
Proseminar: Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Asia:
The Chinese Earth: Resources and Ecology

Michael Nylan
Thomas H. Hahn

Montgomery,   Happy City   New: $16.00

History of Art R1B: 6
Reading and Writing about Visual Experience:
Visions of Empire

Keith Budner

Guaaman Poma de Ayala,   The First New Chronicle and Good Government   New: $19.00
Carpentier,   Explosion in a Cathedral   New: $18.50
Goya,   The Disaster of War   New: $15.98
de Camoes,   The Lusiads   New: $12.95

Rhetoric 156: 1
Rhetoric of the Political Novel

Jerilyn Sambrooke

Robinson,   Gilead   New: $16.00
Robinson,   Gilead   Used: $10.50
McEwan,   Enduring Love   New: $15.95
McEwan,   The Children Act   New: $15.00
Adichie,   Purple Hibiscus   New: $14.95
Makumbi,   Kintu   New: $16.00

Rhetoric R1B: 5
The Craft of Writing

Jerilyn Sambrooke
Yael Hacohen

Rankine,   Citizen   New: $0.00

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