The 13 Apps To Update Your Attitude: Discovering Your Life Purpose Volume 2 (Paperback)

The 13 Apps To Update Your Attitude: Discovering Your Life Purpose Volume 2 By Doris Eshima Ashaba (Editor), Eshima Milton (Introduction by), Pr Elisha Kakwerere Cover Image
By Doris Eshima Ashaba (Editor), Eshima Milton (Introduction by), Pr Elisha Kakwerere
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In the year of 2015, I had a smart phone (Microsoft Window 10 Nokia) that phone taught me a lot about the life a person was designed to live in. I complained about that phone and it's usage. I thought it had a problem but it was me who did not know how to use it. Every month the Microsoft Window would start to remind me to update my applications and when I ignore the phone would silent itself until I update its applications. It happened one day I had to install more applications the phone became heavy, it switched itself off and I was so angry it failed to work. I took the phone to the technician and I explained the problem. He told me the phone had no problem but the owner who doesn't use it accordingly. He said this phone can't accommodate too much information and it's applications need to be updated every month. If not, you will not manage the phone. The lessons I learnt from this phone, I discovered if a phone can remind us to update it, what about us human being. We also need to update our applications of future plans when we want reach very fast.Why this story I wanted to tell you how we are made, we also have applications that always need to be updated when we want to live in Updated life.I meet many people and read many books with the intention of understanding how one can live in Updated life.some people said life is the way you make it, others said life becomes a reality when you get a well paid job and build a good house and buy an expensive car. In this book i explain what you want to become, it is not far from you, it is even within your neighbourhood. Life becomes real when you learn and discover the life exactly you want to live in. Many people have left their homes and others walk while sleeping thinking better life and some have decided to change life by changing location still in vain. When people kept getting the same results, they got worried about their future and how they will encounter the life they were made to live in. When people start to think that then they are about to discover their Life Purpose God created them to be. When you don't think how you want your life to be, you will remain in dark life. In this book, i have discovered the 13 Applications that will help you to update your Life Purpose for your future. When you follow them, you will reach your destination if you don't, you will never discover exactly the resources that will drive you to the right way that will take you there. In the same way, you will never achieve your goals when you are still doing the same thing that bring the same results. Everyone expect good results, but you will never see good results if you don't change your old ways. Life becomes smart when you act on it. For your advice God has made you victorious and indeed you are, God sees you are delaying yourself to have your victory. When God gives you what to do and you fail to do it, He will keep quite until you respond. You were designed in God's image therefore it is possible for you to do anything that gloryfies Him. He entrusted you with everything He made and said be a ruler, dominate, multiply and subdue the earth. You will never multiply unless you discover these applications that will help you to understand your Life Purpose.Our lives need to be updated every time as I said my phone would remind me to update applications, it is the same thing you will do always remind yourself where you want to be.The 13 Apps that will update your Life Purpose were collected from different authors and Philosophers and different people that have encountered different situations. After doing research, I compiled all this information that we need to update our attitude. These are Apps that you will follow to discover your Life, this book has answers to your questions. I have been using this material to teach, train and preach along the way I have seen people's lives being changed and restored. You also need to know these 13 Apps work in changing process.

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ISBN: 9798671032192
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2020
Pages: 184
Language: English
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