Times Tables Magic: Learn Multiplications in a Quick and Fun Way: Make it Stick! (Paperback)

Times Tables Magic: Learn Multiplications in a Quick and Fun Way: Make it Stick! Cover Image
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  • Learn Your Times Tables in 7 DAYS - View the video under #TimesTablesMagic or Follow the Author below.
  • A PROVEN memory technique of STORIES + IMAGINATION - as seen with amazing celebrity card counters, they have memorized long card sequences, and YOU can use the same for Times Tables. Scientists and our readers have PROVEN it can work for YOU
  • Goes all the way to 12 Times Tables - no longer spend painful hours of effort just rote memorizing. USE science to memorize.
  • BETTER than Flash Cards keep all the Times Tables contained, turn straight to the Tables
  • Full Money Back Guarantee Try it now and recall the multiplication facts in a fun visual way

A proven method to learn multiplication through SIMPLE stories for kids and grownups

  • How does it work? The number SHAPE is linked or ASSOCIATED with a character, the characters are then used in a story to help associate the full times table fact.
  • 3 is a butterfly, so 3x3 is the story of the two butterflies swimming a race and the big red balloon in the shape of a 9 is cheering them on When pupils read 3 x 3 they recall the story of 9- the big red balloon cheering. Try it yourself and recall the answer in a few days time.
  • It's a clever proven method engaging the right side of the brain and it works

Everyone said the best way was to learn them by rote, but why not use science to speed this up?

The brain has its own powerhouse technique for remembering. It recalls facts faster when using colorful EXAGGERATION, imagination, and association It's bizarre but true Read about the famous people who can recall long numbers of playing cards - THIS is the technique they used The stories work - saves you time, and allows you to sit down with your child letting your imaginations go wild Enjoy the journey To keep the book simple and easy to learn it excludes the 2's, 10's, and the very easy 11 times tables up to 10 - but included 11x11, and 11x12. It's ideal for elementary schoolers, 3rd graders. Even forms part of dyslexia aids for children. They WILL have fun

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ISBN: 9798624213449
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 12th, 2020
Pages: 42
Language: English
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