Rhetoric: Easy to Read Layout (Large Print / Paperback)

Rhetoric: Easy to Read Layout By Aristotle, John Henry Freese (Translator) Cover Image
By Aristotle, John Henry Freese (Translator)
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Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty of discovering the possible means of persuasion in reference to any subject whatever. This is the function of no other of the arts, each of which is able to instruct and persuade in its own special subject; thus, medicine deals with health and sickness, geometry with the properties of magnitudes, arithmetic with number, and similarly with all the other arts and sciences. But Rhetoric, so to say, appears to be able to discover the means of persuasion in reference to any given subject. That is why we say that as an art its rules are not applied to any particular definite class of things.

This edition comes with an Easy-to-Read layout which makes reading comfortable.

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ISBN: 9791029914355
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Fv Editions
Publication Date: November 9th, 2022
Pages: 296
Language: English
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