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This book reflects five things which keep a relationship running smoothly especially in Botswana, Africa. Botswana is a middle income country with majority of the people having difficulties in having adequate money. If you are having any problem in your relationship, even if your partner is cheating on you, check within the five things to see what can be the cause of your problem\s. The five things are;

•MONEY. If money is not there in the relationship, conflict is bound to be there. Or if money is there and one of the two is misusing it, conflict is also bound to be there. Or if money is there and the two cannot agree on what to do with it having different opinions, conflict is also bound to be there. And as money is physical as well as spiritual, when someone has money, he\she becomes untouchable and uncooperative to the other until money gets finished. This is so as majority of the people in the country are having financial problems. It is not everybody who has adequate money.
•FOOD. If there is no food and the two are hungry, the two will then focus more on hunger than anything else. The two will be stressed, weak and can't concentrate on their love affair. This can drive one of the two to find somebody who can provide food in exchange either for sex or something else. That person can spend more time with the person who is providing food for him\her than his\her permanent partner.
And this can end up not going well with the partner who is attention starved. For someone especially when extended family members are around, when he\she has money and bought food thinking that the food is going to sustain them for the whole month, if food gets finished before the expected time, when the one who bought it is told of the situation, he\she starts to get angry accusing extended family members of finishing food in the house.
Suppose the two are staying together having no extended family members, one of the two has money and the other one doesn't, one of the two buys food only to find the partner with friends, eating the food one has bought. The one who has bought it will start to complain saying he\she is buying food only for the other to throw a party with friends in the house fully knowing that he\she is not the one buying it.
•SEX. If one of the two is denied that sexual encounter he\she will spend endless days angry and is irritated by anything. He\she will complain about anything. Some of the things he\she complains about are trivial. Because of being denied that sexual encounter, everything that his\her partner does is wrong. Because a sexually hungry person is a very angry person. He\she cannot differentiate between serious and small matters. Facts and wild thoughts.
Other people starve their partners sexually and expect their partners to produce a smile the following day in the morning when they wake up. Majority of the people can't take that kindly as they feel that that is total torture to them. Other people expect to be told that they are deeply loved and are the best people to be in love with after denying their partners sex. If the one denied sex thinks of pronouncing his\her deepest love for the other after spending a sleepless night in an attempt to persuade the partner to have it with him\her to no avail, when he thinks of saying 'I love you' he\she better think of saying 'you know what, when I look at you, I'm feeling disgusted and feeling like vomiting.
•ACCOMMODATION. If the two are not staying under the same roof, one of the two can be influenced by the environment one is living in and end up doing something which can affect the other badly.
•LACK OF GOOD COMMUNICATION AND RESPECT. A lot of people are losing their relationships because of poor communication and lack of respect for the other. Other people are finding themselves on the rocks because of the words they use to their partners while others are losing their relationships just because they fail to apologize to their partners. While others are car

About the Author

Kebaneilwe Garebatho was born on the 23th February 1972 in Maun, Botswana, Africa. He is the son of the late Caroline Mothophi Bikitshane. He is the third out of four siblings on the mother's side. HKebaneilwe Garebatho is a single man and has two kids, a daughter and a son, They are Caroline and Francis. He is the author of four other books being 1, Life Challenges to Success Part one. 2. Life Challenges to Success Part two. 3. Life Challenges to Success Part three. Lastly is 4. Life Challenges to Success Part 1, 2 &3. The author was prompted to write this book by two unfortunate incidents. The first incident was when he caught his long time fiancé of nine years having sex with another man inside his house, bedroom, bed, blankets and using his [author's] condom, The incident happened when the two were left with a week to tie the knot. The two of them ran away for good till now. The author went to the bar to buy fifteen straights of Push Kin [alcohol.] He drank part of them in four days then collapsed as he wasn't eating anything nor drinking water. His neighbor then transported him to Princess Marina Hospital, a local hospital in Gaborone, Botswana. The author was then admitted for fifteen days as he was also diagnosed with a liver problem. The outer cover of his book 'The Pain of Love reflects what has happened to him during the second incident. His best friend left him in the bar after telling him to wait for him there and after telling the bar attendants to serve the author with alcohol as he was going to come and pay for them. After leaving the author there, he sneaked to the mother of the author's kids to have sex with her, get money from her to go and pay for the beers he told the bar attendants to serve the author with. The best friend did that for three weeks. Most of the time the author never went with house keys as he was somebody who mostly lost them. On the third week, the author just felt like going with the kitchen door key. He then went. Late in the afternoon he met his best friend as usual. The best friend did as usual. After leaving the author in the bar, the author only drank two beers, paid for them, bought himself six pack, told the bar attendants that when his best friend comes they must tell him that he has gone to his place as he felt like drinking while home. He arrived at his house, found the main door closed and locked. The author then decided to go to the kitchen door, opened it, placed the beers in the fridge and something just told him to go to his bedroom to inspect how it was. Surprisingly when he opened his bedroom he found his bestfriend in bed with his partner. The author was then left speechless. He just told the two to vacate his house which they did. Kebaneilwe Garebatho after some few days as he had a lot of questions in his mind then decided to find out the causes of passion killings in Botswana, Africa as it is one of the leading countries in passion killings incidents. He went to prison to interview those people who had killed their partners and got arrested. He also visited Lobatse Mental Hospital, a local psychiatrist hospital to interview those people who became mentally affected after the relationships they truly believed in turned nasty. Other people who were interviewed include psychologists, social workers, lawyers, judges, pastors, police officers, African traditional doctors and the general public. After compiling all the facts he then sat down and wrote the book 'The Pain of Love.

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Publication Date: April 13th, 2022
Pages: 138
Language: English
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