The One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint: Step by Step Guide to Launch a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 90 Days or Less and Double Your Inbound (Paperback)

The One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint: Step by Step Guide to Launch a Winning Content Marketing Strategy in 90 Days or Less and Double Your Inbound Cover Image
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Martin Lindstrom calls the One-Page Marketing Blueprint "One page of gold This book offers a simple and valuable one-page blueprint that essentially guides you on how to create a targeted content marketing strategy to achieve long-term success." -- NY Times best-selling author of Buyology, Time magazine influential 100 honoree

Imagine being given a map when you first did content marketing.

Imagine knowing a clear path that shows you how to get from Point A (no results) to Point B (more traffic, more qualified leads, more sales).

Imagine having a guide that teaches you how to focus on the 20% of the things that produce 80% of the results.

Imagine no more.

Every marketer knows that "Content is King." However, with a single Google search, you get a ton of information on how to plan, create, and publish content. It's easy to get lost and overwhelmed. Most of the time, the information you find is complicated and it's very rare that you find information on how the different content marketing pieces fit and work together.

Content marketing SIMPLIFIED -- this is the crux of this book

The "One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint" is a map to help you see where each piece of the content marketing puzzle fits and how the different elements work together. The one-page blueprint shows the interdependencies among these content marketing tactics and how they contribute to achieving content marketing success.

It's a map. If you ever feel lost while going through this book, you can always go back to the one-page blueprint and instantly regain a sense of where you are.

What awaits you in this book?

  • The one-page content marketing blueprint that gives you the bigger picture of how the entire content marketing discipline works
  • The "Content Marketing Success Roadmap" showing you what to expect at each stage of the journey
  • 19 chapters of actionable and simplified content marketing strategies and tactics that will start giving you results in 90 days
  • Free templates and tools you can use to jumpstart your renewed content marketing campaigns
  • Actionable next steps and metrics to track at the end of each chapter so you know exactly what to do and what to measure to indicate progress


This is what this book will inspire you to do. With a clear understanding of where you are and where you need to go, and what you should do to get the most out of content marketing, there's really no room anymore for overwhelm, frustration, and hesitation. Just room for you to take action.

Find out why marketing experts agree: "The One-Page Content Marketing Blueprint simplifies a complex process so that any company, of any size, in any industry can develop an action-oriented plan that delivers results." -- Joe Pulizzi, Founder of CMI and author of Epic Content Marketing

Get the content marketing resources you need: "A well-crafted, well-researched, and insightful book. Content Marketing is challenging, this book equips you with the right tools to drive success." -- Jonah Berger, NY Times best-selling author of Contagious


If you've been an outsider looking in, watching your competitors get results from their content marketing efforts while you get left behind, wondering what it is that you're doing wrong...

If you've been wasting resources and time creating content that goes to waste...

If you've been feeling that you're doing content marketing in a dark cave, scrambling around and not really sure if you'll see the light in the end...


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ISBN: 9789354069239
ISBN-10: 9354069231
Publisher: Axeman Publishing
Publication Date: May 30th, 2020
Pages: 260
Language: English
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