The Spiritual Liberation of Women (Paperback)

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A cascade of profound spiritual insights on women's situation and how women have a historical opportunity to turn society in a new direction. Learn why certain manipulative beings chose that women should be the inferior sex on earth and how this has impacted civilization. Learn how women can free themselves from the consequences of this manipulation and thereby also free society from the male-dominated bias that is still affecting the world, even in modern democracies.

Beyond mere insights, this book also contains a series of practical tools whereby women can call into physical manifestation the changes that already exist in the spiritual realm and the higher levels of the collective consciousness. Some of the topics covered:

  • Why women need to question infallible truth
  • The unknown forces behind the suppression of women
  • We are spiritual beings and not created as men or women
  • The potential for solidarity between women on a world scale
  • Why certain religions blame women for the "fall of man"
  • Jesus never wanted Christianity to suppress women
  • How to overcome control games between men and women
  • How to overcome violence against women
  • How to free women (and men) from sexual exploitation
  • How to free women from control from the power elite
  • How to help all women have a better life

Product Details
ISBN: 9788793297760
ISBN-10: 8793297769
Publisher: More to Life Publishing
Publication Date: November 27th, 2020
Pages: 626
Language: English
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