Renewing Your Mind: A Guide To Transforming Your World From Chaos To Clarity (Paperback)

Renewing Your Mind: A Guide To Transforming Your World From Chaos To Clarity By Makini Smith, Suzana Mihajlovic, Brian Proctor (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Renewing Your Mind presents transcripts from Makini Smith & Suzana Mihalovic, mindset coaches and Proctor Gallagher consultants', workshops. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants the combined wisdom and experience of 2 proteges of the legendary Bob Proctor. This book is your guide to transforming your world from chaos to clarity in one volume.

Among many other invaluable lessons contained between the pages of this book, readers will learn:

  • How to honor the present moment
  • How to take care of your mind, body & soul
  • How to attain massive goals using your imagination
  • How to break through your fears
  • How to change your paradigm that's controlling your negative results
  • and much more

Makini and Suzana aspire to show you how to think, feel and act differently to produce a different result

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999024048
ISBN-10: 1999024044
Publisher: Your2minds
Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Pages: 152
Language: English
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