Story & Bone (Paperback)

Story & Bone By Deborah Leipziger, Eileen Cleary (Editor), Michael McInnis (Designed by) Cover Image
By Deborah Leipziger, Eileen Cleary (Editor), Michael McInnis (Designed by)
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The poems in Deborah Leipziger's Story & Bone are centered around connection, the forging of it, the strength of it and the loss of it. She writes of the connections between mother and daughter and between the daughter and her own three daughters. She writes of the broken and whole sensual and emotional connections between lovers and partners. She explores her connection with nature especially flowers], with Judaism, with her body, her past, her intentions. This leads to strong, quirky and intelligent poems.

--Marge Piercy, Author, Novelist, Poet, Activist, and Feminist icon

Product Details
ISBN: 9781957755106
ISBN-10: 1957755105
Publisher: Lily Poetry Review
Publication Date: January 10th, 2023
Pages: 76
Language: English

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