Time To Move My Shit (Paperback)

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Got shit to move? Don't know where to start? Stay organized with this moving planner

Moving Planner

8 X 10 Inches

90 Pages of Fillable Prompts

Are you moving to a new home? We understand it is such an overwhelming task to plan everything before you move.

Moving is like starting on a new life in a new place that is far from what you have considered your home. But it may not be as difficult as many would say. In the course of planning to move, there are a lot of hard decisions to make and preparations to do. If you have not organized your move well, you will be faced with headaches that will take a long time to overcome.

This moving journal was created to help with all parts of the packing and organizing process.

Careful packing does minimize the risk of things being broken, but one of the only ways to actually ensure that you have no breakages whilst moving is to take them with you, or, if hiring a firm, allowing them to pack.

If you're selling your house, you have to do several things to ensure its ready for a smooth and easy sale. You can hire an estate agent, interior stager or complete sales teams to sell your house - or you can do it yourself.

If you're moving up the street or across the country, this little cute moving journal will make your life much easier. Do you need a moving notebook to keep all things pertaining to your move in one place?

A moving journal that keeps you on track to do things that you wouldn't have thought to do. Well, this is the notebook you need

In this Moving Planner you have:

Moving From

Moving To

Moving Companies

Moving Checklist-2 Months Before

Moving Checklist-6 Weeks Before

Moving Checklist-One Month

Moving Checklist-2 Weeks

Moving Checklist-3 Days

On The Day of the Move

Moving Instructions


Floor Plan Grid

Packing Contents

Label Boxes

Things To Sell

If you are looking for gifts for a friend who is moving or gifts for anyone who is moving away, then this will make a great gift for them. Give this as a moving away gift

There are so many things to do and take care of and its quite easy to forget many things. This House moving checklist notebook will help you to organize everything when you decide to move.

This Time To Move My Shit Moving Planner will really make your life easy if you are planning to move soon.


Product Details
ISBN: 9781953332073
ISBN-10: 1953332072
Publisher: Shocking Journals
Publication Date: July 29th, 2020
Pages: 92
Language: English

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