The DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK) (Paperback)

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Written by over 120 data management practitioners, the DAMA Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK) is the most impressive compilation of data management principals and best practices, ever assembled. It provides data management and IT professionals, executives, knowledge workers, educators, and researchers with a framework to manage their data and mature their information infrastructure.

The equivalent of the PMBOK or the BABOK, the DAMA-DMBOK provides information on:

-Data Governance

-Data Architecture Management

-Data Development

-Database Operations Management

-Data Security Management

-Reference & Master Data Management

-Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Management

-Document & Content Management

-Meta Data Management

-Data Quality Management

-Professional Development

As an authoritative introduction to data management, the goals of the DAMA-DMBOK Guide are: -To build consensus for a generally applicable view of data management functions.

-To provide standard definitions for commonly used data management functions, deliverables, roles, and other terminology.

-To document guiding principles for data management.

-To present a vendor-neutral overview to commonly accepted good practices, widely adopted methods and techniques, and significant alternative approaches.

-To clarify the scope and boundaries of data management.

-To act as a reference which guides readers to additional resources for further understanding.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781935504023
ISBN-10: 1935504029
Publisher: Technics Publications
Publication Date: January 1st, 2010
Pages: 432
Language: English
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