Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered (Paperback)

Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered By Russell Kirk, Roger Scruton (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Russell Kirk, Roger Scruton (Foreword by)
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About the Author

Dr. Kirk was one of this century's foremost men of letters. He was the founder of the conservative quarterlies Modern Age and The University Bookman. The Conservative Mind, Edmund Burke, The Roots of American Order, Enemies of the Permanent Things, and Eliot and His Age  are among his over thirty books.

Praise For…

"If you are not a Burke scholar…Edmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered must be read first."
The World & I

"This is the liveliest and most accessible one-volume biography of Edmund Burke."
The Bookwatch

“Kirk’s scholarship is wide-ranging . . . and of course he brings to bear his close knowledge of the vast array of modern Burke scholarship. [His] . . . book is both elegant and eloquent, and it helps to fill a real need. ”
Jeffrey Hart, National Review

“[T]he book serves as a good short introduction to Burke’s life and throught.”
Library Journal

“No one knows more about Burke or writes of him with as much authority as did Russell Kirk.”
M.D. Aeschliman, The Wanderer

Edmund Burke is the very book for the non-specialist and the very book that no specialist will want to be without. It is at once a general introduction to the essence of Burke’s thought and a major reassessment of Burke in the light of the vast body of scholarship now available on him.”
G.B. Tennyson, University Bookman

“Only a man of Kirk’s provenance and ambiance would have been appropriate for the job—to reassert, by way of Burke, ‘the natural law tradition [against] the positivism, nominalism and scientific materialism of modern liberal thought,’ as Carl Cone has put it.”
C.P. Ives, Modern Age

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ISBN: 9781935191766
ISBN-10: 1935191764
Publisher: Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Publication Date: December 17th, 2009
Pages: 300
Language: English
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