Death and Anti-Death, Volume 9: One Hundred Years After Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911) (Death & Anti-Death) (Paperback)

Death and Anti-Death, Volume 9: One Hundred Years After Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911) (Death & Anti-Death) By Charles Tandy (Editor), Gary L. Herstein (Contribution by), Sinclair T. Wang (Contribution by) Cover Image
By Charles Tandy (Editor), Gary L. Herstein (Contribution by), Sinclair T. Wang (Contribution by)
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Death And Anti-Death, Volume 9: One Hundred Years After Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911) is edited by Charles Tandy, Ph.D.: ISBN 978-1-934297-13-1 is the Hardback edition and ISBN 978-1-934297-14-8 is the Paperback edition. Volume 9, as indicated by the anthology's subtitle, is in honor of Wilhelm Dilthey (1833-1911). The chapters do not necessarily mention him (but some chapters do). The chapters (by professional philosophers and other professional scholars) are directed to issues related to death, life extension, and anti-death, broadly construed. Most of the contributions consist of scholarship unique to this volume. As was the case with all previous volumes in the Death And Anti-Death Series By Ria University Press, the anthology includes an Index as well as an Abstracts section that serves as an extended table of contents. (Volume 9 also includes a BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS section.) Volume 9 includes chapters by some of the world's leading living thinkers and doers. There are 13 chapters, as follows: ------CHAPTER ONE Contingency, Autonomy And Inanity: Cornelius Castoriadis On Human Mortality (by Giorgio Baruchello) pages 27-54; ------CHAPTER TWO Cryonics: Introduction And Technical Challenges (by Ben Best) pages 55-74; ------CHAPTER THREE Technological Revolutions: Ethics And Policy In The Dark (by Nick Bostrom) pages 75-108; ------CHAPTER FOUR Is Personalism Dead At Boston University? (by Thomas O. Buford) pages 109-136; ------CHAPTER FIVE Practical Lessons In Preparing For Cryonic Suspension: The Example Of Robert Ettinger, Patient 106 (by David Ettinger and Connie Ettinger) pages 137-146; ------CHAPTER SIX Bad Metaphysics Does Not Make For Good Science (by Gary L. Herstein) pages 147-164; ------CHAPTER SEVEN Open Theism (by J. R. Lucas) pages 165-174; ------CHAPTER EIGHT Fostering Death In A Culture Of Life: The Ambiguous Legacy Of The Marketing Of Cryonics (by David Pascal) pages 175-198; ------CHAPTER NINE Agony As Entrancement: Dying Out Of Too Much Life: Emil Cioran And The Metaphysical Experience Of Death (by Horia Patrascu) pages 199-226; ------CHAPTER TEN Options For Proactive Cryopreservation (by R. Michael Perry) pages 227-236; ------CHAPTER ELEVEN The Many Worlds Of Dilthey: A Modest Defense Of The Irreducibility Of Meaning (by Charles Taliaferro) pages 237-248; ------CHAPTER TWELVE John Rawls And The Death Of Scarcity: A "Force Of Nature" Original Position (by Charles Tandy) pages 249-280; ------CHAPTER THIRTEEN The Convergence Of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology And Information Technology - The Potential Unlimited Renewable Resource Generation For The Extension Of Sustainability (by Sinclair T. Wang) pages 281-328. ------The INDEX begins on page 329.

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ISBN: 9781934297148
ISBN-10: 1934297143
Publisher: Ria University Press
Publication Date: December 25th, 2011
Pages: 338
Language: English
Series: Death & Anti-Death (Paperback)

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