Dr.Sebi: A Complete Guide to the Alkaline Diet. Discover This Powerful Tool to Detox Your Body and Avoid High-Pressure Blood, D (Paperback)

Dr.Sebi: A Complete Guide to the Alkaline Diet. Discover This Powerful Tool to Detox Your Body and Avoid High-Pressure Blood, D By Alfred Bowman Cover Image
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Are you looking for a diet to help detox your body and overcome or avoid health problems such as high-pressure blood, diabetes, and cancer? If yes, this is the right book for you

Dr. Sebi's diet includes the consumption of regular, alkaline, plant-based nourishments, and herbs while avoiding acidic, crossover food sources that can harm the body. It is a veggie-lover, plant-based diet that limits human-made nourishment and, as a consequence, acidity, and bodily fluid. These latter are responsible for the advancement of diseases.

Usually, the vast majority of people get thinner when following this plant-based, alkaline diet since they have to avoid meat, dairy products, and prepared foods. Frequently individuals choose this regimen also to purify their body, overcome diseases, and improve their lifestyle. Dr. Sebi's diet is an entirely new approach to food. As such, it might be hard to get used to it, especially at the start.

Dr. Sebi is the founder of the USHA Healing Village situated in Honduras, which gives mending and shows individuals how to carry on with an alkaline way of life. Therapeutic experts frequently accept that Dr. Sebi herb's way of dealing with relieving disease is insufficient because they were instructed to have faith only in drugs. In any case, numerous individuals have asserted that this diet has enhanced their health and that this way of dealing with diseases has worked better than medications.

This book covers:

  • What Is Dr. Sebi's Diet?
  • Dr.Sebi's Approach To Disease
  • How Toxic Foods Increase The Risk Of Disease
  • Approved Foods And Herbs
  • Dr. Sebi Fasting
  • Alkaline Diet Recipes
  • Dr. Sebi's Plant-Based Diet

...And much more

Let's detox your body and improve your life thanks to this new diet. Click here to buy the book

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801092371
ISBN-10: 1801092370
Publisher: Diamond V&e Ltd
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: English

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