Fucking Apostrophes (Hardcover)

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A hilarious, furious and profoundly useful short guide to the most maddening punctuation in English

Apostrophes are an f'ing pain. The rules about how to use them are complicated, and have evolved haphazardly.

Originally written as advice by a copywriter for designers -- wont to insert and remove apostrophes at will, for visual effect -- this is a lighthearted pocket-sized guide to getting the f'ing things right.

Simon Griffin lets off steam so that we don't have to, showing precisely why Rihanna and Jennifer's photos were all over the Internet is quite different to Rihanna's and Jennifer's photos or what words apostrophes are replacing in sentences such as He'd like you to buy him some cocaine, or They've got it all on camera.

Elegantly produced, this is the perfect gift for any pedant, as well as an indispensable guide in all our moments of grammar-related frustration.


About the Author

Simon Griffin is the founder of the copywriting agency Hyperbolic (thisishyperbolic.com) and lives with his wife and two children in Leeds. He currently has no plans to learn how to touch type and can happily write whole paragraphs without realizing he's left caps lock on.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781785781414
ISBN-10: 1785781413
Publisher: Icon Books
Publication Date: November 15th, 2016
Pages: 64
Language: English
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