Aces of Jagdstaffel 17 (Aircraft of the Aces) (Paperback)

Aces of Jagdstaffel 17 (Aircraft of the Aces) By Greg VanWyngarden, Harry Dempsey (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Greg VanWyngarden, Harry Dempsey (Illustrator)


This German World War I fighter squadron led by a Blue Max recipient didn't include the Richtofen (the Red Baron), but it's range of colorful characters was nonetheless impressive.

Initially formed to assist in the defence of the city of Metz against French bombing raids, Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 17 would go on to become one of the most distinguished German fighter units of World War 1. Its first victory was scored by the pilot whose story is inextricably interwoven with that of his unit - the 'Blue Max' recipient Julius Buckler. Buckler would rise from a humble NCO to commander of the Staffel, and overcome numerous wounds to score 35 of the squadron's total of 101 confirmed victories. He was largely responsible for inspiring the unit's unique Esprit de Corps, expressed in its famous and unique 'battle-cry' of 'Malaula!' Indeed, in its final days the unit gained the nickname Zirkus Buckler, or the 'Buckler Circus'. Besides Buckler, Jasta 17 boasted such aces as Karl Strasser, Alfred Fleischer and Christian Donhauser. In addition, the roster included colourful characters like the successful Jewish airman Jakob Wolff, who at over 48 years of age was the oldest German fighter pilot of the war. The story of this illustrious unit is told with many first-hand accounts by Buckler, Fleischer and others, as well as dozens of rare archival photos of the unit's beautifully decorated fighter aircraft.

About the Author

A history teacher living in St Charles, Iowa, Greg VanWyngarden has had a lifelong interest in World War 1 aviation and has been particularly active in researching the colours and markings of German fighter aircraft. Greg has served on the Board of Directors of the League of World War 1 Aviation Historians and has been both art director and issue editor for that society's journal Over the Front. His is a longtime member of Cross & Cockade International, and has authored many articles in specialist publications and contributed to several monographs dealing with his favourite subject. He has written many books for Osprey and has co-authored three previous titles with Norman Franks: Fokker Dr I Aces of World War 1 and Fokker D VII Aces of World War 1, Volume 1 and Volume 2. He was the sole author of: Aviation Elite Units 16 'Richthofen's Circus', Elite Units 19 Jagdgeschwader Nr II Geschwader 'Berthold', Elite Units 26 Jagdstaffel 2 'Boelcke' - Richthofen's Mentor, Elite Units 40 Jasta 18 The Red Noses, Pfalz Scout Aces of World War 1, Early German Aces of World War 1, and Albatros Aces of World War I, Part 2. The author lives in St Charles, Iowa.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781780967189
ISBN-10: 1780967187
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Publication Date: November 19th, 2013
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Aircraft of the Aces

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