The Book of CODESYS - Volume 1: The ultimate guide to PLC and Industrial Controls programming with the CODESYS IDE and IEC 61131-3 (Hardcover)

The Book of CODESYS - Volume 1: The ultimate guide to PLC and Industrial Controls programming with the CODESYS IDE and IEC 61131-3 By Gary Pratt Cover Image
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The Book of CODESYS Volume 1 is the ultimate guide to PLC programming with the CODESYS IDE and IEC 61131-3. The Book of CODESYS is a self-paced version of the highly rated CODESYS Intensive Training Course, in a significantly lower cost format. This book serves as both a training manual with over 60 hours of detailed instructional text, graphics, and lab exercises; and as a comprehensive reference book with an online full-text search.

This is Volume 1 of a two volume set covering chapters 1 to 11 (see the table of contents below). The technical content of the two-volume set is identical to the single consolidated version (ISBN 9781737821403).

The Book of CODESYS makes extensive use of detailed graphics to help new users transition to CODESYS while also providing substantial detail, tips, and best practices for experienced users wishing to take their expertise to the next level. It includes numerous structured and unstructured hands-on labs to solidify the knowledge gained in each chapter. The Book of CODESYS points out the best aspects of each IEC 61131-3 language and where each is best applied, covers traditional PLC programming as well as next generational techniques, and is applicable to all controls industry segments.

With over 7000 hours in the making, The Book of CODESYS is the most comprehensive CODESYS and IEC 61131-3 training and reference resource available. In book form, it is much easier to skip over areas already mastered, reread areas for better understanding, and skim for specific pieces of information. The Book of CODESYS is ready to help you in every stage of your mission to master CODESYS and IEC 61131-3.

To see a sample chapter, a sample lab, and the detailed table of contents, go to A full-text search, lab files, and other supplemental material is available at An instructor package is available to qualified educators.

CODESYS and IEC 61131-3 are leading the charge towards platform independence in the automation industry (similar to the same advance in the PC and Smartphone industries of the 1980s and 2000s). The Book of CODESYS is a key resource to gain an early lead in this market shift.


Ch. 1: Introduction to CODESYS

Ch. 2: Help and Settings

Ch. 3: Projects and the IDE

Ch. 4: Variables and Data Types

Ch. 5: Ladder Logic and FBD

Ch. 6: Sequential Function Chart

Ch. 7: Structured Text

Ch. 8: Advanced Debugging

Ch. 9: POUs: Programs, Functions, and Function Blocks

Ch. 10: Continuous Function Chart (CFC)

Ch. 11: Object Oriented Industrial Programming


Ch. 12: User Defined Types (DUT)

Ch. 13: Task Manager and Tasks

Ch. 14: Introduction to I/O and Fieldbuses

Ch. 15: Libraries and Library Manager

Ch. 16: Introduction to Visualization

Ch. 17: OPC-UA and Peer to Peer

Ch. 18: Security

Ch. 19: Persistence and Recipes

Ch. 20: Trace and Trend

Ch. 21: Alarm Manager

Ch. 22: Professional Developers Edition

Ch. 23: Miscellaneous

Ch. 24: Object Oriented Programming

Ch. 25: Final Project

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ISBN: 9781737821410
ISBN-10: 1737821419
Publisher: Controlsphere LLC
Publication Date: January 9th, 2022
Pages: 252
Language: English
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