Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart (Paperback)

Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart By John O'Duinn Cover Image


What if you could have a meaningful, well-paid career without a daily commute to a physical office? What if your team or organization could work well together even when physically apart?What if your organization's "work from home" policy was a competitive advantage, while also helping address important social, diversity, urban planning and environmental issues?If you are working in, joining, or starting a distributed team, this book is for you. This easy-to-read book has short chapters with practical takeaways on topics like: * Why distributed teams are good for business, diversity, employee retention, society and the environment. * How to run efficient video calls and meetings while dealing with lots of email and group chat.* How to handle complex interpersonal topics such as hiring, firing, one-on-ones, reviews, trust and group culture.Drawn from 26+ years working in distributed organizations, this book gathers what did--and did not--work from my own hard-learned lessons, as well as learnings from company founders, hedge fund managers, software developers, data scientists, accountants, book publishers, economists, political organizers, recruiters, military personnel, executive assistants, therapists and medical technicians.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732254909
ISBN-10: 1732254907
Publisher: Release Mechanix, LLC
Publication Date: August 8th, 2018
Pages: 336
Language: English
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