The History of the Civil Rights Movement: A History Book for New Readers (The History Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) (Paperback)

The History of the Civil Rights Movement: A History Book for New Readers (The History Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) By Shadae Mallory Cover Image
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An introduction to the history of the civil rights movement for kids ages 6 to 9

Years ago, American laws were unfair to Black people. Black people were not allowed to shop in the same stores as white people, eat at the same restaurants, or even go to the same schools. Many brave men and women, like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, dedicated their lives to ending these unfair laws through protests, sit-ins, and other peaceful demonstrations. This engaging story explores the ways Black Americans were discriminated against, the protestors' many victories, and how the fight for equality continues today.

Discover what sets this book apart from other civil rights books for kids:
  • A visual timeline—Kids will be able to easily follow the history of the civil rights movement with a timeline marking major milestones.
  • Core curriculum—Teach kids about the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How behind the civil rights movement, and test their knowledge with a quick quiz after they finish.
  • Continuing the fight—Encourage kids to explore questions that help them think about how they can make the world a better place.

Help kids understand the struggle for equality in the United States with this standout among Black history books for kids.

About the Author

Shadae B. Mallory, MA, is a writer, educator, and social justice advocate. They also work as a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and as a freelance writer. The History of the Civil Rights Movement is Shadae’s debut novel. You can follow them online at

Praise For…

"Teaching the honest and harder parts of history to children can be daunting, but understanding our past provides essential tools to help them build a better future. This book examines the civil rights movement in a way that is accessible for children, while providing the opportunity for them to reflect and frame an understanding based on their personal experiences. If your kids love to ask questions when they read, then this book will help them drill down, consider how we treat one another, and how we can be better." —Jennifer Grulke, higher education student affairs professional and parent

"There are a lot of studies about the civil rights movement, and Shadae does a great job turning them into a short, simple story. This book summarizes the classic story well while also doing a great job introducing parts of the story that typically are left out. At a time when the issues of Black equality are again being debated, this book arrives to provide a great introduction for the next generation." —Robert Carlock, historian and PhD student

"The History of the Civil Rights Movement is a very timely book and an excellent companion piece for young people to understand important aspects of American history, especially during this moment of racial reckoning." —Travis D. Boyce, Department Chair of African American Studies, San Jose State University

"Understanding our history is important, and this book explains the civil rights movement in an engaging and straightforward way. Students in intermediate grades will enjoy the book, as it is colorful and easy to read. This book will help shape students to be critical thinkers as it offers many visual queues and reminders to have students stop and think about what they read and how it can relate to them. Students will also find the glossary helpful." —Crystal D Wise, fifth grade language arts educator

Product Details
ISBN: 9781638079347
ISBN-10: 163807934X
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 9th, 2021
Pages: 66
Language: English
Series: The History Of: A Biography Series for New Readers

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