The Cosmic Vision of Teilhard de Chardin (Paperback)

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An expert in Teilhardian thought brings together for the first time Teilhard in conversation with other significant religious thinkers, philosophers, and scientists, including Kant, Whitehead, Barbour, Moltmann and Tillich, on topics ranging from the problem of suffering to astrobiology. The Jesuit paleontologist and theologian, Teilhard de Chardin, has been much admired as well as much misunderstood. In this unique treatment, John F. Haught clarifies Teilhard's thought, while not shying away from the controversies and criticisms. Each chapter explores a different topic-including the cosmos, spirituality, suffering, thought, God, and life-and how each topic has developed the author's own theology. In particular, Haught focuses on the cosmic future and the implications of Teilhard's thought for this century and beyond.

About the Author

John F. Haught, PhD, is Distinguished Research Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. He specializes in systematic theology, with a particular interest in issues pertaining to science, cosmology, evolution, ecology, and religion. His many books include Resting on the Future: Catholic Theology for an Unfinished Universe, The New Cosmic Story, and A John Haught Reader.

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ISBN: 9781626984493
ISBN-10: 1626984492
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication Date: December 15th, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English
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