A Road to Sacred Creation: Rudolf Steiner's Perspectives on Technology (Paperback)

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This book is a call to examine the very nature of technology and to develop practices for meeting its many challenges.

Illuminating, compelling, challenging, at times staggering in its breadth, A Road to Sacred Creation is above all the definitive text for gaining a hold on Rudolf Steiner's nuanced perspectives on technology. Charting both an inner and outer course--part pilgrimage toward greater perception and knowledge, part dramatic, unfolding plot line of the future of humans and machines, the metaphoric "road" of the title is exactly where humanity finds itself today, though the exact route and destination are still to be determined. The map is not yet drawn, but here is a beginning.

Taken together, the relevant concepts, ideas, and insights of Rudolf Steiner, deftly brought into sequence and dialogue as Gary Lamb has done in this book, reveal how the work to arrive at a more spiritually imbued technological future not only involves all domains and fields of spiritual science and anthroposophical work, but has its origins in the very core of our being, fundamentally entwined with our moral progress toward freedom and selfless love.


Preface: How I Came to Edit this Compendium
Editor's Note: Intention

1: The Evolution of Science: From Natural Science to Spiritual Science by Way of Goethe
2: Atoms and Atomic Theories
3: Electricity and the Challenge of Evil
4: Early Twentieth-Century Technology
5: Keely, Strader, and the Development of Etheric Technology
6: Transcending Private Capitalism and Socialism: The Necessity for a Threefold Social Organism
7: Child Development: Waldorf Education and Cultural Freedom in Relation to Technology
8: Ahriman's Pervasive Influence in the Age of Modern Technology: How to Meet Its Challenge
9: Thinking as a Spiritual Activity

Appendix A: Earth Evolution Illustrations
Appendix B: Publishers Referenced in this Volume


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ISBN: 9781621482611
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Publisher: Steiner Books
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021
Pages: 392
Language: English
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