Pandas in Action (Paperback)

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Take the next steps in your data science career! This friendly and hands-on guide shows you how to start mastering Pandas with skills you already know from spreadsheet software.

In Pandas in Action you will learn how to:

    Import datasets, identify issues with their data structures, and optimize them for efficiency
    Sort, filter, pivot, and draw conclusions from a dataset and its subsets
    Identify trends from text-based and time-based data
    Organize, group, merge, and join separate datasets
    Use a GroupBy object to store multiple DataFrames

Pandas has rapidly become one of Python's most popular data analysis libraries. In Pandas in Action, a friendly and example-rich introduction, author Boris Paskhaver shows you how to master this versatile tool and take the next steps in your data science career. You’ll learn how easy Pandas makes it to efficiently sort, analyze, filter and munge almost any type of data.

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About the technology
Data analysis with Python doesn’t have to be hard. If you can use a spreadsheet, you can learn pandas! While its grid-style layouts may remind you of Excel, pandas is far more flexible and powerful. This Python library quickly performs operations on millions of rows, and it interfaces easily with other tools in the Python data ecosystem. It’s a perfect way to up your data game.

About the book
Pandas in Action introduces Python-based data analysis using the amazing pandas library. You’ll learn to automate repetitive operations and gain deeper insights into your data that would be impractical—or impossible—in Excel. Each chapter is a self-contained tutorial. Realistic downloadable datasets help you learn from the kind of messy data you’ll find in the real world.

What's inside

    Organize, group, merge, split, and join datasets
    Find trends in text-based and time-based data
    Sort, filter, pivot, optimize, and draw conclusions
    Apply aggregate operations

About the reader
For readers experienced with spreadsheets and basic Python programming.

About the author
Boris Paskhaver is a software engineer, Agile consultant, and online educator. His programming courses have been taken by 300,000 students across 190 countries.

Table of Contents
1 Introducing pandas
2 The Series object
3 Series methods
4 The DataFrame object
5 Filtering a DataFrame
6 Working with text data
7 MultiIndex DataFrames
8 Reshaping and pivoting
9 The GroupBy object
10 Merging, joining, and concatenating
11 Working with dates and times
12 Imports and exports
13 Configuring pandas
14 Visualization

About the Author

Boris Paskhaver is a software engineer, Agile consultant, and online educator. His programming courses have been taken by 300,000 students across 190 countries.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781617297434
ISBN-10: 1617297437
Publisher: Manning
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 440
Language: English
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