Kierkegaard: o problema da comunicacao: Bilingual edition (Portuguese & English) (Paperback)

Kierkegaard: o problema da comunicacao: Bilingual edition (Portuguese & English) By Cleberson Eduardo Da Costa (Editor) Cover Image
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Como n o se interrogar sobre as raz es filos ficas do questionamento kierkegaardiano: "O que comunicar?" ou "O que significa dizer? E Como dizer?". "Saber que para reconhecer a verdade, sobretudo a tica e tica-religiosa, preciso uma situa o, assim como tamb m preciso uma situa o para comunic -las". S o estas quest es que o leitor encontra nas p ginas deste pequeno livro "KIERKEGAARD: o problema da comunica o".O fil sofo de Copenhague prop e em "A Dial tica da comunica o" uma an lise sobre a finalidade da comunica o. Busca interrogar-se sobre as condi es do discurso, sobretudo do discurso existencial em um contexto de esc ndalos, hipocrisias, vaidades e aus ncia de interioridade. Esse contexto ele denomina poca moderna: uma poca impregnada pelo pensamento do grande fil sofo alem o Hegel.Que este livro possa vir a auxiliar aqueles que se interessam por filosofia, sobretudo a filosofia de Kierkegaard (1813-1855), para quem a comunica o indireta a via mais adequada para expressar a verdade existencial, isto , a verdade do Indiv duo.______________________________How does not ask about the reasons for philosophical questioning of Kierkegaard: "What is communicating?" or "What does it mean to say? And as say?". "He knows that to recognize the truth, especially the ethics and ethics-religious, it is necessary to a situation, as you also need a situation to communicate them". These are questions that the player is in the pages of this little book "KIERKEGAARD: the problem of communication".The philosopher of Copenhagen suggests in "The Dialectics of communication" an analysis about the purpose of the communication. Looking to ask themselves about the conditions of the speech, especially speech existential in a context of scandals, hypocrisy, vanities and absence of interiority. This context it refers to the modern era: an era marked by the thought of the great German philosopher Hegel. This book may help those who are interested in philosophy, especially the philosophy of Kierkegaard (1813-1855), for whom the communication indirectly is the most appropriate way to express the existential truth, that is, the truth of the individual.

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ISBN: 9781544022475
ISBN-10: 1544022476
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 7th, 2017
Pages: 100
Language: Portuguese

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