Doing Nothing Is No Longer an Option: One Woman's Journey Into Everyday Antiracism (Paperback)

Doing Nothing Is No Longer an Option: One Woman's Journey Into Everyday Antiracism By Jenny Booth Potter, Austin Channing Brown (Foreword by) Cover Image
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During a bus ride with a group of fellow college students, Jenny Booth Potter came to a life-changing realization. She decided that racism in all its forms--in policies and systems, in organizations and churches, in neighborhoods and families-could no longer be tolerated. And even though Jenny didn't know what to do about racism, she was certain of one thing: doing nothing is no longer an option. That declaration Jenny made to her peers was more than seven words uttered on a bus. It was a vow, a lifetime commitment to seek racial justice.

With candor and humility, Jenny shares her very imperfect but relentless journey of growing in awareness of racism, of reckoning with her own white privilege, and of learning how to be an antiracism advocate alongside her young family. If you're anything like Jenny was on that bus--overwhelmed by the enormity of racism and compelled to do something, but uncertain if you can actually make any difference--then this book is for you. Join Jenny and see for yourself what everyday antiracism looks like.

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ISBN: 9781514000007
ISBN-10: 1514000008
Publisher: IVP
Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 200
Language: English
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