The Choice to Leave Abuse (Paperback)

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In recent years, the struggle of Latter-day Saints in abusive relationships has made national headlines. The media attention has highlighted a deeply unfortunate perception: many Latter-day Saints feel that the only option they have is to stay in an unremittingly abusive relationship, at the risk of breaking their covenants if they decide to leave for their own safety and for the safety of their children. Mental health professionals and law enforcement officers who work with Latter-day Saint populations attest to the number of people who continue to be hurt, humiliated, and even killed because they believe it is their religious obligation to endure abuse to the end. This damaging misperception, and the traditions that have helped create and maintain it, must be corrected. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers tremendous hope, healing, and redemption for those who suffer mistreatment, neglect, and abuse of all kinds. The deliverance offered is not only spiritual and postmortal, it is temporal, applying to here and now. This message needs to work its way into our collective conscience and become an integral part of our culture. "The Choice to Leave Abuse: A Latter-day Saint Perspective" offers a direct and clear discussion of the doctrines and teachings about abuse, including the fact that the Lord honors the choice of His children who decide to leave abusive relationships. The book also provides guidelines for recognizing abuse and understanding its consequences on victims. It identifies resources that victims of abuse can turn to if and when they decide to leave an abusive relationship. Additionally, the book provides guidance and perspective for local Church leaders for knowing how to understand abuse, what their duties and obligations are as ecclesiastical leaders learning about abuse, resources they can turn to, and how they can respond appropriately and effectively when they encounter abuse within their stewardships.

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ISBN: 9781462141791
ISBN-10: 146214179X
Publisher: Cfi
Publication Date: March 8th, 2022
Pages: 264
Language: English
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