A Burden of Silence: My Mother's Battle with AIDS (Paperback)

A Burden of Silence: My Mother's Battle with AIDS By Nancy A. Draper Cover Image
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A Burden of Silence: My Mother's Battle with AIDS, is a heartwarming story of an affectionate bond between a daughter and her sixty-six year old mother who was transfused with HIV positive blood during heart bypass surgery. It will evoke emotions of faith, inspiration, anger, and overwhelming love. The reader will also smile at the funny, tender moments that Ms. Draper writes about in her story. "This is a devoted daughter's story of her elderly mother's painful and lonely journey through AIDS. Because her mother was not part of a so-called AIDS risk group, she felt ignored, rejected, stigmatized, and ashamed. For years, she suffered in excruciating silence. Nancy has given her mother's story a voice. There are lessons for everyone in this book-lessons about acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness." -Ann Webster, Ph.D., director, HIV/AIDS Program, Mind/Body Institute, Boston, MA "Nancy Draper has written a tender account of a daughter's devotion to her dying mother. This story about a grandmother who developed AIDS from a contaminated blood transfusion, will inspire admiration for Ms. Draper's courage and persistence. It will also inspire rage against the blood banks that failed to screen blood donations adequately." -Ann Pozen, Psy.D., president, National Association for Victims of Transfusion-Acquired AIDS, Inc., Bethesda, MD "This book is a must read-It teaches us about the importance of embracing AIDS patients as human beings. We need to provide them with compassion and empathy instead of treating them as if they were "dirty" untouchable, unworthy people. In the end, I believe it is people like Nancy's mother teaching us about love and acceptance. Hopefully, her dying in silence will wake us up " -Maggie Sund, Ph.D., Central Oregon Counseling and Coaching "Nancy Draper's mother told her, 'I want you to write about me having AIDS because I don't want anyone else to suffer in silence like we have.' Nancy's mother must be very proud of her and this account of three years of fear, heartache, some good days and always deep love. Here Nancy tells the rest of a story that she summarized in our March 1999 issue and wrote under a pseudonym. Thanks, Nancy " -Father Pat McCloskey, O.F.M., Editor, St. Anthony Messenger.

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ISBN: 9781418451073
ISBN-10: 141845107X
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: July 30th, 2004
Pages: 156
Language: English
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