Cypherpunk Ethics: Radical Ethics for the Digital Age (Routledge Focus on Digital Media and Culture) (Hardcover)

Cypherpunk Ethics: Radical Ethics for the Digital Age (Routledge Focus on Digital Media and Culture) Cover Image
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Cypherpunk Ethics explores the moral worldview of the cypherpunks, a movement that advocates the use of strong digital cryptography-or crypto, for short-to defend individual privacy and promote institutional transparency in the digital age.

Focusing on the writings of Timothy May and Julian Assange, two of the most prolific and influential cypherpunks, the book examines two competing paradigms of cypherpunk philosophy-crypto anarchy and crypto justice-and examines the implications of cypherpunk ethics for a range of contemporary moral issues, including surveillance, privacy, whistleblowing, cryptocurrencies, journalism, democracy, censorship, intellectual property, and power.

Rooted in theory but with very real applications, this volume will appeal not only to students and scholars of digital media, communication, journalism, philosophy, political science, critical data studies, sociology, and the history of technology but also to technologists and activists around the world.

About the Author

Patrick D. Anderson is Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities at Central State University, USA, and editor-in-chief of the WikiLeaks Bibliography.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781032113593
ISBN-10: 1032113596
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: April 25th, 2022
Pages: 126
Language: English
Series: Routledge Focus on Digital Media and Culture
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