When Family Does You Wrong: Stories of Betrayal, Broken Bonds, Redemption, Forgiveness and Healing (Paperback)

When Family Does You Wrong: Stories of Betrayal, Broken Bonds, Redemption, Forgiveness and Healing By Lorraine Spencer Cover Image
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How many of us have been hurt by a family member? What did you do about it? Examine the stories of individuals who have suffered wrongdoing at the hands of a family member. You may be able to empathize and understand or be horrified at the thought of what evil human beings let alone family members can do to one another. The question becomes whether you can move on or not. If a family member has ever harmed you, you will know exactly what it means when family does you wrong. When Family Does You Wrong is a great read for those who want to reflect upon a time when perhaps there was wrongdoing by a member of the family. One will be able to compare stories, resolutions and in some cases unresolved difference. Inside these pages you'll read about: Dashed dreams, financial devastation and ruin A racist family's control and manipulation An abusive husband and father's tyranny Unspeakable child torture and triumph Loss of life and the saga of two pregnancies Child manipulation and consequences Extreme sibling rivalry.

About the Author

Lorraine Spencer is a wife, mother, author, relationship coach, speaker and matchmaker. She writes many genres but loves writing children's books the best. Lorraine writes for The Beyond Black and White Blogzine, and My Beautiful Life; and contributes to several other blogs. She is the founder and owner of Swirling and Marriage.com. Other children's titles by Lorraine Spencer are "I Like Polka Dots On My Pizza", "The Mama Toe" and "Do Squirrels Eat Pizza". When not coaching, writing, doing research or blogging, Lorraine enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780615872698
ISBN-10: 0615872697
Publisher: Forensicmommy Books
Publication Date: August 20th, 2013
Pages: 72
Language: English

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