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It's time to Transform. Every year individuals and companies spend untold sums trying to manage the unrelenting specter of change. From fad diets to the latest management thinking, we obsess about finding the map destined to guide us to health, happiness, success, and prosperity. Unfortunately, we fail more often than we succeed. Why? Because we keep expecting to uncover the magic formula - the secret sauce of what to do - when what we need is to adjust how we think. Like great athletes, we need to "slow the game down" - to see everything as it unfolds - to understand both the big picture and the nuances - then tailor a response destined to flourish. Change is like a dance partner; the better we know it, the smoother the tango.In Kinetic Transformation, Nathan Gampel unveils a new approach for winning at change. Kinetic Transformation (c) has been hammered out on the anvil of success over the last twenty years as Nathan guided Fortune 500 and private equity groups through complex change initiatives. Written for emerging corporate leaders and business professionals using a breezy, relatable narrative style, Gampel shares how he altered his thinking and replaced his approach to change with an attitude emphasizing flexibility over the rote application of tools.The book covers an array of topics including responding to corporate changes involving culture, leadership, adoption of Agile and Digital Transformation. It also delves into overcoming personal challenges: family, religion, finding a job, and achieving self-empowerment. Nathan swaps complicated models for easy-to-use responses designed to manage even the most complex change events. If you are looking to transform - either as an individual or as a corporation - open Kinetic Transformation and let the change begin.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780578816807
ISBN-10: 0578816806
Publisher: Simpel & Associates, LLC
Publication Date: February 12th, 2021
Pages: 202
Language: English
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