Michelle may crack!: A Personal Memoir of Bipolar Disorder (Paperback)

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Breast cancer survivors have pink bands. Our troops, yellow ones. Healthy hearts and AIDS awareness is designated with red. White bands typically symbolize peace. Major awareness groups are easily recognizable by their respective colors, which is clearly a positive. But what is the color, where is the cause, who comprises the groups that have an equal level of popularity and advocates for the millions upon millions of people who suffer from mental health issues? Were you aware that the color for mental health is in fact green? Most likely not, as it is a topic not covered in the way that other health issues are. In her first novel, Michelle Krack chronicles her story and continual battle with overcoming bipolar disorder. Readers will learn of the heart-breaking struggles and everyday victories that accompany life from the perspective of a mother of four, sister to three, and above all else- survivor of one. Beginning with her deep family roots in the southern Indiana city of Evansville, Michelle touches on the fears, tears, hilarity, and special moments so near to her heart and some, unfortunately, ever imbedded into her memory. The order in which her tale is presented parallels bipolar disorder, with stories here and there that interrupt what would normally be a traditional reading experience.

Author Biography:

Michelle May Krack, whose name is frequently mispronounced Crack, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1989 when she was thirty-one.

Her memoir, Michelle may crack , is written for her immediate family and extended family and those dealing with mental health issues. She believes recovery is possible with mental illness. Michelle has lived in Evansville, Indiana all of her life, sixty years.

Currently, she works at the Peace Zone, a peer-based recovery center as a Certified Recovery Specialist(CRS)\ Community Health Worker (CHW). Michelle also leads outreach programs at the local hospitals, including a drug and alcohol treatment center.

In 2014, Michelle received the Consumer Advocate Heroes for Recovery Award from Mental Health America of Indiana for her work.

She has been married to her husband Tim for forty years.They have four grown children, one granddaughter, and two grandsons.

Her hobbies, besides writing, include gardening and art in various mediums.

Contact: Michellemaycrack@gmail.com

Reader Reviews:

"...readable, heartwarming story puts a human face on an illness so often stigmatized and misunderstood by our society...interesting insights into the subjective experience of mental illness, as well as its effect on families and communities...highlighting how critical family support and understanding can be to the recovery process. As a mental health professional, it was particulary useful to hear her perspective and experience with the treatment process...should strike a blow against the stigma of mental illness. Mental health professionals should also find it interesting and helpful in their efforts to suppport individuals on their path of reovery from mental illness."

-Mental Health Professional

Michelle has a life she is passionate about and proud of. She knows this is a result of acceptance, continuous learning, meaningful work, doctors who listen and a loving marriage and family. She has made a considerable contribution to peer advocacy. Brava

-Diane Arneson, NAMI Evansville, IN, Family Educator National Alliance on Mental Illness

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ISBN: 9780578451732
ISBN-10: 0578451735
Publisher: Park Heights LLC
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2019
Pages: 252
Language: English
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