Christian Democracy and the Origins of European Union (New Studies in European History) (Paperback)

Christian Democracy and the Origins of European Union (New Studies in European History) By Wolfram Kaiser Cover Image
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Major study of the role of European Christian democratic parties in the making of the European Union. It radically re-conceptualises European integration in long-term historical perspective as the outcome of partisan competition of political ideologies and parties and their guiding ideas for the future of Europe. Wolfram Kaiser takes a comparative approach to political Catholicism in the nineteenth century, Catholic parties in interwar Europe and Christian democratic parties in postwar Europe and studies these parties' cross-border contacts and co-ordination of policy-making. He shows how well networked party elites ensured that the origins of European Union were predominately Christian democratic, with considerable repercussions for the present-day EU. The elites succeeded by intensifying their cross-border communication and coordinating their political tactics and policy making in government. This is a major contribution to the new transnational history of Europe and the history of European integration.

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ISBN: 9780521173971
ISBN-10: 0521173973
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2011
Pages: 390
Language: English
Series: New Studies in European History
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